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deerskin for sure. id line all my shoes in it if i could
Here's the shawl worn forward, to the side, and backwards (which strangely i found myself liking best) I wouldn't match this with shorts if it weren't 90 degrees out but hey, early season orders mean early season photos. We currently have the Gray Wool and Navy Wool options. in the future we are receiving Black & Blue check cotton twill, a Red& Blue block stripe wool, and perhaps one of the gray windowpane herringbone pieces.
sorry for the late response guys; massive power outage on our block last night. going to snap some photos today of what we have. we picked up the regular button shawl. In brief, it is essentially a scarf with well placed buttons and buttonholes but its very fun and can be worn a half dozen ways (channeling a fistful of dollars, KANEEEDDAAAAA, etc.). Will be photographing my coworker outside today in 80+ degree weather with one, just for y'all.
Just recieved a box... Shawls, Hats, a couple other things. will try to post some imagery soon
Snow Crash is one of those books that I've had recommended to me over and over again and I just haven't gotten to them. Trying not to overwhelm myself with scifi/fantasy now that I've started into both The Dark Tower (Currently finished up Wizard & Glass) and Game of Thrones (only read the first book thus far). Onto a book called Flauberts Parrot on recommendation from a friend. Never read Madame Bovary and have no background of Flaubert himself, though it's mostly...
Hey Guys, We've decided to run a little weekly promotion through styleforum in regards to our Rancourt for PDG Offerings for the summer; figured we'd give you guys a window to get a good deal on something unique. so, we're offering 30% Off of these three styles of shoe for the week through Sunday night. PM me directly on here or shoot me an email at portlanddrygoods@gmail.com to secure your size. Inventory and styles below: Olive Beefroll Penny 295 -> $206.50 8.5, 9,...
First drop hit the store today; getting 3 more styles in a few weeks 195 for the corduroy, 175 otherwise. Sizes S-XL
Here's a shot of debatable quality from the showroom from last January. I took a medium and it fit pretty true / not insanely slim. im wearing it with the wool on the inside here. google might not be much help if the jacket hasn't released yet; I'm expecting this in a later drop im excited to get these! edit: not entirely sure why I seem to be planking. could have sworn it was 2013..
It's going to be warm but its not down insulated or anything like that. I'd consider it akin to a pretty typical peacoat, though much more stylish and the sateen side allows you to play with the functionality a bit. I bet you could layer up under it and be pretty good at five below. the wool will insulate nicely and the sateen side aught to be good for snow repellence. hit me up and I can see about reserving a size for you.the shawls vary in price depending on fabric;...
sorry dude its a tough size to sell in this town full of hockey players
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