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Thanks, I took the plunge on the stock model. The wigmore was the first very nice boot / shoe purchase I made so I was sad to let it go awhile back due to the advice I got in this thread about fit. Can't wait to get it back.
Hmm, wow thanks for the pics. I think they need to do a better job with pics for these pre-orders. That shoe looks completely different from the shoe in this picture. And I don't want to be a jerk but the bottom picture's color reminds me of a turd. Can you tell me which picture more resembles the color in real life?
Very nice post marblehouse! Wish there was more in my size. I would never let those deals go unsold!
Very nice D.I'm thinking I'm getting a pair of wigmores just like these with the pair of galways. What do you guys think of the combination of grain and calf balmoral boot though? Isn't that not ideal since grain is country while balmoral is very formal? Would suede be better? Stock model is cheaper but I was debating getting suede with vintage rioja or maybe going with a vintage oak instead.
Do transferwise. It's the cheapest. Plus, if someone refers you, *cough* me * cough, you can get the first transfer free.
Holy cow 3 weeks is amazing. That definitely makes it a good value proposition based on turnaround alone.
I seriously love those monks. How long did it take you to receive them? I want to order a pair of tan double monks for next spring. Also is the color orangish in real life?
I was interested in the skoak walnut cc dark oak Galway model in standard width. You need 1 more.
I'm in the same boat... Not only is it 5% more but the three order minimum makes me even further away from getting a pair of stock Galways :-(.
Thanks guys, will do.
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