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Wear only essential oils, and almost exclusively sandalwood. Pretty much a sandalwood junkie because my soap and shampoo are sandalwood, too. Sometimes I'll add vanilla. If one is not inclined to wear oil Crabtree & Evelyn makes a decent sandalwood fragrance eau de toilette.
I buy the pleated jeans - selvedge, of course - so I can have more crease action. And then my mommy irons them.
How do these boutiques assure the Japanese customer that the items were indeed purchased in the States? A copy of the American sales receipt? A photo of the item held by a scowling American immigration agent as it leaves the States?
Sure does, especially the first post by the second fella, vanguard.
They counterfeit toothpaste for heavens sake.
""Notoriety is key to success as Chinese consumers only buy what they know," said Jason Ding, a partner at consultancy Roland Berger in Beijing." [[SPOILER]] What a gem. Flippin' awesome when experts don't understand the words they use. (The irony of course is that for some of the well-known brands and their unfavorable quality he's right. Unintentionally.) But if he wants the menswear titans to be notorious in China I offer this I suggestion: Panda fur coats.
This is the one. [[SPOILER]] Alfred Sargent's Wells black plain-toe firsts in size 10 UK, which ought to work for your brother's 10.5-11. It's £100.00 including VAT. If you're not in UK or euroland deduct the VAT, add the shipping, and you're at approx. £110.00, which is comfortably below your $200. I recommend you select the shipping by Royal Mail to avoid the brokerage fees if they get caught up in customs. (Note: I believe there may be a further 10% discount...
Great trousers, but tough to find online. Seen only on Yoox. I don't like over detailed pockets and cuffs of the the Brit Amerique model. If you're selling 'em pls post 'em on your website. Are the other Pantaloni Torino pants you carry the PT05?Another nice maker is G.T.A.I've found PT01 a bit more expensive than Incotex and G.T.A. is a bit less. Both have a shorter rise and run a bit slimmer than Incotex.
To the OP, this is easy peasy: What's the honorable thing to do?
A decent discount on Tricker's now. The Burford and not-Stow Stow boots are now $292. Code is ZDD1021C. More sizes available for the Burford.
New Posts  All Forums: