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sorry man, we've only got M-XL for the shawl at the moment. S-XL for most pieces, though we've sold through some key sizes already on certain pieces. It still blows my mind how quick fall merchandise goes in august.
Bedford underneath. the sweater is big and chunky, probably wouldn't layer under much of anything but i see it as an interesting outerwear piece
yessir! limited sizing per usual so if you're feeling it get ahold of me ASAP. they actually layer over eachother very nicely.
Our fall Gitman Vintage stock is on the web - we kept it pretty simple this time around but peep the "Not Tweed" print if you want something just a little bit out there.
Cross Post from the Official Engineered Garments Fall 2014 Thread Still a few pieces to come from these guys, but this is the bulk of it!
Images from our first delivery. Please see previous post for details or just ask. For what it may be worth to you guys, the moleskin bedfords seem to fit tighter than the homespun just by nature of a more rigid fabric. this is probably a good jacket for those of you who've picked up the tame melton wool iterations and want a cotton alternative. (the olive's elbow patches make it a standout of the two that we have) also the buttons this year
glad to be of help. you've also dreamed up one of my future purchases with those shearlings. I almost regret not doing it on my own boots!
Hey! we've got quite a bit of our summer merchandise on sale and new product rolling in for fall. come through!
Just wrapped this up on a nice summer day - not sure this is the right author for a beach read but the "theoretical" dialogues between the main character and his colleagues on murder towards the end are so absurd and scary they're almost funny. Might pick up Libra for the winter.
this is a bit late, but we're getting this fabric in the bedford jacket in our second delivery - my memory on the fabric isnt 100% from january when we saw it in the showroom but as I recall it is very substantial, very soft, and closer to a med-dark gray, gentry seems to have nailed it in the photo.I'll pm you once we get the jacket to let you know RE; lining - my guess is that it's lined in the sleeves but not the body (most of my bedfords are like this)
New Posts  All Forums: