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Wow, you really don't know what you're talking about crwecko. First of all, you really can't put Meermin in the same league and Lobb and Green. I have no idea where you get that idea. Second, those wholecuts are made by alfred sargent and are wayyyyy better than Meermin in every way. One of the best values in shoes at the moment.
How close were you? I haven't signed up yet but I definitely would once I figure out if I like 6F or 6.5E better.Nice, twinsies. I just got my 6.5E Wigmores today. Tried them on for a second and they fit really well with no heel slip and have a V which is more than I can say for the Hoves oddly enough. Don't know if it's the TG73 vs MH71, the closed/open lacing, or the fact that the Hove only has 4 eyelets.
Very nice combo.I never see black suede and never thought of it as an essential shoe but the more you post these, the more I think I need one. Nice combo as always cleav!
At $450, it's more like 2.5X (Shearling Galway at Skoab). Fair enough though. Hopefully it's comparable to the Carmina shearling boot which was a similar price I think.http://www.styleforum.net/t/338047/skoaktiebolaget-carmina-eg-gg-bonafe-official-affiliate-thread/3300_100#post_7256470
[[SPOILER]] Nice fit. For some reason I feel like this thread doesn't seem to get enough fits.
This is actually part of the first batch of Dopp Kitts Gustin made and has not shipped yet. The estimated shipping was October / November 2014 so it should ship anyday now. Order today and I can change the address to yours (US only) and you can save $5 on shipping plus avoid the wait! Let me know if you have any questions. Campaign purchased from: https://www.weargustin.com/campaigns/770
$300 + Shipping OBO. This was the discontinued tobacco color purchased one year ago as a Dave's deal. Still in good condition but has normal wear and tear scratches, scuffs, etc. Selling because it is too small for my purposes. Can post newer pictures if requested. Please contact for further questions. Website for details.
$42.5k Unworn. Unberievable.
Sounds like you like the design of the Thorpe better but like the rosewood cc color. Getting either seems like it would be a compromise. I'm in the same boat. However Im Probably getting the Thorpe in arran grain and getting a rosewood cc galway mto once I figure out the specs I want.
Well the wide V indicates that you do not have an ideal fit. Meermin is not known for quality control so you can expect variation in fit of shoes in same last and size. When you barely fit one then the variance could be large enough to cause fit issues. I've had the same issue with other vendors. Being made by hand, these things happen.Or Maybe it's because it's a cap toeoxford so you have less toe room. You should really try another last though on your next pair....
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