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Bison is a deceptively soft leather! depending on what you're looking to do you could match it with orion (super thick) or repello (super thin) suede without much issue.
good to see you Patrick! Thanks for the kind words.
Stopped by Novare Res for a lunch beer today to celebrate their 7th anniversary. the "maine" section of the taplist is insane right now. a snippet from our insta had the Marshall Collabo - 7 hops and Maine crabmeat, which didn't peak too far through the drink but it was a solid pint. Might run back for Mott before I head home today.
so strange that the shorts are measured S-M-L. my fatigue pants (which were tagged "32" rather than medium) were for the most part a dead on 32 and then stretched with a few wears, and shrank back to normal with each wash (warm wash, air dry). if you're looking at the flat twill keep that little sizing tug of war in mind. We haven't tried the shorts here yet but the pants sit pretty high on the waist; if the shorts do as well the 32 might be a touch too big.
I go reltex over vibram 9 times out of 10. the aspen looks great on the ranger moc, I bet the ranger could even work. comfort-wise it's night and day, though I'd maybe pick the mini lug if i expected to do a lot of trail walking.laces are a tough call.
Mast Bros "Cow Milk" Chocolate might be the most expensive bar I've bought (not quite a connoisseur yet), but it was incredibly tasty. the packaging definitely got me on that one but I'm glad I picked it up. Madecasse has always blown me away with the fruitiness of their chocolate, which as I understand is a single origin nib from Madagascar. Still waiting for the "Baller Chocolate Thread (Bars $75 and up)" post to help guide me down the rabbit hole.
crossing mine too - we've got a few things here that might fit the bill.see you then! I'll be in house both days.
PDG Private Label Shirting is Now Online Linens, Textured Cottons & Madras, Slim Fits. More of the same from our private label shirting, all made in Fall River, MA. please note that the white/black/yellow plaid is a popover! wouldn't want someone to find that it has half of the buttons they wanted when it arrived on their doorstep. non-coincidentally it's my favorite of the bunch.
true to size generally works with Rancourt in our experience - the kudu doesn't stretch so its not advised to size down to counteract that in this particular slip on. You might have to sneak up here and check em out before tourist season really kicks off! For whatever it's worth, I take a 10 in most of my sneakers, a 9.5 in red wings (chukka, and iron ranger), and a 9.5 in the camp or loafer. Hope this helps.
small for sure - I vary between a small and a medium at about a 38" chest - oftentimes the small is too small for me, but for ~36 it should be dead on. styling-wise, I almost treat my bedford like a trucker jacket rather than a sport coat, but it's pretty versatile
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