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about to throw all of our swatches in the trash because I don't think we can ever top this shoe. glad they came out as nicely as they did.
Took a quick snap of our plaids to remind myself and our instagram followers that tomorrow's blizzard wont be the end of the world. gotta love these early spring deliveries in New England; so out of place, but so refreshing after months and months of gray
Aurora is out of upstate NY, the shoes run wide but essentially act as soft leather birks. My coworker tried a pair on when we visited EG for next fall, he fell in love quick. Perfect sub for birk Boston's if you're trying for the whole Nepenthes lookbook feel
We've got the red/blue/white in an XL from fall that's on sale - the only chambrays we have are the brand new spring ones (which granted, are similar season to season, though I think this one has a bit less crunch)
I figure we all know how the workshirt looks so here's a closer look at the texture. I imagine after looking at this you might be sold more towards this than the chambray.I'll be helping my girlfriend turn our living room into a succulent jungle tomorrow (day off), but the guys will be here to show you whats up.
Our first delivery for EG SS15 Arrived yesterday. Photos will be coming later down the road, but per usual I can snap quick shots of anything you lot are curious about Work Shirt: Blue Dungaree - $185 Blue Chambray - $185 Gray Brushed Herringbone - $205 Khaki Brushed Herringbone - $205 Red/Orange/White Plaid Cotton/Linen - $255 Blue/Yellow/White Plaid Cotton/Linen - $255 19th Century Button Down: Yellow/Green/Red Madras - $225 Navy Madras - $225 Banded Collar Shirt...
Reltex every time for a loafer IMO.the heel profile is usually more suitable for a loafer than a wedge.
Not actually sure about the fees talking to them direct. I've always done my best to match our prices to those of the online widget, so my figures are more expensive relative to that. calculations show that our shoes are costing around $75 more at retail than they were in 2014,at the end of the day, ~400 is still pretty rad for customizable shoes.
Wanted to touch base with you guys regarding our projects with Rancourt for the time being. We've started talking about some fun spring styles and a reorder of our PDG Classics. The bad news is our MTO pricing just got a bit steeper here due to the back end costs of popping one pair of shoes on the assembly line at a time. It puts us in an awkward position where our MTO prices are going to be higher than the Rancourt widget; sadly it's unavoidable but rather than shelf...
The basic blue, olive, or khaki cotton ripstop is hard to explain in photos - we've done our first EG Pant buy ever this year on the basis that the blue fatigue pants are the richest best looking blue I've seen in a textile. I think those bedfords are going to be a sleeper hit like the moleskin was this fall. we put a good chunk of our buy on the basic colorways from EG this year (aside from me forcing the issue on a few weird pieces ). Once our 1st delivery arrives I'll...
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