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The NE Blueberry Weisse hive mind is so strong in this thread.
Wanted to drop our holiday hours on here for reference, assuming you guys are last minute shoppers like I am. Our web shop will be fulfilling orders during store hours in between holidays per usual, provided that UPS is still doing their thing, so check out the site if you haven't already. Thanks to everybody for supporting PDG this year (and years before!). We've had an incredible year, sold some excellent merchandise and made lots of new friends and clients. On to...
glad to hear!I've got to take a score shot of the trove i recieved; im excited to start cracking them.
feeling the same way! shopping was fun, shipping stressed me right out haha.
Just taped a box up for someone - kept it funky and on the border of Maine & NH.
in my experience the midweight is all we ever need up in maine. heavy is starchier but not hugely different imo. if you're really looking to winterize the tiger fleece is the way to go.which beauty & youth do you have? the striped ones are fairly similar to the heavyweight core fabric, though as I recall the highlighter loop ones were a bit more plush.
Good news to all of our not-so-local friends We're Back on the Internet Check out men's and women's with the help of some killer editorial shots from our friend Nicole Wolf we'll be working on refining the site for some time, but we wanted to get it live so you guys could see what we've been up to this fall. thanks as always for the support! D.O.
Great to see people enjoying their Rancourt Holiday Mackworth Moccs! I've put together a little photoset to showcase the style and thought I'd share it with you guys as well. I'm also happy to inform those of you looking to pick up some of our styles now or in the future that you'll finally be able to do it online again - you can check this pair out on our new website now Happy Holidays!
Jolly pumpkin and Anchorage definately end up here now and then. maybe we're just the last stop.
someone local told me we have Prarie distro in Maine but I've never seen a bottle of it for sale. had something from them last I was in NYC and loved it, hope they find their way north more often.silver lining: Alesmith found its way up north! Got a bottle of speedway waiting for me, and I'm starting to see it around town on tap.
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