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We carry the Shawl Collar Jacket in Both colors - I'll say the olive green is a touch greener in person - similar to the color of the ripstop fatigues / bedford this year. I'm a sucker for olive outerwear just because it's so easy to match to jeans. good alternative to the wave of Barbour we have at the shop. I feel like you could wear an olive jacket, a gray crewneck, and blue jeans to pretty much any occasion. I'll round up some measurements for the small...
Cross-Post Update from the Rancourt Thread
sorry to say our EG stock comes and goes early - chances are we won't be able to restock anything from the line.I believe we have one or two left, as well as a couple of the ripstop in olive. also check out the flat twill coverall - its our best pickup of the year IMO but we still have most sizes.
there might be a restock of that boot, during the fall, if not a new variety. we're exploring fall options but at the same time summer has been a long time coming so we're really focusing on the sand and salt on the beach, not the kind on our sidewalks
FedEx Dropped off some magic for us yesterday - I've been waiting for these since the minute I sent the order; Rancourt for PDG SS2015 - Flint Kudu We really liked Rancourt's kudu offering for summer - it's fun to see accesible exotics thrown into the mix with traditional style shoes. We knew we wanted to make something from the Kudu for summer - Rancourt covered the bases pretty well on their own, but we noticed that many of their makeups were lined shoes. An unlined...
New glass, broken in with a Smuttynose Baltic Porter from my hometown. Deep dark and smooth. Nothing particularly different porter wise, just a really good execution of a style
glad to finally see these in your posession ! they look great.Our Kudu makeup is just around the corner - got word that I could be seeing them next week - cross your fingers for me everybody.
that makes sense! thanks for stopping by.
sorry I missed you at Allagash! I even broke out the EG Hawaiian as a beacon but turnover looked pretty quick. I had to resist picking up a bottle of the Nettles because the description was vague and im unfamilliar with the beer but I grabbed a few resurgams. hope you made it to Novare Res and wherever else! excited to see your pickups.as cheesy as it may be, I really appreciate when these licensed collabs actually work out to a good product. Embarrassingly, I was turned...
Baldwin & Wings + Horns Online Our first Wings + Horns delivery comes with some core - we restocked on the cotton cashmere bias tees that entered the core program in fall - as well as the 1x1 rib long sleeve henleys - and added some short sleeve base henleys for the cooler weather. The Mac Coat is a new spring piece that's pretty irresistable to the staff. Wings + Horns hired a designer with history at arc teryx, so articulation has played a part in some of their most...
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