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True, I didn't consider that. I still think Mink Suede is more versatile than Coffee Suede and goes with more outfits but it's moot since no one has just one shoe, especially if it's an EG.I'm kind of biased though, I have a snuff suede chukka I want to get rid of and MTO a mink suede Banbury instead.
I think mink suede with lining would be more versatile. No lining and light color makes it more spring summer
Gustin #72 THE GREY SILK2 / 32 Slim $130 shipped to US Was supposed to be the Grey Silk but they shipped the Grey Silk2. Brand new, never worn or hemmed. Waist measurements are bigger than indicated on the fit guide. If interested, PM me and I will update with measurements. These usually sell out pretty quickly, buy it now and get a discount and free shipping to the US without the wait.
Epaulet Rivet Chino Factory Finds Washed and Sanded UK Canvas - Faded Red 32 $130 shipped to US Last year's factory find, great color, never worn or hemmed. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
Wow, that's so sad. Seriously, unipair had some of the best photos and makeups on this forum. Best of luck, thanks for all the photos.
Thanks yeah, I felt like it was the classic last for the Rothschild.Thanks, wanted something exciting. If you're going to MTO might as well have a fun lining
New Vintage Chestnut, DG70, Leather Sole w/Natural Edge Trim, F Width, Purple Lining
NP, actually I think the rothschild with purple lining and natural sole are mine. As are these suede adelaides from Enzo! Can't wait thanks!
Nice, Vintage Oak Warwick in MH71?So jealous of you guys... I didn't get a picture with my order. Hopefully it arrives sooner!
Nice, that's very orange compared to other Edwardian I've seen. How is the color compared to your previous Rothschild in chestnut?
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