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I've finally gotten around to shooting our second delivery in some fair lighting; some are a bit shady but the colors are fairly well represented (which has been difficult for the first coat) Reversable Bal Coat in Navy Sateen & Navy Wool This thing is excellent. the fit is pretty generous from the chest down with fitted shoulders, sort of the expected triangle fit EG often runs with. each side has two front pockets with one additional rear/side pocket, and the sateen...
was absolutely blindsided by this. picking mine up today or tomorrow.
A high boot could be nice from these guys though they'd have to cut new die for the style to elongate the plug and the quarters. my guess is it would be more of an undertaking than one would expect. even adding a style that is closely related to another requires a big investment in cutting die. so long story short; it's doable, but its not as easy as just adding 3 inches to a pattern. there's always hurdles!I was actually thinking about the possibility of a medallion cap...
As a close account of Rancourts (dare I say flagship location) i'd be happy to lend a hand in any inquiries about the shoes. We have quite a bit of experience handling various leathers they offer through our MTO program here and we'd really love to act as a liaison for you guys regarding custom orders etc. of course factory defects and more intricate inquiries might be better placed with those guys but we can likely answer sizing & material related questions (regarding...
Sidebar - I've also been fooling around with the MTO system for some time.If anyone needs me i'll be just shy of "off the deep end"
My talks with kyle regarding an MTO group order suggested that there's not much wiggle room with shell cordovan in terms of a bulk discount.are there 8-10 people here that want a navy shell blake boot? i could possibly facilitate this but i would need to fufill a minimum and get deposits and all of that.
I could definately get a pair out to you but I have no idea of stockists in the UK. are there any club monaco stores out there? I know they do some work with rancourt but I dont know if they reach past North America
We've recieved our Reversable Bal. the medium hits 22.5p2p acrossed. it's somewhat of an oversized fit but its really excellent. shoulders are raglan, though the small is noticeably tight in the shoulders on me (I generally wear small or medium in most things, M in most of my EG). the jacket has sort of a reverse taper all the way to the ground but its incredibly comfortable on both sides and i think the fit is great. we recieved s-xl. I have some photos but the lighting...
Just recieved our second drop. gathering some photos of everything but here's a quick iphone snap of our second round of shawls Red & Blue Stripe Wool - $155 Navy Cotton Plaid - $95 Wool Herringbone Windowpane - $185
its pretty full cut - i'd say it fits like youd expect a shirt jacket to fit, rather than a shirt
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