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I watched the video and it's informative and well done. Is her voice "too hot to pass up"? No. I don't find the female Aussie voice particularly pleasant to the ear, but hers isn't as grating as most on the continent.BTW, here is your Siren - [[SPOILER]]
Need an update from FLMM.
So he'll have to suck it up and continue wearing that poorly made first shirt? Is that... what did I read?... oh yeah... "Unmatched Quality and Workmanship"?Can't he send it back for corrections?
I wouldn't have taken my good health for granted. All those additional years of smoking wasn't too smart. Should have kept on swimming instead. I'm fortunate there's no lung cancer or anything too bad (knock wood), but I can feel damage was done certainly. And it's irreparable.
^ Well... your avatar sums it up. Perfectly.
^ Not too pink, not too bright, not too faded. Perfect color. I wear mine w/ a milkshake suede shoe (double monk & chukka) and a ravello longwing. Blue or white linen shirt.
You get the noisy, over-sized muffler too?Never really understood that niche. $4000 rimz. $1500 exhaust. $1200 Civic.
I recall I saved approx. $140 buying the Islay from a UK-based shop rather than Barneys.
I own both the Stow and the Islay. The Islay's leather and build quality are superior to the Stow's. Also, I think, the Islay's last is more attractive. If I were forced to surrender one I'd hand over the Stow w/o any hesitation. Were it between the Islay and Alden brogue boot in Ravello shell it would be a dilemma for me.
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