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Just visited the factory last week - can confirm the blake construction shoes have come a long way since the first round, though I haven't tried on a more recent pair.
We received our first delivery with a bit more than originally expected. I'm working to photograph everything ASAP for the web, but had to take a second to share this one with you guys. I dont think this is the first time they've done a blackwatch Bedford, but it's the first time we've had it. Pretty excellent spring option, and its going to look great under the outerwear we've got waiting to be shot.
Actually we haven't done custom for a year or two. it just so happens that we're in talks about bringing the program back to some degree, but I don't know what pricing will look like, or when exactly this will start up.I will say our bison mocc at 355 would easily be 400+ as a MTO product. Partially this is due to the RLH sole, Bison Leather, and leather lining, which all add some luxury to the shoe, on top of the "1 at a time" production process, which is obviously less...
Wings + Horns SS16 First Delivery Base 1x1 Rib Hoodies - if you're familiar with the brand, you've probably seen these before. They haven't changed; still super lightweight tee shirt like fabric cut as a mid layer - perfect for warmer weather. The Vented Linen Parka is a new summer piece made with a gorgeous linen bonded mesh fabric. the linen is so light that you can actually see the mesh through it - the fabric even seems to change in direct light. it's a pretty...
S/S 16 Kickoff: Y-3 we're in the midst of a day long downpour at the shop today, which I suppose is a fitting omen to say spring is here. Winter is probably going to creep back into our forecasts but we've started receiving the transitional gear for ever warming weather. see photos below for our first delivery; some fun gear from Yohji's personal locker room the bags in particular are really excellent, perhaps our favorite category from the brand. Neoprene,...
Without giving too much away, prices are in line with this fall, some classics even a bit less expensive. Per usual, this comes down to the price of fabric. I dont see EG price gouging in any sense of the term. more intricate pieces can get expensive, but a fan can find a piece for 200 or for 1200 if they're looking to spend it. Seeing new stuff is always excellent but I'm still containing excitement for SS16.
We'll be getting our first batch from EG fairly soon. I'll be doing what I can to get it visible for you guys as soon as we receive it. heres what to expect: -work shirt nvy/ora plaid -work shirt blu/red plaid -work shirt blue chambray -shop coat olive twill -shop coat dknavy twill -fatigue pant olive ripstop -fatigue pant dk navy twill classics! more later in the year of course.
These are going onto our website in the next couple of days, but I thought I'd give you guys a heads up since they're pretty heavily anticipated from Y-3. we've got 8.5 - 12.5, sizes might disappear quick so feel free to PM me and grab one before they're visible to the rest of the world. they'll be releasing alongside some other sneakers and s/s apparel we've received, as well as some really nice backpacks.
hard to say - its definitely a slim fit in my experience. I go true to size, some people might size up one. let me know if theres a sweater in particular you're curious about and I can do some R&D when I'm back in the shop tomorrow!
Hi guys; thought I should repost this from our affiliate thread; we've marked down quite a bit of fall / winter merchandise, so check the website out and save 40% pretty much across the board on seasonal lines. brands include: Snow Peak, Engineered Garments, PDG / New England Shirt, Reigning Champ, and a bit more. Men's Sale Women's Sale Thanks for a good season - hope y'all find something you like left in your size. I'll keep an eye on PMs / our contact email while...
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