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It's all about will power. If you don't have a strong will use this opportunity to build one. When I quit I embraced the discomfort and the urges. I learned quite a bit about the patterns of my life and the when, where and why I had a smoke. It was quite predictable, in fact initially I found I was on auto-pilot, i.e., do this and then have a cigarette. I recall walking outside for a smoke break and then remembering that I quit. Anyway, the jones would last for a few...
True story.The food and sanitation inspectors in Riyahd shut down a shwarma shop after finding its sauce had too low a spunk content. "Consumer fraud," said one official adding, "Not tasty, not tasty at all."
I had live-in maids a bit higher than that salary range when I lived in the Gulf. Thieving wenches all of them; the pilferage was unbelievable. They'd post laundry detergent back to India. A can of furniture polish would be "all used" in two days. One ran a lunchtime catering business cooking and serving my food to the security guards. This explains why refrigerators sold in the region have locks built into them.When caught each rationalized her theft with this very...
Agreed. Thing is it's often an immigrant-run place, and I gotta wonder how well mom and dad are paying the kids and other relatives.
Don't use your thumb to push food onto your fork. Don't hunch over your plate. Don't slurp. And don't blow your nose at the table - that's gruesome. All the other faux pas are pretty much forgivable.
Have you been to a Korean restaurant in Korea? Loud diners. Brusque service. No tipping. Ever. At the best ones you grill your meat on welded rebar over charcoal in a 55-gallon oil drum that's been modified into into a table/grill combo.Flippin' brilliant.
I don't know how having relevant education to include a college degree would hinder one's career.Not to malign those in this career, but there is the stereotype of the job and those who hold it. If I'm interviewing someone who's held an entry-level position for 5 years... actually, I'm very unlikely to interview someone who's held an entry-level job for that long. I'd feel they have no initiative. Five years and no career progression? It's usually cheaper for companies...
At the end of the day I don't mind tipping waiters; it's everyone else who has their hand on my wallet that I don't like. Seems to me the number of jobs whose workers expect tips has grown exponentially over the years. Why must I tip a cabbie but not a bus driver? Tip a hair stylist but not a mechanic? Tip a barista but not the soda jerk who made my banana split?
I quickly grew weary of the typical ones like those in the States. I like 'em really raunchy. Bangkok's Patpong, Soi Cowboy and Nana Plaza. No-hands bars are great. Tokyo has some great clubs in Roppongi and Shinjuku. Some have audience participation shows - the others applaud very politely when you're finished. Pink salons provide an interesting take on table service. Actually the clubs in Tokyo are more like sex clubs and less like strip clubs.
Brazilians have the deepest vaginas. Just sayin'.
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