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I considered whether it made sense to get color 4 cap toes but I decided to just go with 4 Galways. I wonder if I'll miss anything by not diversifying my boot collection
Speaking of Galways...
When it rains it pours.
Damn already? You got them shipped FedEx? Really liking the eyelets. Kind of wish I didn't go blind on mine.Very awesome pair!
Hi they in us sizing
No they deliver and I pay the bill when they mail it to me afterwards
Any of you just not pay the FedEx bill? I got two notices and when I called them they said there were no customs fees.
That's cool, I'll remember to wear these the next time I vacation in Sweden . I am indeed very lucky and very grateful to have something so unique. If not for rydenfan we would have been two of a kind.
I took the last of Mountain Ram.From what I recall, the timeline was:Leaves posted swatches of exotic leathers and people went crazy or kudu and ram but there was only enough Ram for two people.@NAMOR, @rydenfan both elected to pick up Ram Thorpes.Somewhere down the line both of them dropped out.Fast forward months later and leaves posts his St James II in Ram and deep vintage cherry.People again go crazy over Ram but I messaged Leaves first and asked for Thorpe but was...
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