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They keep making things worse for consumers with all the policy changes (gmto) and pricing. It's like they are trying to lose customers. Glad I ordered pretty much everything I wanted earlier in the year.
Awesome as always Jesper! Are you making it a point to stick around 25?I feel like that's a good number
I can't imagine a world where I couldn't buy edward green from skoaktiebolaget.
Or a Ram Thorpe.
Thanks! I appreciate it. The upcoming MTOs are going to be real show stoppers.Thanks. It is foolish. This is what happens when you go from slickdeals to styleforum. The buy first / think later fire sale mentality doesn't work with high end clothing. Too much redundancy, if I could get rid of some of them for cost I probably would. I will have 12 oxfords after the shipment comes in so I'm covered. Fit should be good though, I spent a lot of money to figure out I'm better...
Of the remaining orders from January, I am still waiting on 2 EG, 6 GG. 2 of which are shoes and 6 are boots.
Oh crap, I hope so. Honestly, I overdid it so if they don't come to me with USPS I'm looking at paying an extra $1000 I didn't budget for.
Yes, I never used it so it's not in the photo but it's included.
Hey I resent that! I never use filters! Hate it when people get a million likes for their shoes that can't be bought in real stores.All my doaks were purchased in the past year and they are all pretty consistently dark. I'll post a photo this weekend. Maybe I'll even leave them out in the sun all day and take before and after pictures (unless someone steals them .)Surprising to say this but @rydenfan's brandy willow ullswater look much better than brandy willow dovers....
Sorry, I thought you knew or had a pair. I saw those and thought of you.
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