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pretty true to size, more narrow than this season's fatigue, but a really nice fit. I take a medium as a fairly average size ~32. this is experience from the broken chambray, though I assume its similar for the broadcloth option as well.
we actually picked a few pairs of those up. just got in, though I think theres a second wave expected a little later. metallics and eraser red were pretty excellent.
The balance of our current EG summer stock: Pants: BDU in Olive High Count Broadcloth & Broken Chambray 5 Pocket in Navy Twill & Olive Cotton Ripstop Fatigue Pant in Olive Cotton Ripstop & Navy Twill Jackets: Shop Coat in Navy or Olive High Count Twill Chester Jacket in Khaki Cavalry Twill
I'm wearing a 3 year old pair of soloist basketball profis that have held up pretty nicely, even if they're getting a touch ragged.
Paraboot would be a killer match with most EG stuff. I think it comes to traditionally made shoes or vintage style trainers for the best combo; no flyknit kind of gear. Some obvious bias here, but I wear Rancourt with pretty much all of my clothes, and EG fits very nicely with Maine handsewns (Yuketen mentioned above is a great compliment aswell)
EG SS16 Shirts & Sportcoats Up Work Shirt 19th Century Bedford Pants & Outerwear are to be shot and added, but to summarize, we have the following; Shop Coat - Olive High Count Twill Shop Coat - Navy High Count Twill Chester Coat - Khaki Cavalry Twill Fatigue Pant - Olive Cotton Ripstop Fatigue Pant - Navy Cotton Twill 5 Pocket Pant - Olive Cotton Ripstop 5 Pocket Pant - Navy Cotton Twill BDU Pant - Broken Chambray BDU Pant - Olive High Count...
We just put our first spring delivery online; lots of core, lots of midweight terry, but I wanted to highlight these Sea to Sky pieces. Sea to Sky is RC's "technical" line, which they put together with specially milled textiles from polartec. we grabbed the jacket & the hoody in stretch nylon, which sheds water and blends nicely into a modern wardrobe, even when the weather holds up. the dryfit side panels are a nice touch, comfort-wise. Stretch Nylon Pullover...
Reigning Champ Delivery 1 SS16 Hi All, We've received a restock in the core midweight program reigning champ fans have learned to love, as well as some interesting deviations from the classic (that dont stray too far). check out the new Slim Sweatpant, double mesh pullover, and some new additions to Reigning Champ's Sea to Sky line of performance based pieces. As always, I can get into detail - just PM me with any inquiries
I didn't spend too much time with the blake shoes (you and I share an affinity for the handsewn side of things from these guys), but there is for sure more sleekness in the last or the shoe itself, compared to how the blake chukka / blake boot started.a few things in the works for us down the road too. cant confirm anything yet but more than likely we'll be doing a kudu re-up for those of you who missed the first wave, and if we're lucky some sneakers might be in the mix...
Just visited the factory last week - can confirm the blake construction shoes have come a long way since the first round, though I haven't tried on a more recent pair.
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