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Here's another idea.. http://www.ebay.com/itm/RRL-Ralph-Lauren-Double-RL-Green-Standard-Military-Chino-Twill-Pants-34-28-/131107111685?pt=US_CSA_MC_Pants&hash=item1e8697c305
Check out Red Cloud & Co. I believe those RRL Cotton / Hemp buckle backs could have been sourced from Raymon's supplier. Please read thru these threads and see what one guy's passion has lead to. Even though he's making 'made in China' clothing.http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/117824-red-cloud-co-jeans/http://denimhunters.com/brand/brand-profile-red-cloud-co-%E8%B5%A4%E4%BA%91
I think that one is over done. The bleaching is uneven and looks too washed out. They went too far for what could have been an amazing patchwork piece. Materials are awesome though
Before you say that, check out Red Cloud jeans. Small manufacturer of high quality, high end jeans made in China.
36W BNWT Pm me.
They are always going to have the inseam. Nothing you can do except add via a Euro hem but that will ruin them.I have these same jeans and sometimes rub the whiter, worn spots with a little boot oil. That tones down the contrast a lot and makes the distressing look much more natural. Just smear a few drops on a rag and gently dab or rub across those spots and you're good to go.
Those look a lot like the Slim Fit Hiatt Western Jean that was just released for men.http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/index.jsp?productId=24430656&cp=11588650.12145641&ab=ln_men_cs2_seeall&s=A-ProductAge&pg=2&parentPage=familyI have a pair coming from NY along with two of the new bulldog discharge shirts.
Just picked up 2 pairs of the limited edition slim fits. The denim is remarkable. Loose, slubby Japanese woven similar to the last limited ed. buckle backs. These fit pretty much the same as regular slim fits. But a little more room in the thigh and a tad shorter in the top block. These seem to be the same cut as the "New Fit" from years ago. They will stretch more than others as the weave is looser. Amazing details. They appear to be natural indigo dyed as well but not...
If you want the real thing, contact Alfonso's Gun Leather in North Hollywood CAhttp://www.alfonsosgunleather.com/Pages/western.htmAlfonso Pineda created the Paladin rig, Clint Eastwood's Hang Em High rig as well as those for Clayton Moore, Roy Rogers, John Wayne and countless others. He's no longer with us but his son carries on the tradition. Their hand carved belts are second to none. All custom and all fantastic.
Awesome!! Its a great shirt. Such intricate details to the weave. Wear it in the best of health.
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