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How could I forget about the beer thread... I hung out with Foundation Brewing Company for their 1 year anniversary party which ended up at a local bar I really like. tryed the Epiphany DIPA and their new Imperial Stout, "Forge". both were incredible (and hefty; 10oz pours did a number on lots of party goers). Not sure if these guys find their way outside of Maine very often but if you guy's ever visit the state, Foundation does one of the best browns I've ever had
we dont normally run E widths in our production runs but if you're interested I could probably sneak one since its in the early stage.my hope is to see these at the very beginning of May. we'll have more information as time goes on of course.
hope everyone's appetite for kudu is still there - we just finalized some PDG styles. the strategy for our custom makeups going forward is basically to flex reltex wherever it makes sense. we don't run samples prior to production but I can say that an unlined kudu reltex loafer is probably going to be the best summer shoe you can get, and we're cooking up something else special (and just a hair more casual) to go with it.
I wont be able to do the knox strait up as is. Rancourt is often protective of collab markups like that which is nice for the consumer. I'd give the taylor stitch guys a shout if you want that boot in a special size.that being said, I've done an 8 eyelet mocc boot before. cant see why I couldn't do an 8 eyelet blake. if you have something in mind I can run it by the higher ups!edit: no promises on this; looking at the picture it looks like an all new pattern, die, etc. I'm...
No other jersey shirts just yet. I'll be building a whole intro to seawall on an "official" thread in the not too distant future. we should be rolling out a few easy colors for the end of spring, just in time for memorial day BBQs. we've got a few colors in mind, but while I've got you here what are you thinking? I figure one should at least match up to any other insane Barena topcoats you've got kicking around .~D.O.
Cross Posting from our Affiliate Thread: Barbour x White Mountaineering Is Online The whole collection is pretty excellent. the jackets remind me of To Ki To. we also stock the mountain parka though it hasn't been photographed yet. the lapel jacket has the same general appeal as the commander jacket, but some more utility and - if you want it - a version printed in tidal waves. Can't get that from mainline.
Barbour x White Mountaineering Is Online two minor notes: 1.) we're also carrying the mountain parka in bark (a light brown with the yellow version of the wave print as a liner). It was recieved after our photographer grabbed the rest of the drop. hit me up for photos if you want to see it. 2.) sizing varies piece to piece; you guys are pretty savvy on styleforum but I want to make sure everyone knows not to be afraid to ask me about sizing details - the jackets...
When we picked up EG there was an understanding that we couldn't sell it directly from the webstore, per the company's wishes. this is to encourage communication and dialogue about the product (which means myself and our sales people can help with sizing, etc.) and make purchasing a bit more deliberate. we've had EG here for 3-4 years now and I can't think of very many times where a piece was impulse bought, then returned the next day. working with the salespeople has also...
Funny to think about the fashion "Cycle" RE; Burton. I've chatted with Mr Burton in the shop (new england to new england vacations, man) and since I've learned that one of Acronym's first gigs was working with Burton (we're talking years before their first drop). white mountaineering draws heavily from Burton, even mastermind did a collab with Burton. so we've got american go-tos pulling from japanese wunderkind pulling from american go-tos and so on.
looks like a more pleasant version of the 4 inch thick layer of dirt the city poured all over our sidewalks this year to keep people on their feet.(boots look great by the way )
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