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double post!
That taylor stitch sole is actually the reltex cup sole, similar to the type of sole on a pair of italian sneakers. it's side stitched onto the shoe which is unique to the style. all other reltex soles are epoxied to a midsole with an intense heating process to keep them from peeling. Reltex makes a half dozen or so different sole styles. the cup sole is what you have above. here are the 3 that we use most often:MalaiseAspenRangerEach is slightly different, and better...
Haven't seen any pics of well worn ones but if you need a snap of a pair in natural light i can probably make that happen!
the primary differences are the dark olive leather, an aspen sole (which you can see here) rather than the malaise, and a "casco" leather lining - the lining is put in to help maintain structure - we find bison tends to be a pretty unstructured leather on its own which can be nice, but we want this shoe to maintain some shape with some wear so we're bulking it up a bit.shape & style though are pretty dead on! hope this clarifies.
Alright Guys, Opening up preorders for our Ranger Mocc. details as follows: 4 Eyelet Ranger Mocc Dk. Olive Tasman Bison Tan Casco lining Antique Brass Eyelet Chestnut Laces Tan handsewing Tonal Topstitch. Dk Brown midsole Reltex Aspen Sole We're expecting Arrival of this style in early November. I double checked and was told that "11/6 is realistic". As always keep in mind that sometimes these windows widen or narrow and we might receive shoes early, and we might see...
damn, that list! I still havent had the chance to try farm to face. checked allagash just in case last time I was over there.
Heads up to New England friends: Portland's local beer heaven Novare Res is one of a handful of locations worldwide getting Cantillion's Zwaynze Wild Stout. Saturday, September 19th. I might see if I can find a glass of it before it runs out (unless theyre selling by the bottle) Luckily I'm off Saturday. looks like beer for lunch.
Before I forget.... Button Shawls We've actually sold out of a handful of styles from this drop, but we still have quite a few solids (and one neat outlier). $165 is the asking price on any of these, and we've only got 1 or 2 of each style so if you want to pick one up let me know ASAP. Detail shot of the Black x Blue Stripe This is probably my favorite. wouldn't be surprised if it was gone first (even less surprised if it came into my posession) Discussion...
Kudu is amazing. we'll be restocking our unlined low kudus next summer - they're out of the leather until sometime in October, so we're changing gears for fall to keep things fresh but you should definitely consider a boot in it if you're curious. I hope they offer more colors in the future.In other news, I have to gather all of the specs, but I'm going to be taking preorders on our Bison ranger for a little while. our size run will be pretty tight and we won't be able to...
I've found these to be pretty true to size, so long as you buy TTS for handsewns, +.5 for blakes.sizing of course varies for every person depending on the last vs the customer's foot but I find they don't vary wildly.
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