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yup, thats it! all I could remember was that it looked like a filename.
Ended up tracking down that Grapefruit Sculpin - it made it's way to Portland as well. very different in a glass than strait from a can - in the can the grapefruit rind sort of condenses in flavor and smell and its a bit much for me, but in a glass with some fresh air that stuff is great. a local restaurant had it and referred to it as a session beer which is a bold statement at 7% hah. I'd say all and all its worth checking out if you haven't but at 15 bucks for a six...
Charcoal is the summer version of black!
it looks like we'll be carrying some FWK in the fall. true to size is such a complex question with the EG world but my understanding is that FWK sizes are a continuation of the grading for mainline (so an fwk workshirt goes 0,1,2,3, and then into mens xs, s, m, and so on)my understanding is that a 1 equates to a womens small, 2 to medium, and so on.
I'm bussing in so fort point market is a pretty good bet - 5 or 10 minutes from south station looks like. thanks! I'll take a look at trillium too.
hoping one of you guys is savvy to boston shops for beers within city limits. I'm killing ~6 hours tomorrow and I'm looking for somewhere to pick up some grapefruit sculpin in case the truck headed to Portland shows up empty (apparently we're the last stop on the ballast point delivery map).
thats a good looking coat but unfortunately we don't carry it! the only other outerwear I have at the moment is the flat twill coverall jacket (which is awesome, for what its worth)
it's slightly darker than the flat twill - similar to the dayton shirt of this year. it's blue enough that it doesn't look black, but it's definately a steely navy blue.it's a hard choice but at the same time you can't really go wrong - both colors are easy to match with anything (our whole buy this year ended up in gray blue and olive strangely enough)
We carry the Shawl Collar Jacket in Both colors - I'll say the olive green is a touch greener in person - similar to the color of the ripstop fatigues / bedford this year. I'm a sucker for olive outerwear just because it's so easy to match to jeans. good alternative to the wave of Barbour we have at the shop. I feel like you could wear an olive jacket, a gray crewneck, and blue jeans to pretty much any occasion. I'll round up some measurements for the small...
Cross-Post Update from the Rancourt Thread
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