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What? I'm not sure what's going on but an Ipad and vass shoes in a washing machine is not a good sign... Sorry, that sucks. Bring the ipad to the store and ask how much to fix it. Take a photo of the shoes and ask in the shoe care thread.
Did you cancel the sinatra? Say it ain't so.
Yeah no kidding. If I only bought one shoe a year I'd get shoe trees. When you get 10 shoes at a time? Pass... Then again I should have passed on buying so many so fast, I can't really appreciate them when I get a new shipment every week... Curse the exchange rate. If the price had never dropped I would never have any EG and GG since it would have been out of my price range.
With the amount of shoes I bought that would have been an extra 3-5k on trees in the past year and a half. To each his own though.
Less shoe trees = moar shoes.I'd probably have 5 less EG/GG shoes if I bought one for all my shoes. I do think they looked pretty when they came varnished and were three pieces for boots. Now they barely look better than woodlore epics.
I didn't know you were size 7? I thought you were like 11 or so. Tempting but I already have a dark brown boot lol. GLWS!
Sorry to hear that. Many of us have been down that path and many of us regret it after the shipment comes in. Best of luck to you!I think black works. It matches some of the color, don't need to match all of it. Or you can match something else like your tie or shirt. Otherwise maybe skoak can help.
Carmina Snuff Suede Rain Chukka 6 UKFor sale, $250 plus shipping. Used gently, in great condition. Shoe bags and box included. Jos A Banks shoe trees are extra charge.SpecificationsSnuff SuedeDanite SoleRain Last6 UK (comparable to 7D US)Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks for looking! [[SPOILER]]
Takes longer for sure but I just loosen the top half all the way just short of taking it out of the holes and use the pull tab / shoe horn. Rather do that then unlace. Can you share photos please so @dddrees can rest easy?
Who has their thorpes already? That seems a little fast.
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