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What does everything think about the Sapien bookcase? Trying to find some options for low profile bookcases.
Are there any shampoo options/alternatives if I need to wash my hair several times a week (sparing)? I've been sticking to shampooing every 1-2 weeks, but I started training again and it would be unhygienic to continue that routine. Any thoughts?
Had it for a year and haven't yet.
I have a mash studios bed. It's pretty heavy but it's solid walnut.
Financed half. The interest was low enough that I decided not to pay it all at once. Glad I went with this instead of the cheaper options.
I increased my budget and went with a G37x instead.
I'm concerned because when you apply reason and logic, that technique fails to go beyond the threshold of novelty.
I disagree.It has several disadvantages over the normal means of striking:-Very low percentage strike vs someone with their hands up, more so than techniques like jabs/hooks/uppercuts due to larger target area (head, neck, and body vs just the neck) and quicker execution.-Telegraphs your move even more than a wild haymaker...while delivering much less force and likely leaving you more vulnerable to a counter.-Low cost-benefit ratio. Why train for a low percentage...
Works the same as getting kicked or punched hard in the neck. Similar to cranking a choke as well.Nothing magical. You don't see it in MMA because it's much easier to kick, punch, or choke your opponent's neck.
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