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Everyone who has one here at the shop machine washes and dries - I do the "warm" setting on the local laundromat for 30+ minutes and have yet to see any shrink in either of my midweight sweatshirts. they hold shape very well.tees definitely seem to fit snug in the shoulder / body, though I havent seen much of shrink from those either.(fwiw, we have some summer seasonal RC on sale, and just recently received a bunch of core product as a restock. check it out here)
Here's our Rancourt rundown for the summer!In other news, seasonal sale will begin very soon. like... very very soon. naturally these will not be marked down, but many of our spring / summer styles will be 40% off so keep an eye out.Best,D.O.
I can see where the sage might come into play; the kudu has always been a grey with hints of brown to me. At any rate, we've got our restock online on both kudu styles. In addition, we have a new style for those of you who are fans of our Dark Olive Chromexcel styles. We finally put together a core rotation boat shoe in Dark Olive CXL with cinnamon rawhide and a red sole to give it a bit more personality than your average pair of Topsiders. The use of CXL & lack of a...
something nice and simple for the core roster - fall will be a bit more bonkers if i have my way!
funny you should mention those.. our restock just landed.Beefroll & Camp Mocc, plus some extra stock in the dark olive beefroll and a new style. Hoping to have everything up on the web midweek.Had to do a before and after with my pair. was curious what a Maine winter did to these things - turns out antelope would survive just fine up here!
More footwear updates for you guys: Our first half of our Rancourt delivery is in. Some womens, a new boat shoe style (more details to come), and restocked beefrolls in Olive. we're still waiting on our Kudu to those of you who have been checking in, I'm as excited as you are to get them! In the meantime, we have a very special product we put together with Waltzing Matilda USA. Limited size run, made by hand and signed by the maker - deck shoes sewn from salvaged swedish...
Summer Sneakers Some things to take a look at on our web shop: Seavees Premium Californian canvas styles - the Hermosa Plimsol we just received uses a linen canvas rather than 100% cotton, which naturally makes it more breathable and gives it a subtle texture. We find Seavees' lasts to be a bit sleeker than competitors (vans comes to mind), and we've had a good experience with the brand over the years that we've stocked their products. sub $100 means the price to...
Just a heads up - some stealth markdowns on our Adidas, including raf / y3 / kolor styles.
honestly FCF should be available at the shop every friday. dreaming big today.
Wanted to pass this along for anyone nearby this weekend! Come learn how to re-wax your favorite Filson gear with our rep.
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