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I need to get over to a store this weekend.   [/quote] You don't have to rush. There'll be many more sales and deeper cuts throughout this season.
Zizzou. Cuff them. I have the same cords and they look great with a 1.75 in cuff. Classic. If they were lighter weight fabric you could do a 1.5 inch cuff. Nice pick up..
Thanks for the reply! What's the shrinkage like with cold wash only? RRL uses Sanforized denim, so no noticeable shrinking. Just wear them and forget about all this other stuff.
They are really special. RRL goes through incredible lengths to source and design the best jeans they can make for each edition. Its worth the effort to try to grab a pair.Btw, I have an unworn pair of Boss jeans in 33 waist that's too small. PM me if interested.
I'm not sure what sizes they made. They are ltd. edition so in total, they probably only made about 250 pairs or less.I bought true to size, 34 waist. At first I couldn't get into them and was going to swap them out for a 35. But there wasn't a 35 in the system anywhere. So I went back, got them buttoned up and they quickly started stretching all around. After an hour they fit great.Out of the box, these jeans are really stiff. They mold to the body as they loosen up. The...
That looseness will go away. RRL nailed the fit on these. They made a model called 'new fit' years ago and these are modeled on that form. The 'new fits' were the best fitting mainline jeans they ever made.
Wear them first 'til they mold more to your body and then you can soak them. They are stiff now and tend to feel loose in spots. You'll see a noticeable difference after awhile. If they're still big in the waist, have them taken in. Its no big deal.
Regarding that PRL deck jacket. The best place to look for one in that size is going to be online. Ebay, Etsy, Fedora Lounge, Grailed, etc. The jacket runs small so if you wear a small, a medium might fit. Hope this helps.
Tagged size and fit size are the same. Length seems to be 35.
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