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for those of you eager to pick up ripstop, we stocked the khaki bedford this season. Still have S - XL. gotta love the 100% cotton. so many customers expect a rain jacket handfeel and are pleasantly suprised.
I heard about Helm when they launched a collaboration with Raleigh Denim a few years agonot personally a fan of the elongated toebox, and their other style is essentially a custom blake boot (gotta love the bison). I remember visiting the factory a few years ago, seeing a helm lookbook on a cork board and making the connection.in any event, the guys & gals in charge of Helm have visited our shop and they're very nice.
we've been seeing lead times of about a month - those guys are keeping busy!
Our Norton & Sons gear is on the web. The linen / cotton sweaters in particular are wild - they feel heavy but you put them on and they're light as a feather.
Hope you guys still like Dark Olive CXL by mid summer - we're bringing 2 new in house styles as well as a restock on our reltex loafer.
We're On The Web Hi All, I wanted to hop in and say thanks for supporting us over the years - for those of you who have made it by, shot the shit, and sung us praises on here and elsewhere, it's heavily appreciated. we've had an online presence on and off and I'm proud to present our new and improved website in conjunction with our friends at SEAWALL - who I will be introducing seperately in the near future. It's exciting to know that those of you who aren't up here in...
I've got some people cooking up similar shoes with us at PDG - parisian blue and red brick certainly mix well.
Thanks guy!we'll be having some good news next week for those of you who aren't able to make it into town
Never say never! Belts are a tricky product from Rancourt. we just received a restock of our olive and natural, along with a handsome peanut suede. Parisian blue could resurface but I wouldn't expect it for a while.
Good writeup. We're excited to bring in these new styles for the future, namely the brogue boot. New Lactae Havea soles might be the most important part of their new offerings - the malaise is great for semi dress but for a boot I'm happy to see some traction heavy offerings.
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