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Single and double look the same really? Pics?
You know, I've played this game like every month for the last half year lol. One month GG prices go up and I have to buy it quickly. Second month exchange rates go down and I have to buy it quickly. Then EG prices go up... Lol, well played leaves. I can't stop buying because of this sense of urgency.
Yes sleek. I'd prefer single danite or tomir is fine.
Nice FYI, SkoAB can order the Westminster in doak in any size and width for Rtw prices. Something to think about.
Awesome, grats should be an awesome makeup.
@NewYawkerFirst EG purchase should be calf and a two tone galway would probably be the most unique and fit your business casual needs. I'd look at the different combinations and pick what you like best. Rydenfan galway would definitely be great. Also you consider a double monk? Westminster is a great model if you have no double monks. Also Halifax is a cross between chukka and dover. That is unique and the split toe is the best in the business.
Depends on what you consider burgundy. My EG Burgundy is between cherry and rioja. Rioja is kind of eggplant color. In some designs I notice some red, some black, but mostly purple. My wigmores seem very purple though don't really detect red. That being said, I think vintage cherry is one of the most beautiful shoe colors and the St James II in vintage cherry is the most iconic and most loved. Definitely recommend you give it a shot if you wanted a more red burgundy. It's...
Thanks NewYawker, I appreciate it.Yeah, I do as well. I like the original frankenstitch. I counted 4 or so people who seemed to like Danite 500 though. Not sure how attached they are to that option.
I haven't seen anyone say no to the exposed ones that were similar to the previous burgundy shell frankenstitch so I included it.
Took a tally of the votes above. Seems like the specs are as below. Participants justinkapur, ironist, newyawker, wklq76a, greasymonkey, steel28, joiji, surefire1017, partagasiv, tguns Model 80223, "Frankenstitch Jumper", Oscar Last Cognac Cordovan from Horween Dainite 500 (single weight sole plus a thin midsole) Eyelets: 8 exposed metal eyelets (darker / antique brass) and no speed hooks Lining: Purple or Red Flat welt Looks like these are the most common options. I...
New Posts  All Forums: