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I find the cotton/poly (tiger fleece/terry) and the heavyweight have much less natural stretch in the fabric than the midweight. generally our rule of thumb is that those fit "slim" and that the midweight is more true to size due to it's stretchier nature. as Distorbiant said they all feature some nice design tweaks that really help them stay comfortable even when fitted. The side seams are great, and the split raglan sleeve really helps in the shoulders. stretch nylon is...
nice, will do & back atcha! I've actually never hung out for a bottle release, should I try and get there before their stated time to get ahead of the line at all?
Time to wait in line. Wish me luck!
posted a photo of one of these a couple days back but wanted to present our third (final?) delivery for summer Shawl Collar Jacket in Olive Shawl Collar Jacket in Navy India Batik Block Print Banded Collar Long Shirt, Navy The long shirt is outrageous, very fun. I dont think I could wear it without some outerwear on top but it looks incredible with the coverall jacket or any sportcoat type midweight outer layer. its incredibly comfortable.
Nice to see that there's a thread for this stuff.we're heavily stocked in core colors / products, and we pick up a big chunk of seasonal from this branch of CYC (along with a smattering of W+H). Reigning Champ is one of our favorites in the store because its so simple.I'd start with midweight terry - it's their basic fabric, 100% cotton and pretty much fit for any weather. shorts or pants are personal preference, and seasonally dependent (though for inside my apartment I'd...
Battenwear SS15 Is Online These guys have been around for a few seasons now (this is our second round with them) but for those who aren't familliar, Battenwear comes from design sensibility from the vintage hike/surf world everyone's pretty familliar with at this point. normally we'd be wary of hyper referential clothes but Battenwear's level of quality and attention to detail in design is really top notch. The sensibilities are right in line with engineered garments -...
Barbour Mens & Womens is Online Classics are also in stock, per usual. email us if you need a bedale, beadnell, etc. Best, D.O.
Hi Guys, we've just added a large selection of our barbour spring deliveries onto the web, including pieces from the Deus Ex Machina collection and the Land Rover collection. peep the click through. We also just recieved a restock of Ashbys, and we tend to always carry a fairly large collection of the classics (though I dont know how Nordstrom can sling them for 300 bucks). My favorite from the bunch is the Hurtsville Jacket (also the best name for a coat in Barbour...
Ommegang is really impressive stuff. if you havent tried Three Philosophers yet, you should. might be their flagship beer for this kind of thing, but its not overrated. on par with what Allagash offers for big belgians.I'm sampling a bunch of wrestlemania themed beers tonight - not sure if you guys want the intel on those. all I know as of now is that someone cooked up a slim jim rauchbeer
Hi Guys, We've just recently restocked all of our core product from Reigning Champ (and added sweatpants and sweat shorts) - if we were out of your size in midweight terry anything, we should have it now. check it out online here
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