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Thank you for the explanation. I understand now. He means that unlike Hermes, LVMH is in the business of selling indulgences. Darn those cunning Catholics.
That quote is absolutely obnoxious. To claim that a publicly listed company with quarterly revenues of US$0.9B only produces artisanal products is absolutely ridiculous, especially when the same WSJ article comes with a picture of a factory producing their scarves. Regardless of the quality of their products, the bulk of their stuff is artisanal in the same way that Starbucks breakfast sandwiches are artisanal. The fight with LVMH is not a cultural fight, that’s silly. ...
Grammatical errors aside, I think legal compliance is a huge part of the problem. What should be a short sentence often becomes a long and convoluted paragraph once all the silly but apparently necessary disclaimers are included.
I have shoetrees from Cedarville Store, one of the affiliates. I have the Twin-Tube Shoe Tree. I like them.
By algo trading I mean using algorithms to decide entry and exit points. Not all algos are high frequency - think beta arbitrage for example. Besides their API, I see no compelling reasons to use interactive brokers. As a retail investor you can get international exposure through ETF, or by many other means.
If you happen to visit L.A. befor the 31st, I recommend you skip the Tim Burton show and go see the Tomb Sculptures from the Court of Burgundy also at LACMA.
Could someone recommend a good car service in Chicago? I need to go from the Airport to downtown.
I work in L.A. and I often see people being interviewed at Starbucks - the retail locations not the corporate offices. They always wear a dark suit, regardless of temperature.
"Which is why one shouldn't try and trade like a financial institution. It doesn't work. " Not trading like a financial institution is probably pretty good advice if that means rebalance only a few times a year, stay away from derivatives, buy low volatility/beta stocks, etc.
True, no one has outright claimed that you can fully hedge an option. I included that point only to emphasize the risk of structuring options. By the way, a covered write (long the stock short the call) is the same than selling a put. That puts you in the insurance business: fairly profitable but you need a good amount of capital (>$100,000). This is basically the anti-Taleb strategy. Maybe the OP could write a book about how to make millions on the stock market. ...
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