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strangely enough I've never actually seen a physical can of this stuff in town. I assume (local beer shop) Bier Cellar gets it on release day and sells out before closing that day. luckily it's readily available on tap.I did manage to pick up a Foundation Epiphany DIPA in can thanks to a friend - there's definately something to the "DIPA out of a tallboy" experience. I'll have to try to pull some strings to get some Lawson's Finest Liquids sent my way.
impressions on the fatigues seem to be acrossed the board - some people say they're slim, I found my 32s in the flat twill were fairly TTS. perhaps a bit snug at first, they stretched / loosened up a bit after a wear. I imagine a hot wash would bring them back down but if you wash them cold they should stay where they're at. it's possible the ripstop is built a bit fuller on the basis of fabric. flat twill might have accounted for stretch, maybe they didn't expect the...
sorry, double post.
I mean it's sort of worth it, right? thrill of the hunt and all that?here's something that I waited in line a total of 0 minutes to buy. nicest, lightest spring saison I think I've ever had.
Cross-post from our affiliate thread; Engineered Garments Delivery 2 is now on our web shop mostly basics in this batch; really good execution. the polos are a sleeper favorite. Simple but nicely made. we should have one more delivery coming our way with a small handful of other pieces.
Engineered Garments Delivery 2 Is Online
this is so good.
good choices!if you don't want to make it all the way up to Oxbow's HQ, they have a small tasting room in the east end in Portland.Bissel kills it; if you can find their cans anywhere buy them up - they tend to have the heady topper effect around here, though you can find Substance at plenty of bars year round.
How could I forget about the beer thread... I hung out with Foundation Brewing Company for their 1 year anniversary party which ended up at a local bar I really like. tryed the Epiphany DIPA and their new Imperial Stout, "Forge". both were incredible (and hefty; 10oz pours did a number on lots of party goers). Not sure if these guys find their way outside of Maine very often but if you guy's ever visit the state, Foundation does one of the best browns I've ever had
we dont normally run E widths in our production runs but if you're interested I could probably sneak one since its in the early stage.my hope is to see these at the very beginning of May. we'll have more information as time goes on of course.
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