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Lolipop could be excellent (I have a feeling my boss won't let me call them Air PDGeezy Red Octobers)I think Navy is covered by the first wave from rancourt directly, though I really like the idea of doing some suedes. the Orion tannage is nice and sturdy on its own, I think I could do those OR mojaves unlined.I'm not sure how CXL will look on a pair of sneakers but if people are feeling it I think that natural CXL could be a really simple answer to the light brown world....
hypothetical question - what kind of leathers would you guys want to see the court classic in moving forward?
Thanks for stopping by!not sure which shirt you may have seen - this comes to mindBarbour x White Mountaineering Peak ShirtMike moves things around pretty often - at any rate I'm glad you found some cool gear! we've just recieved some great goods to kick summer off and I think you had the first crack at themBest,D.O.
Thought i'd give you guys a fair heads up - we've got a super limited size run of these coming in for a saturday morning release. part of the Collective line they're bringing in this fall (KVA and so on). these "J&D" models are designed with the help of some of the creative directors of adidas performance division. they look nearly identical to the baseline ultra boost models, but they have a full leather insole as well as unique uppers; The black model is made in a...
these are unlined for sure - rancourt doesn't offer any linings that look like the interior of that shoe. orion is the most structured suede they offer AFAIK, but it should still be nice and comfy for summer. those are great!Unrelated; a few of you expressed interest in some sold out sizes for the kudu shoes we've been running. I should be able to get a re-order together so if you'd like to lock in a size please let me know! I finally committed to my size in the camp...
Mini haul from A brewery exclusive release from Allagash Sal is a sour red aged on 2lbs of blueberries / gallon. 2 barrels made total Invisible Orange is a Belgian porter, wild fermented and blended with blood orange juice. Had the Sal last night, very strange. Excited for the Orange
yup! the brown shows through which is why these are so much easier to match to a pant (compared to a full blown gray suede)
PDG Post-Memorial Day Lookbook We were lucky to have an opportunity to take some shots with our friend Ryan, who runs a cool local shop called MORE & CO with a super creative team of people. I styled a few looks with some of our more interesting products - here's a few of those shots & a rundown of what items we styled. The whole idea was taking these more outlandish clothes and styling them for everyday wear - getting a beer or heading to a cookout. Hope you dig...
Bison is a deceptively soft leather! depending on what you're looking to do you could match it with orion (super thick) or repello (super thin) suede without much issue.
good to see you Patrick! Thanks for the kind words.
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