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I skipped alden and CJ. Am I missing something?
Thanks guys. I love those Corthays Crat.Awesome double monks.
There seems to be a disproportionate amount of interest in black shoes. All of which would have been better in brown IMHO.
True but my concern isn't how much a single EG shoes costs but how many EG shoes I can buy
FYI, it looks like there are some future stock models planned in suede according to the EG brochure http://www.edwardgreen.com/brochure.html. Could avoid the MTO charge in the future maybe. Unfortunately only black suede in malvern and the only other suede brogue oxford would be the asquith in mink suede.
Thanks, yes, the lighting in my house was bad and I wanted to get some daylight. Snuck a few pictures in there before the neighbors had time to snicker again... Might be paranoid but my friends make fun of me and say I have a "shoe fetish" which sounds incredibly misleading.
Hmm, might have to rethink my inverness doak purchase and the two suede oxfords I was thinking of buying until I saw this recent debate.Anyway, I thought suede oxfords were staples lol. Been trying to collect all the essential shoes in the strreamlined shoe thread:
Crosspost, my first pair of derbies and first $1,000 shoe (to arrive anyway ): [[SPOILER]]
Gaziano & Girling Oak Hatch Grain Hove [[SPOILER]]
Just got my olive duffle bag today! It is sweet and you can tell it is made from good materials at first glance. Very substantial. I like it.
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