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Thanks, ended up keeping them. Color isn't ideal but it's a very conservative looking boot and I got a good deal.
Maiden voyage EG Shannons from SkoAB. The Darkest Doak ever...
Thanks for the input and the compliments. I probably complain more about the dark doak than anyone so I was pretty disappointed in the color. If you combine that with the fact that I ordered these 8 months ago when I thought my ideal size was 6.5E I think it made a good case for selling them. I got a good deal on these so I'm probably going to put these up for sale and if I can't recoup my costs then I might just keep them.I have a pair of GG Warwicks coming in VOAK and I...
@DpprDrThese new doaks are really dark, I think these look darker than any of the other Doak Shannons I've seen. I might try to move them... When they are this dark they don't look any different from cheaper shoes with no burnishing.Comparison shot with other doaks purchased this year.
Just received my shannons today. Even darker than my other doaks... New Doak is getting replaced with even darker Doak.
Wow that's awesome! I'm jealous, let me know if you ever plan to sell them!
Lol, I know how that feels... I felt the same way about the Kudu Thorpe but still managed to push me. BTW, are your shannons arriving soon? Mine are in transit!
What? Why not a burgundy dover!
Wouldn't that be very close to your rothschilds though? I feel like my malverns and my vass budapesters are way too similar.
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