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Those narrow fits are mens jeans
You might want to check these out. Great fit and great denim at a really good price point. Esp. when they are on sale. http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=56775876&cp=1760781.4218845&ab=ln_men_cs_jeans&parentPage=family I know there's a lot of snobbish attitude towards this label but, these jeans are excellent.
He's a Styleforum god.
And how about Apple. They run under a similar business plan and never discount.RRL produces much more product than all of the above companies combined and distribute world wide. You can't source, manufacture, market and distribute in those numbers and never have issues. To run an organization of that scale takes enormous resources. I think RL & Co. are doing just fine. Might be pricy but it costs much more to do this. The archives, warehouses, materials sourcing and...
To quote somatoform - 'for slightly more, the same, or considerably less there are too many great products that trump a brand like RRL at full retail.' Such as what products?
Well aware of this. Thanks for the pix.
http://jcchhim.com/routemagazine/portfolio/revisiting-americana-diverse-traditional-rugged/This is a fascinating article and a great source of information about the RRL brand. There's so little that comes from RL & Co about this line that I was surprised and happy to get more from him and to read quotes from the horse's mouth about how he developed RRL and his thoughts behind the look. All we hear is just blank hearsay. To get some more specific details about the brand is...
Thought you guys would like this... http://jcchhim.com/routemagazine/portfolio/revisiting-americana-diverse-traditional-rugged/
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