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snuck one in the natural light when no customers were around suprisingly enough this suede boot has been my workhorse this winter for when its cold and icy out. the reltex really does its job and the suede hasn't beaten up too much. I'm a huge advocate for suede in here but its a tough sell sometimes. I share a sentiment with the Leffot guys - don't baby your suede.
EG SS15 Drop 2 at Portland Dry Goods: Looks like Gary and I share some sentiments when it comes to dressing new englanders. Bedford Jacket Navy Flat Twill: $360 Olive Cotton Ripstop: $360 Knit Polo Shirt Navy, Gray, or Olive: $155 Thermal Shawl Collar Button Down Navy, Gray, or Olive: $195 As always, happy to provide info on measurements, detailing, general impressions. we thought we'd have some fun with the basics from EG this year so we bought into a...
I've been using a ranger sole on my kooky gray/pistachio boots I dreamt up this summer - its the best experience I've had on snow and ice with any shoe in my adult life. plantation crepe is a deathwish in rain or snow but this sole doesn't seem to soak up moisture, and the channels for snow + high friction rubber have really exceeded my expectations. I'd reccomend it over a vibram christy 10/10 times, maybe even over a lug / mini lug.
I'll talk to John - he hasn't worn them in for a bit seeing as its been pack snow every day for the last month and a half. we'll get you a photo ASAP!it comes & goes. basically if some company wants a shoe that uses it, they buy some hides and then have leftovers. just have to get luckyI'm an advocate for brass, especially with cinnamon and brown bison. shiny brass will eventually "antique", but I'd go for either of those over nickel 9 times out of 10. personal preference
cant think of a better way to put it. I always think about the Alden unlined suede chukkas having drape / being unconstructed. the bison isnt THAT unconstructed, but it falls nicely. washed jeans vs raw heavyweights, ya know?
just for reference;it looks like we have two different types of bison tannage here. Pull up bison (self explanitory) and "Tuscon" bison which seems to be a bit more structured. the Tuscon is new, kyle mentioned it would be a good boot leather. I'm not sure which hide Frank uses but I thought you might like to know that you have options.the pull up is more unstructured than I expected - durable, but has more "drape" than chromexcel. my coworker has a pair of bison loafers...
Where is Boston even putting it at this point?
about to throw all of our swatches in the trash because I don't think we can ever top this shoe. glad they came out as nicely as they did.
Took a quick snap of our plaids to remind myself and our instagram followers that tomorrow's blizzard wont be the end of the world. gotta love these early spring deliveries in New England; so out of place, but so refreshing after months and months of gray
Aurora is out of upstate NY, the shoes run wide but essentially act as soft leather birks. My coworker tried a pair on when we visited EG for next fall, he fell in love quick. Perfect sub for birk Boston's if you're trying for the whole Nepenthes lookbook feel
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