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bit darker gray than expected, but these ought to beat up nicely. time to break em in before NYC
We've been primarily brick and mortar for the greater amount of our life at PDG. even now with an online shop 95% of our business is done in house or over the phone. I can elaborate on what I think it takes to run a successful physical shop but I can also boil it down to a few key questions; "where are you?" "who are youre neighbors and what are they doing?" "what unique service do you provide to this neighborhood?" NYC is a daunting market mainly because of these...
Sad to say I'll be at the shop tomorrow. enjoy yourselves guys! Gary perhaps I'll see you in NYC later this month. kudos for hosting this.
belts aren't made in house - Rancourt has kept their sources to themselves which I think is fine because it will speed up the rate they are able to make this (which is already slow - my understanding is its one guy handmaking these all himself. Between rancourt's on shelf belts and custom orders I imagine hes a very busy man).in any case, their belts are some of the most handsome we've ever stocked - especially for the price, and are thoroughly worth the wait.
these laces are cinnamon, though I'll say they are a seemingly new version of what I expected for cinnamon - my old lace sample was red with sort of a gray core, these are red-orange throughout.feel free to pm me about any little detailing - I've found I learn more and more about what rancourt can do with every customer we help out. as I see it the stranger requests get the better our PDG makesups are going to get.edit: welcome aboard @fairlynerdy
we have a handful of dark olive belts if you dont want to wait the lead time.not to mention 3 dark olive styles with a tenative release date of mid july, and one MTO pair that I cooked up ideally about the same time.
we're here for ya! just try not to let me sweet talk you into a pistachio suede mud guard or something..
Rancourt offers a 3-eyelet style that you dont see too often since the 2-eye is such a classic. I have to say, I much prefer the 3 - the blucher on the 2 isn't substantial enough for me.(PS: these came out awesome. )
I don't know why it's taken me this long to dip into H. G. Wells. I had a half cocked idea to work my way through his whole biography but it's looking like a friendlier investment to start with some classics. I've picked up this and The Time Machine, eyeing "Men Like Gods". any reccomendations?
for those of you eager to pick up ripstop, we stocked the khaki bedford this season. Still have S - XL. gotta love the 100% cotton. so many customers expect a rain jacket handfeel and are pleasantly suprised.
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