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Never say never! Belts are a tricky product from Rancourt. we just received a restock of our olive and natural, along with a handsome peanut suede. Parisian blue could resurface but I wouldn't expect it for a while.
Good writeup. We're excited to bring in these new styles for the future, namely the brogue boot. New Lactae Havea soles might be the most important part of their new offerings - the malaise is great for semi dress but for a boot I'm happy to see some traction heavy offerings.
only one left - size 32, likely fits 30-32 pant/waist
yup. olive is substantially greener than dark as I recall!
I can confirm since those were shot for our shop - that is indeed olive. as people mentioned so far, the color varies from green to brown depending on light, flex, even hide to hide basis; our recent run of dark olive belts are far darker than the last (as are our naturals - thats CXL for ya). I would argue however that the olive is surprisingly everyday - we like the hide because it matches black almost as well as it matches brown/navy/gray etc.Parisian blue is amazing....
the reason we've done RLH over plantation crepe in the past is because the RLH is heeled, giving it a more dressy profile than the wedge would. a wedge on a loafer still looks great, but the RLH sole really is something unique - just as comfortable, perhaps more durable, and far dressier. either one would work well, it boils down mostly to personal opinion
Well if I can get 8 of you guys to come to a conclusion on details I'd happily talk to my camp and try to work something out! would be fun to put together something unique for the forums
I was actually considering doing a parisian blue CXL loafer with the reltex honey... blue suede is a nice idea.
We've recieved our first delivery of Barbour. I quickly photographed some of the more interesting pieces; both Commander jackets (in olive & navy) and the Norton & Sons outerwear. we also have some Norton cotton sweaters, one semi-dress shirt, one rugby shirt. second to last coat is our pick of the litter - double breasted with a half hidden placket so it looks more like an asymmetrical mac when it's fully buttoned up
it exists, but not from us unfortunately. we have the khaki / towel and the navy / plaid
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