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If any of you New Englanders want to try something new (and essentially blow up my spot), it looks like Liquid Riot is releasing 2 russian imperial stouts: one aged in port wine barrels and one in bourbon It's right across from our shop on commercial street too; I won't be working, but you can probably find me in line for a couple of these.
Welcome to the motherland! You should check out the Oxbow tasting room in portland if you dug the crossfade - about half a dozen or so of their beers on tap in multiple sizes, and more recently they've added guest taps. when I was there it was a fig farmhouse from Baird (jp) and a Swedish beer that neither I nor the bartender could pronounce. Both were solid.
Engineered Garments: Delivery 3 I think this is the last of our EG Pickup; you can see everything in the official EG Thread or on our website under their brand category. if you've got all of the EG classics in the closet already, you ought to check out the Black Denim bedford - very interesting piece, super overdyed and crinkly out of the box. 7.5oz denim makes for a summer ready alternative to your favorite levis Type III. Snow Peak: Delivery 1 EG Fans should also...
Good Morning! Thought I'd take a minute on this snowy monday to post up the remainder of our summer selection (at least I think it's the remainder...) these styles will be up on the website tomorrow, but I wanted to hit you guys with the early access. Bedford Jacket Grey Homespun, 7.5oz Black Denim, Navy Cotton Twill, Olive Cotton Ripstop Work Shirt Olive Poplin, Navy/Blue/White Big Plaid Popover BD Shirt Navy/Red/White Big Plaid, Navy/Blue/White Big Plaid Chauncey...
double posted, my bust!
quick heads up / cross post from our affiliate thread; we'll be releasing a limited run of the Adidas x KOLOR Pureboost ZG tomorrow morning, on the web and in store at 10am. if you're looking to grab a pair of these try to do it early!
Private Label Shirting - SS16 Good Morning! I'm happy to say we've received our buy of Portland Dry Goods shirting for spring, almost entirely composed of breathable fabrics. expect a heavy rotation of Linen, Seersucker, and lightweight Madras - particularly the red or mustard plaids, which are some of the most unique color palates i've seen in a madras at this shop Short Sleeve is also an option, for the first time in a while - You can see most of our selection...
Though we're nearing a place where our brand list is fairly set in stone, we've picked up a small handful of new things in the mens department. Handvaerk is a particularly exciting inclusion, though photos dont quite do it justice. nevertheless, we've got them online to look at. if you live nearby, you should really come in and feel these in person. softest all cotton tees I've ever felt. the hand blows my visvim tee shirt way out of the water. its an expensive tee, but...
I've been meaning to get to the expanded Bissel spot on Thompson's Point. A friend of mine from up north has been harassing me to grab him a 4 pack.instead, I bought a 4 pack of fresh-as-fresh-can-get Rising Tide Printemps, their spring saison. and then i drank it all.
ah whoops! don't have that one in shop.I mean, you could certainly fit your arms in the pant legs of the our BDU but I cant imagine it will have the same silhouette you're shooting for.
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