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Just received a shipment of some new tops from 3sx, as well as a restock on denim. Also picked up a pair of the Khaki Chinos for myself and a coworker snagged the heavies. these special projects are worth grabbing - SO above and beyond. note the twill on these being kind of wavy - makes for a killer texture. we don't have these in stock yet but I'm thinking I might order a run.. I can't take them off
Just chiming in to let you guys know that our EG Stock has all been marked down going into the new year Price & Availability as Follows: Plaid Workshirt in Pink/Blue/Brown - S, L, - 198.00 $148.00 Black Plaid Flannel Lafayette Shirt - L - 192.00 $145.00 Dark Navy Cotton/Wool Knit Jacket - S, M, L, XL - 420.00 $315.00 Black NyCo Drivers Jacket - S, M, L, XL - 430.00 $325.00 Navy Reversable Bal Coat - S, L, - 750.00 $550.00 Happy New Year Guys
For what it's worth, Bleeding Edge was incredible. definitely worth a read. First 300 pages is classic Pynchonian slapstick etc., after that you get some serious insight on the human condition RE: the internet. Just picked this up and worked my way few a through interviews. good stuff. Now onto the fifth dark tower book
We've got a unique pair of Navy Orion Suede chukkas available for a special housekeeping price! Size 9.5 Price is set below retail at $265.00 - about 30% off of the MTO price - Nonreturnable PM me or email if interested!
If I'm seeing them right the sole is actually a Reltex Ranger which is going to be insanely comfortable AND weather friendly.country brogue gang
damn dude
Pilu - We have 1 left as of the moment. here today gone tomorrow!
There are quite a few bits and pieces missing from the MTO widget - Its possible that Rancourt did not want to give too many options, and built out everything they expected to be most saleable first. PDG can process orders with whichever sole, leather, etc. you want. we can also combine suedes with less textured leathers like cxl which the widget cannot current do. I imagine emailing rancourt direct could get this done as well
s2s - 17.5, p2p 20.5 on the small. pretty typical stuff. it's a great substitute to something like a levis trucker jacket or a bomber
chuck norris huh? ill have to let him know. He's got a small on in both coats. I dont know his measurements but id say the driver is a pretty true to size fit. I can get p2ps on any coat there if that would help
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