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I don't know if we've ever actually had the camera strap in here, I don't think I've played with one myself (though the camera bag is incredible).looks like there are two cord loops, one on each side that you can make a slip knot with on either side of your camera? might depend on the camera body. I don't know of any particular tutorial but check your local camera shop if you have one they might be able to help you out.
We sell the majority of our button shawls to women so in store we often situate them near FWK. That being said, its absolutely a unisex piece. I have one that i love, and if noone snags this last navy polka dot i might have two in 2017. Makes a killer scarf and can be worn skirted for layering purposes.To clarify, there's only one button shawl design and as far as i can tell it hasn't changed in specs since the original rollout. Hope that helps!
Walking to work this morning was nasty. Snowed last night, rained in the morning. Coincidentally we just put up some Arc'teryx gear (including two pieces from the well regarded Veilance sub division) that I'm wishing i had instead of my 60/40 today. Fleece Layers, Soft Shell Vests, Goretex Down and finally the stealth luxury options, all available in Portland Dry Goods' new arrivals
We try to keep sale merchandise final sale, but I'd be happy to run measurements or fit details down for you, and if we have the inventory exchanges are fine as well.
Hey guys, Sorry this is so impromptu - wanted to make sure we didn't get lost in the millieu. Sale live at midnight, shoot me a PM with any questions or call / email the shop!
Hey guys, Thought we'd chime in on the "Cyber Monday" thing this time around. Code goes live at midnight. Feel free to PM or email me with any inquiries for EG (code applies!) and have at everything else! let me know if you have trouble accessing the deal. Hope your weekends were peaceful and plentiful! -D.O.
Kind of late to the party on this one but a friend of ours has a one man operation using a lot of jewelers bronze, silver, and some unique alloys like shibu-ichi / shakudo (usually upon request). Necklaces can be found right here, and eventually on our website once i reshoot our new stock.Another interesting aspect of this work is the cordage, which is sometimes hand dyed or hand waxed, as well as occasional salvage pieces (there was a run of old lobster trap cordage that...
Private White V. C. "Woolen Shacket" - This thing feels like a chore coat built to fit and feel like a sport coat. Slim tailored fit, and a fine suiting wool type fabric. the only things that really separate this from a blazer are the 4 button closure, the collar substituting for a lapel, and the lack of a chest pocket. An awesome casual jacket with some form to it, functionally it reminds me of the EG bedford jacket. Probably my favorite piece from this...
New up on the site: S.N.S. Herning Fisherman's Sweater Terminal Sweater Neuron Sweater You know these guys already; Danish bubble knit wool specialists, their sweaters a must have for anyone who lives where it drops below freezing. We also picked up a handful of their scarves which are simple in texture but have nice color combos in some sailor stripes for a touch of the New England nautical vibe.
Tons of new product hitting the web this November, we're trying to ramp up while we redesign the site. (by the way. PM me any feedback if you're clicking around and like / don't like something and I can relay it to the team!) Catching up on notifying y'all, so here's what I think is the most interesting new arrival; R.M. Williams Comfort Craftsman Suede Craftsman For those of you who don't know these guys, they make the "baller boot" version of blundstones and have...
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