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Vladimir Putin bought them all as gifts to his best assassins.
You've been robbed! I would sue for every cent they've got. Acme Studios zipper pull indeed...
Those bucklebacks run true to size. Buy your size and you should be fine. Sanforized denim. Copy of a Lee 101B Cowboy Jean.
That's pretty funny. I have a shirt from the late 1990's with patch pockets and two different jackets with lining made from this material. Churn that catalog..
No thanks... I've seen enough. But thanks anyway
any more pictures of your slippers...?
If they fit you, you're going to love them. Just got a pair but they are too slim for me. Anyone who wants a 34W pair BNWT cheap, pm me.Deez, enjoy them!
Those narrow fits are mens jeans
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