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Barbour x Adidas is Live on SEAWALL Missed this whole conversation on eats! Cathpah has everything locked, but since october we've got 3-5 new spots that have opened up. it never stops here guys, never!
Our Barbour x Adidas Sneakers are now online. Jackets to follow in the near future
i'll definately talk to the right people. I find viberg does a particularly excellent job of finding wacky hides (i saw a pair at liberty made in birkin bag leather and they were nuts) wheras Rancourt has some ultra reliable tanneries and sticks to their guns. in any event we'll see what is possible and I'll try and report back soon.
You never know how available these unique hides are for other companies. that being said.. that leather in the 5 eye mocc boot with brown stitching and brown waxed laces would be incredible.
get the lug. better channels for snow & ice.These look killer Matt, glad they've held up. Need to do more tall boots here.
with the workshirt im always kind of in between. I opt for the small in those for a closer fit as well. I've worn a medium in the past in the workshirt or 19th century mostly for shoulder width. it's probably safe to say the classic and the workshirt fit similarly and that the lafayette is a hair bigger
ours was cut pretty full. as a slim medium kinda guy i picked up a small and have been wearing it comfortably
I'm in just about the same boat as you are at 6' and 155 and I find it heavily depends on the fabric. in the bedford, a medium is usually a tad too full in a medium and a tad too short in the small. otherwise fabrics with some give like the homespun require a small while the moleskin (for instance) fits me better in a medium.generally I opt for slightly oversized rather than shrunken but I did end up with a small wool HB bedford last year and I really like the fit now that...
seconded on the aspen. we just recieved our first sample with the reltex wedge and we're already thinking of doing our next batch of ranger moccs with it to continue the reltex theme. I'm curious how the traction is on there
might be hard to tell for some time since it's still hovering around 70 degrees up in Maine. from trying my size on before we sold through it they certainly seem warm. the real test will be in december when it dips below freezing but I think its fairly comparable to a heavier patagonia fleece.
New Posts  All Forums: