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Take it to a shoemaker.
Just got this Dave. Those bags were bought as presents. They were shipped to our place in Bozeman after I paid for them. I was hoping to be out there but couldn't make it. My wife had our housekeeper send them out. I never saw them again. Sorry.
I think the point w. Al is that Norcal can go to him and get exactly what he wants, how he wants it. That's fantastic.With jeans, as this market matures, there's going to be a flow of change. Good or bad. That's the nature of our world today. Its much more accelerated but inevitable. What's great is that we have so many more choices now and sites like SF are an important tool for men world over who are trying to sort it all out for themselves.
Well said Fok. Its very important to keep the flow of discussion going and not to censor members thoughts (as long as they are not offensive). Never know where some information picked up on these boards will lead members. I'm so glad you chimed in on this.
Btw, Al made the first version of the Washington Boot for RRL. He's also made boots for Levis LVC.
Yeah. I remember that store. I was very disappointed when they shut down. I've been collecting the old blue line jeans for some time. They're my favorites. I've got about 10 pairs and love them. I'm actually wearing a pair of buckle backs from that era right now. Fantastic denim used in those older jeans. And very interesting details as well, not at all polished but just funky honest jeans. Never had any fit problems too boot. I'm lucky...Btw, Fok, thanks for handling...
Here's a link to a couple of fascinating articles on the production of Nihon Menpu denim found on Paul Trynka's blog, Loomstate. This is such a detailed look at the very little known process used in making the world's most unusual denim. I think you'll also see the attraction Ralph Lauren & Co. had when they started sourcing Japanese denim for the RRL line. Btw, the most well known jeans made from these materials are Sugar Cane, produced by Toyo Mfg. Check it out......
Yeah. Barney's is have an amazing sale. My wife has been cleaning them out.
New Posts  All Forums: