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I would think any true SFer would have obtained a card with no transaction fees solely for this purpose. 3% is usual fee. Discover or capital one works.
Thanks, I'm probably not the best person to discuss this as I have to use a tongue pad and insole to get a decent fit. It doesn't seem to be too tough or inflexible though, feels fairly comfortable after a few wears.Agreed, I went with Vass because it was the easiest way to get a sleeker shell derby. Even though the instep is higher, I still like the F-last better than the P2 last. U-last is pretty nice too.To be honest, the fit isn't that great for me but it may be...
Thanks, you know your vass lasts good sir, that is correct.
My modest shell collection. Antique Cognac is my favorite. Left to right: F, P2, F
Kopped these, thanks.
Awesome. I hope mine come in the same color.
No, when leaves posted the sizes for the batch of Gg shoes months ago the sizes ranges from 7+ so I wasn't aware. Maybe someone pre-ordered early.
You're going to regret it if you don't. Someone's going to get it and who knows when carmina will sell cognac shell again. Wish there was my size
Wow nice, you must really like that design. I like the second one with grain the best.
I'm actually interested in the alderlay in rosewood. I think you had like 4 others interested in the Burgundy though iirc.
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