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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Hey Verds (vino nerds), Why is viognier often blended in with Syrah? I get blending a small amount of Syrah in w/ Pinot, or Petite Sirah, or other red wines with red wines or white wines with white wines. I just don't really get the red/white crossover w/ viognier/Syrah. Are there other red/white pairs that are regularly blended together? It is something carried over from Northern Rhone tradition,...
Buller Calliope Rare Muscat on cinderalla wine, amusing.
IL Bosco Syrah 2005. Day 1 - Way too akward/young. Sour Cherry Juice and bitter tannins Let decant for a day. Day 2 - Totally changed. Dark Fruit, mid weight, spices, a very slight creamyness, bright tannins, high acid (for a red, think Barolo). Overall, imagine sryah made like a Barolo, then you'll understand why you need to leave it in the cellar for another 3-5 years before you think of drinking it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano WTSO has a 1995 Burgess Cab Library selection for $23. Dang it. Very tempted. Could buy a nice cab that I wouldn't need to cellar for 2+ years. What do you guiz think? EDIT: Too late. Already pulled the trigger. Got 4 bottles. Hope it's good. Somebody stop me. This is getting ridiculous. Got it too, during a 4am haze while eating breakfast.
Be sure visit Tablas Creek! Also, Ian McPhee's Grill is a fantastic resteruant (Moderately priced too).
The Turley Grenache may be a winery only thing as I did not see any in the latest mailer either. Petite Shyrah, however, is in the mailer. I highly recommend the Grenache, I would decribe it s a caricature of the some CDPs (the more Grenache heavy bottling).
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire We both had lunch meetings today, so dinner was just a couple of cheeses and a bit of cured charcuterie a friend gave us in Healdsburg. Weeknight, so felt like a light, fruity wine: I wouldn't call any nearly 16% alcohol wine, especially the Turley light! (fantastic year though). Have you tried the Grenache? It was impressed, more so than the petite shryah
Drank one of my Havens reserve already, it was pretty impressive. Looks like a killer merlot on the cinderalla wine today, Meroi Ros Di Buri '06........ too much wine... must resist
^ That Steyr AUG is neat. You can actually buy them here?
Del Dotto Cave Barrel tasting is pretty amazing. Others thumbs up Pride Mountain Shaffer Duckhorn Food for Thought Experience
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