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Should be seeing a restock on Kudu and some Olive in a week or two - factory has been very busy. we're getting a limited reorder so if you guys missed the first round, keep an eye out. meanwhile I'm dreaming about fall. What do you guys want to see this autumn for styles?
We probably will be picking out a Kibata style for the shop in the coming months - portland is pretty green when it comes to unsanforized denim, so we're excited to introduce the concept. any particular style / fit you're curious about? we're probably going to try Indigo, thought I'd be interested in shadow selvedge personally so we'll see how much of my bias factors into the buy
Broken Denim tends to give the fabric a "salt and pepper" texture. its basically the twill lines you usually recognize in diagonal close up on the fabric being shatted and scattered.vs regular twill:nice! let me know when you're in town
Starting to wish we picked up the denim too - nice looking jacket. judging by SS16 we might start delving a bit more into denim from EG next year. at any rate, here's some quick flicks of our first FW15 Delivery. we'll have website shots up early next week Work Shirt: Brushed Plaid Flannel, Blue or Red $216 6oz Denim, Indigo or Black, $168 Houndstooth Flannel, $195 19th Century Button Down: Blackwatch Plaid, $240 Tab Collar Shirt: Animal Print, $216 (Note:...
can confirm that the flannel is amazingpictues to come today
Just saw this via the instagram link posted: https://instagram.com/p/5HRSNkEKvp/ I forgot about this shirt. If I remember correctly we picked up the one on the right. so excited. our first delivery should be rolling through in the not too distant future. I'll keep y'all posted as soon as I see it.
I've got a few friends who like beer - at least one coworker who can appreciate it, hook me up with MBC Dinner and Oxbow oddballs. Headed to NYC for market next week - I've never actually looked at a store for bottles down there so I'm wondering if there's any spots you guys recommend. Might just grab myself something "exotic" (read: not from new england) for the hotel. Also, I picked up two bottles of Coolship Red, Allagash's raspberry sour. Drank one, might age or let...
found my BBQ pairing today just in time
Yup! Call into the shop for availability and purchases, let them know you saw the sale code and you should be good to goPMs might go unanswered : I'll be baking like a lizard at the each for most of today, but I'll check in eventually
For anyone thats curious or on the fence about our shirts, we're doing a storewide flash sale for the weekend. SEAWALL will not be going on sale for any seasonal markdowns, so if you're holding out for a deal this is your best shot!
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