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San Diego is a plus but it all truly comes down to your gf's family, gf and long term goals. If you aren't close and haven't spent a lot of time with her family its probably not a good choice. If you are close and they think of you a son then its probably a fine choice for moving up in life. Just remember you need a exit strategy if things go bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit It used to be Lorenzini. Very good to excellent quality. Good value at 60% off, not so good at full retail ($350 last time I checked). Basically, wait for them to be on sale for at least 50% off or check eBay regularly. agreed
no 38 =(
Quote: Originally Posted by afaludi I race cars and there is no way I would put those on my feet, the seams are right on the contact point where you heel-toe, you must reinforce that area not make it weaker, i would wear through that shoe in a race weekend i agree Speedcats blow, but piloti are good well constructed race/driving shoes, and also my choice on the track. I meant visually but I agree piloti's are good shoes for the track while...
As driving shoes what's wrong with those? They're no worse then piloti's or puma speedcats?
I never got the whole lecia thing besides quality/ cool looks. then again i started on Canon's back when nikons seemingly dominated film SLR's. Still the new lecia m8 is pretty cool but at 5k i cannot fathom picking it over the canon 5D. Does anyone have a m8? Seems when digitals took over Lecia fell far behind overall. ... Sometimes I wish digital never came about...
charccoal is perfectly suitable for interviews so I would go with the one that fit/felt better. Although you enough tailoring and either will look just as good.
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater You mean you get to live in an area where you can access just about anything you would ever want within 30 minutes, within commuting distance of NYC and/or Philadelphia, be sorrounded by very desirable jobs, and have access to some of the best school systems around? Yes, it's pretty unreasonable - I can't believe people are paying it. I'm referring to the inefficient government that has to tax that...
The worst thing about new jersey is how unreasonably expensive it is for what you get.
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