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hard choice. youll get more wear out of the homespun but you'll probably never see anything like the fair isle again.
Looking at $455
It's not quite the brookline, but similar. 3 pockets, snap closures on the front, but no buttons. fits kind of slim, but with some give
Canada Goose first delivery is in store and online.
No mediums left in that one unfortunately. I can answer quick questions on the fair isle but photos will have to wait a couple days. we've got the blazer and the waistcoat in navy. theyre incredible. heres one quick one from the buying trip
shoot me a pm if you cant find your size - we've got a few of them right here
the bedford is a 4 button jacket but most people seem to wear it with only the second (from the bottom) button buttoned. the lapel above that rolls or folds over, hiding the button above it (and the one above that). with the gray jacket the fabric is more rigid and seems to almost fold or crease over whereas lighter more maluable fabrics tend to roll. I find the roll to be elegant, but it's very possible that over some time with some wear the gray herringbone will do just...
we just recieved this (along with our fair isle pieces) and the fabric is really nice. it's soft, but has some rigidity. I'd say its a fairly different jacket than the homespun and - if following in suit with other bedfords - probably fits a bit closer to the body since the fabric has less give. the moleskin jackets are lovely as well, it's a tough toss up, though the moleskin seems to roll better at the lapel.
Our first batch of Barbour fall 2014 hit the shelves yesterday, and some new product ought to be online shortly. this Deus collabo is a highlight.tough choice, either jacket is very handy as a shoulder season piece or a shell to layer under. th Ashby takes a liner which is handy when it gets cold, but realistically any under layer could serve the same purpose. I'd say it comes down to aethstetic mostly (and I like the sapper)
had a second to play around with these today. dont mind the seersucker pants. [[SPOILER]]
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