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Lol looks like everyone got the memo #galwayday
I think it's pretty awesome that they increase price for shell because the strong dollar makes the materials cost more yet increase prices on top of that because the strong dollar makes us consumers pay less.They should probably charge a subscription fee to browse their us only site. Must cost a lot of money to charge us more and they are leaving money on the table.
Wow just saw a galway clone on Instagram from Antonio meccariello. Looks like every brand has one nowadays.
lol, i was going to say he's got weird tastes.
Huh, do they horribly disfigure your boots? I'm confused. You said you didn't consider fit that big of an issue. I wouldn't think they are that far off.
The loafers fit fine but the other shoes are a little loose but not by much. I could make do but I've just moved on to higher tier brands.Thanks.
Seriously, you respond way too fast lol. I am always editing my post when you post.
Not really. It's not about not affording it it's about being liquid. Plus what if they hold onto it 6 months and they have a reject and no more special leather or they screw up your order and need to issue a refund? Better to have half in rather than all in. Especially if it takes a year to get you your items. Buy 10k worth of shoes, better generating interest on it than having it sit with them.I have 3k sitting with a crappy leather jacket maker that I paid in full up...
Me and I know many others think EB Suede is superior to Carmina suede. The amount of choices is great too. Outside of polo suede I'm not sure I dig Carmina suede. The MTO is where it's at though. You can't MTO with Carmina without paying GG prices. I'd love to MTO a frankenstitch shell jumper or if they had a better looking NST boot with the new stitching.
I think you already know the answer. The price difference is so small that it's easy to justify the price difference between the two. If you can find the style you want in EB and it fits there is no reason not to go EB.
New Posts  All Forums: