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So, I've worn my mountain ram kudu Thorpe like twice and my tan kudu Thorpe like never. They just don't go with anything... I don't know how you guys fit them into your rotations. Hope there's someone else out there with a 6F feet like me.
Your Shannon's are so much nicer than my dark brown oak ones, jealous!
Anyone else have problems with elbows blowing out? I got fitted in New York and I told them I had issues with my elbows tearing in the past and I needed a custom shirt to stop this problem. However my shirt elbow ripped after about 5 wears. Is there any hope for me besides rolling up my sleeves at work?
Nice Ttown got mine today as well . I need to wear suits more. Oxfords hardly get worn anymore
Nice. My last pair of shoes is ready for shipment. Doesn't look like it has navy lining though
Hmm, I'm rethinking the gorge. I'm not sure if it looks good with my proportions as I'm short and overweight right now. I feel like standard gorge might be safer so I'm leaning towards doing roped shoulders, standard canvas and normal gorge.Thanks for your help.
I'm 5'3 so I think the thought was that it would look better since I'm short. Thanks for info. I think I'm leaning toward the standard canvas.
Honestly, I'm probably not a good person to answer this as I didn't feel the fabrics in person but from what I heard the VBC Four seasons are good value and I haven't heard anything about the Guabello. Also, I think it was a lighter weight which was what I was looking for as it would be a three piece.
Thanks for the help. Seems the Ariston and the other popular navy weaves posted in this thread are no longer sold so going with a more standard VBC Four Season Navy Weave.Also, I was thinking of going with these options after discussing with Aaron. Not sure if the structure should be standard canvas since I am going with Roped shoulder or not. Anyone have any opinions on that or anything else? Would hate to mess this up. Thanks.DESIGN OPTIONS [[SPOILER]]
Does anyone have any suit photos or input on a good fabric to choose for a navy three-piece suit? I was thinking of going for a navy herringbone (Loro Piana Fabric #040) to keep it solid but make it more distinctive and going with options similar to Victor's old photo below. Have to redo my suit wardrobe from scratch as I gained weight and just looking for something befitting of a first MTO suit.Thanks for any help! [[SPOILER]]
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