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Unfortunately we won't have an XS, but there's going to be a fall-friendly shop coat coming in for us in navy, if i recall. seems like this style was a sleeper hit this season, to be honest I don't remember seeing it in the showroom for summer so I never handled it, but the fall version was sweet.
gotta figure the shoes will do it because they're being flexed all day, hours at a time. the coasters are set down, pretty much to do nothing except get slightly flattened.plus what good is a table without some leather dye stains - wabi sabi, right?
my Fatigue pants feature that as well. as far as I'm aware it's a run off chain stitch - mainly to signify a type of production (kind of like the selvedge ends inside denim) chain stitching as you're likely aware is an old world technique that grips the fabric in a way that - for indigo fabrics, at least - causes a roping fade along the seam. I left my runoff on my shirts, but I don't think clipping it would damage anything structurally.
I was gifted a bottle of that last year for my birthday - was expecting a german lager kind of thing and didn't think about what it means to be a large form oxbow beer. caught me off guard but i ought to try it again.also on topic; I might have to import some westbrook gose before its too late, since apparently it doesn't make its way this far north.
there's a bit of brushed herringbone cotton in the collection this year IIRC, don't fret.as far as those cargo pants go, they might be my favorite thing from the whole run. AFAIK, We didn't end up picking them up but I'm kicking myself for not scooping a personal.
keep in mind that market week hovers around ~july 20th, so I will be out of the area for a few days before & after that (I imagine Mr Drinkwater will as well). I still haven't been to trillium. been looking for an excuse to get down there to putz around a bit.
depends on the shirt but i'd say nah. plain white tee maybe a bit out of place. I wear mine with a geller graphic tee I like, as well as some gray v undershirts & band tees though generally during the winter it goes on over a sweater. I tend to be between sizes and I went for small rather than medium, so I can style it the same way one would style a levis trucker or something of the like.
I dont actually know if anyone's taken a photo of me while ive worn it. I'll see if i can brave the heat and get a flick this evening
hold out for fall for a wool one IMO. I bought a charcoal wool herringbone iteration 2 years ago and its probably my favorite piece of outerwear. it even gets use during the summer at night on occasion.
if you end up in harvard square, there's some good food right down there; russel house tavern, beat hotel (and a shake shack, which is maybe more exciting coming from portland rather than new york)
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