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The fabric is the Cotton Houndstooth Glenn. the above photo is a good interpretation of how dark the jacket is, but this helps capture the pattern a bit betterJacket goes for 385 USD. (this season the prices are wonderful) we stock S-XL on most of the above, pm me if you need a particular size.
Hi Guys we've just received our second delivery and I finally got a chance to photograph everything. Button Downs: T-Shirts: Sport Coats: Outerwear: And some up close shots of the fabrics: I can detail these further as needed for you guys. We also received some work shirts and 19th century button downs which I have yet to photograph, and some bucket hats (including the towel lined one to match the beach jacket) And for those of you looking for a canadian...
Thanks for the kind words guys! Fooleo, we can definately help you with an MTO style. I've got something like 4 different bison leathers here and we've had a few shoes made up in them before so hit me with a PM with any questions and we can get an order drafted up for you
We could make a pair of those up for you no problem.otherwise, stay tuned this summer - we're getting kind of enamored with the dark olive. might be a collection coming.
Stockpiling a few quicker reads to give myself a leg up in the 50 book challenge SF is running. Digging into H G Wells for the first time, and finally getting around to Green Hills of Africa but none before I start The Rings of Saturn
I always trusted you my notes say top 3 eyelets to be speed hooks, so we're good there. I can ask Katie about higher - not sure where Michael got the 8 eyelet figure from but it couldn't hurt us to double check.
Matt, Sorry I couldn't be in shop when you dropped by! I processed the details that Michael took down for your order before the new year. It's possible rancourt are out on vacation till early january (a couple of our other factories do that post-holiday). either way I'd expect them towards the end of the month and yeah the makeup sounds awesome. Olive CXL might end up being our "signature leather". I love the reltext loafer and I have a feeling this tall boot is also...
We've got it in black. PM me!
Just received a shipment of some new tops from 3sx, as well as a restock on denim. Also picked up a pair of the Khaki Chinos for myself and a coworker snagged the heavies. these special projects are worth grabbing - SO above and beyond. note the twill on these being kind of wavy - makes for a killer texture. we don't have these in stock yet but I'm thinking I might order a run.. I can't take them off
Just chiming in to let you guys know that our EG Stock has all been marked down going into the new year Price & Availability as Follows: Plaid Workshirt in Pink/Blue/Brown - S, L, - 198.00 $148.00 Black Plaid Flannel Lafayette Shirt - L - 192.00 $145.00 Dark Navy Cotton/Wool Knit Jacket - S, M, L, XL - 420.00 $315.00 Black NyCo Drivers Jacket - S, M, L, XL - 430.00 $325.00 Navy Reversable Bal Coat - S, L, - 750.00 $550.00 Happy New Year Guys
New Posts  All Forums: