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this was batch 1; rising tide makes a gose (that i think is going to be more widely available in New England, if not just Maine) and decided to experiment with it some. You get flavors of Tequila and Salt up front (margarita with not too much citrus), and then the oak flavor, followed by a sweet finish. It's really great.A couple breweries nearby have been aging with tequila barrels - I think people see whiskey barrel aged beers too often now and some breweries are trying...
Finally found a gose I like. Shame it's limited release.
Currently messing my life up with Knausgaard - My Struggle Book 1 A.) because its part of a 4 book series (and I've got two other series' I've yet to wrap up) B.) ultimate norwegian bummer jams storytelling. great so far though, I'm looking forward to reading more.
if you've got time to kill its probably worth going to visit, especially if you've never been. great selection, more than just EG, lots of fall rolling in and everyone who works there is outrageously nice. when we were there for market in late july they still had a decent selection of sale gear (though a month later who can say whats left)Plus theres a pretty good ramen spot for lunch right around the corner. on 8th
Fall 2015 First Delivery: Engineered Garments Available in store & on our website. lots of really exciting stuff arriving in the shop that will make its way online soon, including some curveballs, based on what you might expect from PDG. we'll try to keep everyone guessing! D.O.
images for our first delivery are now in the EG section of Seawallshop things are mixed in with the remainder of our summer products (which are now on sale). People are really digging the 6 oz denim workshirts - they're a nice half-departure from the chambray options you see every season (which will definitely come back for summer).
Hi Guys! We're rolling out some markdowns on www.Seawallshop.com today - 30% off of some of our seasonal merchandise. Wanted to make sure y'all we're aware. happy hunting, feel free to email or pm me with any questions! D.O.
Hi Guys, just wanted to let our subscribers know that we've begun some summer markdowns in store and on the web. check www.seawallshop.com for ~30% off of select items from Barbour, EG, Gitman, and more (Even some of our private label shirts) will be rolling out some fall merchandise shortly D.O.
we're picking up the sport coat AFAIK - not sure what the exact name of it is.
definately in the kudu, fairly certain we're getting one of our olive loafer as well.
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