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sorry dude its a tough size to sell in this town full of hockey players
I'm expecting our buy in the near future so here's a rundown of what we're getting in: Work Shirt in Brown / Blue Cotton Plaid - $204 Lafayette Shirt in Black Flanell Plaid - $192 Bedford Jacket in Gray Wool Harringbone - $528 Driver's Jacket in Black Ny/Co Ripstop - $432 Navy Flannel / Reverse Sateen Reversable Bal Coat - $744 (this thing is insane. I can not stress this enough) Knit Jacket in Dark Navy Cotton / Wool Jersey - $420 Also included are 4 styles of the...
Just a heads up - we have a killer deal in shop - 50% off of Summer seasonal jackets, shirts, etc. We've also recieved our first batch of fall merch including the commander Jacket. PM me for details on either!
We've got 3 styles in from Cheaney, including this beaut. Nice and heavy as I expect from an English boot, with commando sole for harsher weather.
theres also the cost of the sole itself; lactae havea being particularly expensive. anything that requires a midsole (aka anything but boat or camp) is an extra step.Frank - that leather is bonkers. I like the idea of using a material thats a bit less common. I love CXL and typical shell makeups but its nice to have something a bit further left of center once in a while.
Frankly it's still a lucrative program. People understand the value of being able to get whatever they want. whats an extra couple bucks for a shoe thats going to hold up for a decade or two? I think part of it is also normalizing the way things work across the board for them. when the McNairy bucks first came out people were paying what was essentially a 33% upcharge on sanders for the ability to get something a bit unique. with Rancourt its something more like 15%...
fwiw our MTO prices are also rising. Part of this is a natural occurrence when a company grows dramatically. MTO gets more difficult for these guys because (to a certain degree) they have to cut individually rather than in bulk.
definitely my favorite pickup for the season. sold the medium before I had a chance to buy it myself
Engineered Garments SS13 End of Season Sale We have stock in the following at 30% Discount: White / Red / Blue Plaid Work Shirt: L, XL $205.00 $143.50 Blue Chambray Work Shirt: L $189.00 $132.30 Navy Cotton Shawl Cardigan: M, L $228.00 $159.60 Navy Twill Baker Jacket: M, L, XL $375.00 $262.50 Ecru Linen Truman Jacket: L, XL $448.00 $313.60 Olive Cotton Aero Bomber Jacket: M, L, XL $395.00$276.50 Email us or PM me for more details or pictures if needed, though they...
Picked up Taipei by Tao Lin for my airport downtime via market week - one of the better book's I've read in a long time. I could see the book being polarizing to its audience, but I feel like it nails down the idea of a "20-something" creative type in 2013 pretty perfectly.
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