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They retired one of the bison leathers as I recall, though I don't remember which one. If they've got it we can do it for sure
it'll be 25% off of the marked price on the web. I'd be happy to get you an exact quote via PM or email!you can get the discount in store as well, they're marked in a particular section here.
Just a PSA: we're low on sizes for most of our EG FW14 buy but we've marked down what we have left by 25% through the season. here's our buy for the season we're sold out of many pieces, including the Homespun Bedford, Lafayette Shirt, and the Classic Shirt. any sizing inquiries can be PMed or emailed to us. Happy Holidays -D.O.
to expand on End's policy - USA accounts nationwide are unable to ship to the UK, and vice versa. has to do with distribution or something - something we found out applies to all product acrossed the board from them.
I try best I can to match their pricing, so I'd be willing to give 10% on any orders placed this weekend from you guys (I dont think I can do this for cordovan, sorry to say)
we can also facilitate any of the "secret menu" stuff in a MTO Shoe. a mocc chukka with taupe odessa and a leather lining shouldnt be a problem.
we picked up a bunch of the collection and have it in store. feel free to ask me any questions on the sneakers or the jackets. Adidas collaborations always seem on point and these are no different.
Jackets came up sooner than expected! hit me up with any questions on these - this is some of the best outerwear we've seen from these guys since To-Ki-To
all jokes aside, we're stoked that these feature absolutely zero waxed cotton. it's like adidas let barbour do what they do best on jackets, and barbour let them do what they do on sneakers. everything is top notch.maybe we'll get some horse riding hi-tops for spring
Barbour x Adidas is Live on SEAWALL Missed this whole conversation on eats! Cathpah has everything locked, but since october we've got 3-5 new spots that have opened up. it never stops here guys, never!
New Posts  All Forums: