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Lol I know right. Thought you were anti black for EG and Gg though so no worries.
Wore it for the first time today. Fits the same as the chelsea. Same issues, probably .25 too short but it's better than having too much heel slip and needing to stick an insole in. Think it will be better after broken in.
Nice,just got mine today too.
Okay, thanks for the input. I mean the color discoloration that followed the bottom edge of the upper was the most noticeable and seemed like water damage but if that's normal then so be it.
Ah, well when i said "fake" museum calf I didn't refer to any specific brand. I have ilcea museum calf that I would regard as fake. I mean the mottling comes off after I apply renovateur, That seems fake to me lol. When one thinks of museum calf they think of the originals from JL with a lot of mottling. If there isn't a high degree of mottling on the museum calf then it might as well be regular aniline calf. I've seen a couple from Vass with good mottling and I'm not sure...
Copper Old English II. I don't know if I'm being overly snobby but I feel like these shoes shouldn't pass for 1st quality. It looks damaged from the bottom of the suede with color discoloration as seen in the last two pictures. Also, the edges of the leather don't seem to be properly finished, the brogue seem to get sloppier near the quarters and the quarter leather seems to be inferior to the leather used elsewhere.Let me know if you can see what I'm talking about or if...
Just got my Meermin copper old english II today. I hope everyone else got better quality control than mine because it looks like they used sub-par suede on mine, especially on the heel counters. Probably a cost-saving measure but it leaves a very bad taste in my mouth. It's like they had no copper left so they just threw together scraps. Would not recommend meermin suede... To be fair though, they did a good job replicating the old english ii design. I thought they would...
I think last and design are more important than color but I might be alone in thinking that.
Yeah I'd probably wait if I were you guys. Fake museum calf is horribl and nothing compared to the real deal in regards to mottling
Just the three. F-last Antique Cognac Shell Budapester F-last Oxblood Shell Longwing Blucher P2 Whiskey Shell Blucher Boots the U-last was the gold museum calf austerity brogue. Added photo of toe boxes. Pardon the quality, it's night and had to use flash. I guess it looks more elegant than the P2 last in the pictures but it seems awfully wide at the ball. All are same size except the u-last is half a size larger.
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