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true to size generally works with Rancourt in our experience - the kudu doesn't stretch so its not advised to size down to counteract that in this particular slip on. You might have to sneak up here and check em out before tourist season really kicks off! For whatever it's worth, I take a 10 in most of my sneakers, a 9.5 in red wings (chukka, and iron ranger), and a 9.5 in the camp or loafer. Hope this helps.
small for sure - I vary between a small and a medium at about a 38" chest - oftentimes the small is too small for me, but for ~36 it should be dead on. styling-wise, I almost treat my bedford like a trucker jacket rather than a sport coat, but it's pretty versatile
for what its worth, we've done the same in the past for MTO with high levels of success - only ever received one pair back for sizing issues over ~3 years. can't say it will work 100% of the time, but brannock is generally not a bad starting point for Rancourt handsewns (blakes require some sizing up)
Wanted to cross post this from our affiliate thread; Gitman Vintage madras are up on the web, check em out here.
Gitman Brothers SS15 Now Online Hi Guys, our Gitman Vintage madras are up on the web, check em out here.
Damn! thats one hell of a well kept secret!Looks like I have to investigate this. been looking for a way to do some deerskin lined sneakers for like 3 years here.
suprisingly the [grapefruit] sculpin isn't all the cheap in the USA: my 6 pack was 15 dollars. saw it for the same price at multiple locations. I liked it well enough as a summer beer, but at that price it's not sustainable to be crushing these at BBQs (also 7% ABV will sneak up quick). I found the grapefruit peel mellowed out in the glass vs out of the can I got it in. now that we're getting to that time of year, what do you guys like for summer six packs? I feel like...
perhaps;if we blow out of these I might be able to facilitate a restock - it all depends on timing, since we have to wait a while after ordering to actually receive these. I can say with some certainty that we hope to be doing more limited release products like this so if you miss the kudu there might be something new around the corner. we can also facilitate MTO pairs, but the costs go up in that event. if there seems to be room for a restock I'll be sure to touch base...
I really do hope the kudu leather is a successful experiment for them, would be rad to have multiple kudu options in house.
11/10 A++
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