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RL recommends dry cleaning these first to set the dye and make them color fast. Then you can wash them. Too bad they were soaked...
Great buys! Glad you got those US Selvedge D&S jeans. I'd like to know what you think of them..
Most went to Japan.
Bought 2 pairs of the Japanese World Selvedge Project jeans. Love these. Slim straight fit. $ 60 per.Although made in China, great denim (yellow selvedge) with all the bells and whistles of the RRL line.
Nice! I agree. That denim is so interesting. Inside or out. The Boss jeans as well. That slack weave was amazing. Right up there with the Ro-bucks. Thanks for the cool picture.
"Absolutely love this from the back, best thing I've seen from RRL in a long time. Really wish the front wasn't leather, maybe it will make sense in person but I don't think I could pull off the leather." You could always wear it inside out. The insides are just as interesting as the outside. Maybe more. Not for everyone. It's just such a cool piece.
The only thing missing are the Indian head coin buttons. (I can't imagine why they didn't add them?, hmm..)
Now this is what RRL does best! This patchwork leather vest exhibits the showmanship, attention to detail and workmanship that this company does better than anyone. No one in their right mind would attempt this and think they could make money going to this level of excess. The McCabe Leather Vest is pretty damn cool (if you like this kind of stuff, and to excess even). At $ 990 a pop, I don't think there'd be too many takers but that doesn't stop them from designing and...
Happy New Year to all!!
I need to get over to a store this weekend.   [/quote] You don't have to rush. There'll be many more sales and deeper cuts throughout this season.
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