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First drop hit the store today; getting 3 more styles in a few weeks 195 for the corduroy, 175 otherwise. Sizes S-XL
Here's a shot of debatable quality from the showroom from last January. I took a medium and it fit pretty true / not insanely slim. im wearing it with the wool on the inside here. google might not be much help if the jacket hasn't released yet; I'm expecting this in a later drop im excited to get these! edit: not entirely sure why I seem to be planking. could have sworn it was 2013..
It's going to be warm but its not down insulated or anything like that. I'd consider it akin to a pretty typical peacoat, though much more stylish and the sateen side allows you to play with the functionality a bit. I bet you could layer up under it and be pretty good at five below. the wool will insulate nicely and the sateen side aught to be good for snow repellence. hit me up and I can see about reserving a size for you.the shawls vary in price depending on fabric;...
sorry dude its a tough size to sell in this town full of hockey players
I'm expecting our buy in the near future so here's a rundown of what we're getting in: Work Shirt in Brown / Blue Cotton Plaid - $204 Lafayette Shirt in Black Flanell Plaid - $192 Bedford Jacket in Gray Wool Harringbone - $528 Driver's Jacket in Black Ny/Co Ripstop - $432 Navy Flannel / Reverse Sateen Reversable Bal Coat - $744 (this thing is insane. I can not stress this enough) Knit Jacket in Dark Navy Cotton / Wool Jersey - $420 Also included are 4 styles of the...
Just a heads up - we have a killer deal in shop - 50% off of Summer seasonal jackets, shirts, etc. We've also recieved our first batch of fall merch including the commander Jacket. PM me for details on either!
We've got 3 styles in from Cheaney, including this beaut. Nice and heavy as I expect from an English boot, with commando sole for harsher weather.
theres also the cost of the sole itself; lactae havea being particularly expensive. anything that requires a midsole (aka anything but boat or camp) is an extra step.Frank - that leather is bonkers. I like the idea of using a material thats a bit less common. I love CXL and typical shell makeups but its nice to have something a bit further left of center once in a while.
Frankly it's still a lucrative program. People understand the value of being able to get whatever they want. whats an extra couple bucks for a shoe thats going to hold up for a decade or two? I think part of it is also normalizing the way things work across the board for them. when the McNairy bucks first came out people were paying what was essentially a 33% upcharge on sanders for the ability to get something a bit unique. with Rancourt its something more like 15%...
fwiw our MTO prices are also rising. Part of this is a natural occurrence when a company grows dramatically. MTO gets more difficult for these guys because (to a certain degree) they have to cut individually rather than in bulk.
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