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Seawall Stitch Down Jersey SS15: Ocean & Olive
I've got the ranger on a pair of boots - it's definitely much more stable than the aspen when it comes to wet brick walkways. not sure how it differs from the malaise but the ranger is definately much better than plantation crepe or the reltex aspen. honestly, the ranger has been a great experience for a traction heavy sole in ice and snow.
they all sort of stem from common projects' success, which is made with inspiration from old Adidas sneakers (stan smith, rod laver, etc.)portugal is a great place for sneaker manufacturing, but judging from the MMM collabo sneakers my guess is H&M skimps some on leather to keep their prices more approachable.if you're trying to save, your best bet is to buy a pair of adidas because the experience is there. I'm excited about the rancor's because they're dedicated to a...
The Jersey is the secret sauce of the whole project. makes a lot more sense nowadays since we're not too worried about getting suit-and-tie'd up on the day to day. Cant wait to show you the new batch
no plans just this minute for a blue oxford. Our oxford shirt program is interesting in that the two colors are the same fabric - the white is "as is", while the black has been overdyed in the same way that the jersey has. through that process we might be able to do a blue woven down the road. at any rate, the blue chambray is very close in appearance to a lightweight oxford.Collars measure as followed:S: 15"M: 16" .They're very slightly relaxed, built to be a touch easier...
The PDG Shirts are always a highlight of our season, nice and simple. maybe it's one of theseIn other shirt news, we've just started a product thread for our semi in-house label SEAWALL. We're rolling out some summer additions to the product list shortly, have a look at what we've already made
It's become a high priority at Portland Dry Goods to try to encompass all of the great products that can be (and are) made right in state. We've had great success with Rancourt for classic handsewns, and we have jewelers, bag makers, and even blankets made within an hour away. We're proud to present StyleForum with a relatively unknown shirtmaker who is close to us in business and proximity. SEAWALL Launched in July 2012 with the goal to create a small batch product in...
I'm this threads worst nightmare; I always wear socks with my shoes, and not loafer socks either. the camp moccs I picked up are amazing but it's been tricky finding situations to wear them with shorts because i don't have appropriate socks. even today its a pair of beams 5 yarn mix socks with a pair of NBs, just gotta hope people I work with think I'm a well calculated dork instead of just a dork
Good call on cavalier. definately a CXL variant, but also definately dyed throughout. I don't recall the exact difference, but I think cavalier is "less lively" than normal CXL. might make it better for a sneaker
just checked our olive loafers - the rough side is definitely untouched by olive pigment. might vary from color to color, but for these its natural on the underside.and yeah, the way I see it all things here are hypothetical until they show up in a brown box. don't want to over promise
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