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Just double facing this for those of you who keep tabs on RC seasonal:
Reigning Champ Fall Delivery 1 Anyone with some familiarity with our shop will immediately understand our excitement with Reigning Champ's seasonal color this Fall. pretty strait forward stuff here, though I wanted to mention that the Diamond terry fabric is incredibly soft - I snagged a pair of the shorts and now I find myself looking forward to laundry day just so i can wear them right out of the dryer again. Diamond Terry Midweight Terry Ringspun Jersey There is...
wanted to publicly address this even though we chatted earlier, since I'm sure plenty of people are waiting on new EG:we should be seeing our first delivery as early as this week; I'm pushing to make sure its within August at the very least. I'll be posting our first rundown on here and on the EG thread as soon as we see it in shop!
The kudu is the most comfortable upper leather I've ever handled. I'd say it runs cooler than any lined shoe, and most other leathers. that being said, I've worn mine year round so long as there was no snow and ice on the ground. surely I'm a tad biased but I truly love the camp moccs I grabbed for myself.in other news;
Our first batch of Gitman is up on the site we're getting a ton of shirts this year, so if theres a style you like but dont see I can check in on it for you! small taste of batch 1:
I think with "collection" type brands this is especially true. One year we can go really conservative on styling and get a ton of feedback, buy into that feedback and - as you might guess - people's sensibilities change in the 7 months it takes to go from order to delivery.This can even translate to basics; sell a ton of oxfords one year, double down the next, but then everyone you know already has an oxford! Lucky for us flannel shirts always sell out so we can at least...
their selection seems to have a severe lack of dogs on it(I'm shooting our FW16 rundown today. Will be up on the web soon!)
Bummer! Sorry you missed us. I try to keep things vocal when we go on sale across all channels, but I'm only getting to pushing sale now. better luck in the fall! I think we might start seeing new arrivals from CYC in the next few weeks.
Everyone who has one here at the shop machine washes and dries - I do the "warm" setting on the local laundromat for 30+ minutes and have yet to see any shrink in either of my midweight sweatshirts. they hold shape very well.tees definitely seem to fit snug in the shoulder / body, though I havent seen much of shrink from those either.(fwiw, we have some summer seasonal RC on sale, and just recently received a bunch of core product as a restock. check it out here)
Here's our Rancourt rundown for the summer!In other news, seasonal sale will begin very soon. like... very very soon. naturally these will not be marked down, but many of our spring / summer styles will be 40% off so keep an eye out.Best,D.O.
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