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Can confirm: born a yankee, can't get enough laces.(glad you dig the shoes!)
that is crazy vibrant. i think that might be a different leather!we've been working on a little in house photo setup so this is a bit bright but the color should be fairly accurate.its very similar to the dark olive CXL in tone - looks greener sometimes than others, but generally reads a unique brown with some green tint
No reptiles were harmed in the making of this shoe!
We've just received a restock of core styles & lightweight for those looking for a pair. SL & ST in indigo and shadow selvedge, some SL-220x and some of the lightweights. also I wanted to share some blown to smithereens double blacks with you guys; these were from the decade collection, bought by a local bartender who seems to moonlight as a crime fighter or something - not sure how else he'd do this much damage to these jeans. They're wearable again after some...
Our Rancourt delivery for fall has arrived looking even better than expected. We've restocked on our Olive CXL Longfellow Loafer, and introduced a new color for our Women's Celia Loafer for fall – these are two slightly different shoes that we want to offer as ongoing staples for the shop. Some of you are already familiar with these styles, and some of you now have the chance to be since we actually have sizes available! The real update for this delivery is our Olive...
haven't cracked mine yet, but I had a taster at the release - I think if you like farm to face this will be pretty well received. Was a nice compliment to the hot cocoa they were doling out that night.
Normally I'd be on your side regarding pumpkin but I finally got my hands on a bottle of Ghoulschip, and Southern Tier Warlock has already swayed me to "pumpkin beer is only a bad idea most of the time"
Tonal topstitch (little threads), "tan" hand stitch was the plan if I remember correctly - sorry for the confusion on that one, but glad you like the outcome. and yeah friends I've shown this too all think its from a lizard. turns out the bison in maine have developed a camouflage to blend in with the evergreens oh, and no thunder stolen. I was on the fence about posting them - sometimes it's fun to see if things get dug up on their own
Brett sent me this photo yesterday evening. Reaaaaaally hyped. They might even get here ahead of schedule, but I know better than to guarantee that!
I don't expect it in the short term, but if the rangers are a success I might have some room to push bison to the higher ups. perhaps next fall..I don't think the bison is too limited - one of the geekier exciting parts of this shoe for me is that the bison leather is actually sourced from a Maine tannery, so the demand isn't as huge as say.... Cordovan, Essex, or other Horween products.there might be a restock of boots coming in with the olive rangers but I'm not 100%...
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