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Yeah, Saturday would be a lot better for most people and the economy in general. Work productivity probably took an unusual dip between 10 and 4 today.
I should have quit my job so I could have picked up some of these pants
That's going to be one hell of an expensive boot. 2.5 to 3k or more probably for shell Chelsea. Very unlikely for a GMTO but at that price you should probably just mto
Whatever it takes to get the 2 extra people to make this happen. Definitely revisit and keep me in the loop. This is one of my grails.
Large what? thin briefcase?
Shame about the Burnham. Probably going to end up mto it. Sucks that no one stocks it in Vintage oak.
The peccary boots are nice. I'll probably mto a pair in bolet and a brown peccary in the future.
Just curious, how would you wear this boot? Peccary, brogue, and danite are casual but button boot, black, and sleek chisel last seem more formal. Would brown make more sense?
Yeah, I like the design of the button boot shown with the brogue and medallion but not sure what colors would look good. Keep me posted
I love those! Peccary + Great design too.
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