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Quote: Originally Posted by kiya The Self Edge San Francisco Denim Shorts Party & Sale The Denim Shorts party is happening again at Self Edge San Francisco on Sunday June 27th at 4pm and this time we're pushing it to another level. You bring in a pair of jeans and we'll turn them into shorts for you with a chainstitched hem and customize them if you'd like. We'll have chainstitching machines, vintage single needle machines, and a riveting machine...
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Sonoma. Free tasting rooms. Nice people. Less attitude. Agree with that. Although I've been to some off season private stuff in that I really enjoyed NAPA. Paso was cool too. Best Wine stores near south bay? K&L?
Finally moved to the bay area. Where to begin.......
Dont forget the split fold down rear seats. $450 option for some reason but really necessary.
Quote: Originally Posted by drøn so. can anyone recommend me a reinforced, slim fitting chino that takes these CE-protective things? preferably rainproof and available in europe. thanks You would never fit in armer into a slim chino. Dainese line of pants tend to be slimer though and they make water resistant pants in a chino color (yamoto pants)
Quote: Originally Posted by JonB27 I'm looking for a summer jacket, no leather. Any recommendations? In the LA heat RS taschi high protection jacket. . Theres a dealer near you in City of industry, Terra powersports.
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I hope those are liners are not your real gloves unless you want to get your hands ground off one day. That is the one point, that usually takes 75% of the fall.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mark from Plano Got a flier that a local wine shop has Goldeneye Alexander Valley Pinot on sale (reg. $65 on sale for $30). Anyone had this? Thoughts? Its pretty worth it for that price! So it turns out I will be moving to the bay area.......... Napa, Sonoma, Santa Cruz near by!
grind up Plan B into any uncooked food and pray?
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles Oh for your life. I cannot belive people still fall for the Big 4 lure. My Fiance is a Senior at a big 4. The "2nd" one lol...... For the past 3 months, she's worked 7 days a week, starrting at 8am, getting home between 11PM-12AM, working until 2am and then going to sleep to do it all over again. 3 months straight. Albeit, it is busy season, but they always try to find a way to work your ass off....
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