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2621 + 40 (thursday) +30 (friday) = 2691
1448 +32 = 1480
it looks good.
L'Amour Fou Bill Cunningham New York Exit Through the Gift Shop
yeah, i know. i think he made the point about 7 times.
I enjoyed this very much. Did anyone catch just how many collections he was doing per year while at Gucci/YSL? I'm not sure he made it clear.
Hi gentlemen: I'm selling a pair of burgundy calf Alden full strap loafers. I bought these a few weeks ago, and they are a bit too tight. Lots of life left in these. $125 shipped (North America only).
[[SPOILER]] I love the texture on this tie, Spoo.
complete and utter tragedy. the desperation of this situation is too great for me to comprehend.
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