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Great to see people enjoying their Rancourt Holiday Mackworth Moccs! I've put together a little photoset to showcase the style and thought I'd share it with you guys as well. I'm also happy to inform those of you looking to pick up some of our styles now or in the future that you'll finally be able to do it online again - you can check this pair out on our new website now Happy Holidays!
Jolly pumpkin and Anchorage definately end up here now and then. maybe we're just the last stop.
someone local told me we have Prarie distro in Maine but I've never seen a bottle of it for sale. had something from them last I was in NYC and loved it, hope they find their way north more often.silver lining: Alesmith found its way up north! Got a bottle of speedway waiting for me, and I'm starting to see it around town on tap.
pretty true - I'm typically between small and medium, and I opt for the medium in this (as I do with most of our gear). theres a bit of extra room but id rather it be comfortable than skin tight with such a tough wool.
I have one of these from a year ago when they did a suede body. its definitely not a jacket in that its not windproof (Cowichan style knits are somewhat loose) but its warm as hell and my favorite sweater. I'll wear it as a jacket when its above 40(f) but you'll want a shell or something over it. We stocked the anorak cowichan this year and it basically makes you look like a ski lodge spy movie villain, for better or for worse.
a couple from thanksgiving. From the NH/ME border, really great apple brandy aged stout. dark with some boozy sharpness but tasty. Tried as hard as i could to resist this but it seemed like i wouldn't have another chance to try it. a blend of Tilquin and Rulles Brune - drinks sort of like zwet.be, going from malty and mild to bitter to sour with a dry finish. Really interesting as a one off now-and-then beer. going to try to go easy on purchasing this winter outside...
Thanks, and back atcha!we're probably not going to make cyber monday with the new site, but we'll be live just after, in time for the holidays.in the meantime, I'm having fun with the photos
I'll buy him a case of whatever he wants if i can get kudu options by this spring.(on the real I'll probably holler at someone before the holidays and try to get the ball rolling. its going to be hard to make a loafer in anything else this spring)
last I checked Rancourt requires a lining to make a shoe with repello suede, which totally negates the floppiness. that being said, the repello suedes are excellent - I used the burgundy to accent a pair of moccs and its been going strong for 3-4 years.
Its been a while, but the strawberry white chocolate muffin from Marcies was the best I ever had.see you next time.
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