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FYI, first GMTO since the price increase has 6 and is a go. See Skoaktiebolaget thread.
Yes, I have a pair with green lining.
lol, I know. I'm kind of debating... I'm not sure how similar or different they are to have both.
We have 6 E. This GMTO a go. It seems a lot of people want speed, I personally prefer blind eyelets and I think NAMOR does too but it's not a sticking point. FYI, I heard someone say their speedhooks fell off their thorpes before. As far as lining is concerned, a couple people want green lining and everyone else is silent so I'm going to leave it open. I'm going to hand this over to @Skoaktiebolaget and let them take care of the rest. Thanks guys.10800 sek ex VAT (1250...
10000 for Thorpe but sek was stronger then so around 75 less back then?
Yes, once we get one more in E Width the Thorpe I can hand this off to @Leaves and he'll probably ask you guys to email sales@skoaktiebolaget.se with your size and width.When we get the 6 confirmed Patrick will open up a pre-order GMTO link on the website for the Thorpe for 50% deposit (you pay shipping at purchase but it is deducted when you make the final payment). You can then specify your non E-width in the comment box and if you want shoe trees for 1440 SEK ex VAT...
Close, 5 E width and need ehults width and not sure if greasy is in.
I know it's confusing but the tan was the one pictured. The acorn was lighter. That's why everyone was surprised when this turned out a nice mid brown
That is the one pictured
Good choice. If you are going for classic shoes then I think EG is the best brand. The classic designs never goes out of style so you will never regret your purchase. Do it if you can still get the discount!
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