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I use JBidwatcher on my Mac - don't know if there's a PC version. Freeware. Pretty intuitive. I first set the bid time to 12 seconds before auctions end, and after monitoring it a few times I adjusted to 5 seconds prior to minimize snipe-countersnipe-resnipe - the speed of your Internet link will have an effect. You can monitor the bidding in the application itself; the refresh is much faster than the webpage. I've used it for a year of so and have found no evidence...
You 11.5? Bad luck there. Perhaps give the gunmetal shell at 11 a try, and if it doesn't work out you can unload 'em. I reckon it ought to be easy enough; how often does one see gunmetal shell?
Rider Boots on sale at Franco's (of Richmond, VA). Looks to be 30 - 40+% off. Common sizes available. Even have a navy shell chukka and a #6 shell bal boot. Don't know when it started or when it shall end. Speaking of Rider Boot there are a half dozen models on sale at the headquarters, including boots in walnut shell and gunmetal shell. Significant discounts here too.
Is it only the heel that rocks your world? Could you substitute some type of lift inside the shoe for the high heel? Are you a consultant at Bain, btw? I'll assume you can have a lift added to the inside of the shoe, so I'll focus on the other attributes: a burnished brogued brown derby w/ a chisel toe that's approx $800. Would you consider a Ralph Lauren shoe?...
Ain't that the charm of the brand?Weed Leavelulzy.And who's to say Sidney, Washington, Abu Dhabi and Glasgow aren't swaggy?Swaggier than Sana'a, Wafra, Aleppo and Giza.
Not the tart I imagined.In private, yeah? Why's that?
I watched the video and it's informative and well done. Is her voice "too hot to pass up"? No. I don't find the female Aussie voice particularly pleasant to the ear, but hers isn't as grating as most on the continent.BTW, here is your Siren - [[SPOILER]]
Need an update from FLMM.
So he'll have to suck it up and continue wearing that poorly made first shirt? Is that... what did I read?... oh yeah... "Unmatched Quality and Workmanship"?Can't he send it back for corrections?
I wouldn't have taken my good health for granted. All those additional years of smoking wasn't too smart. Should have kept on swimming instead. I'm fortunate there's no lung cancer or anything too bad (knock wood), but I can feel damage was done certainly. And it's irreparable.
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