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100% Pommard. Pretty typical for Pommard clone, more fruit forward especially as it's coming from central cali
Dog Fish Head 90 minute
Praia Vino Verde, No wine is better for a really hot day. Goes really well with food too. 10% abv you can drink plenty.
SF job market is tough? Seems like its booming, at least in my field.
+1 one K&L and Kermit Lynch. It doesn't get any better.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy [IMG][[/url][/IMG] Amazing stop. Can't wait to go back many times this summer
+1 one West Hartford in that area but also checkout Northampton, MA. Its north of Springfield. It has a really cool downtown that isn't as yuppie as West Hartford.
I really like Kayland's line of hiking boots, Zephyr or Vertigo. They can be hard to find to try out in person.
That bike is custom for sure. cruiser with ohilins suspension doesn't exsist in stock form.
Any of you guys in the Bay Area? Also; Quote: Originally Posted by Flambeur ive been really bad with gear lately... T-shirt, jeans, red wings, summer gloves, and a skid lid. But most of the riding is under 50mph and I have been down at those speeds before..... Try some higher end race gloves, no issues with heat in the summer because they flow alot of air and you still get 100% of the protection. I've never seen a decently designed...
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