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One shoe to go everywhere? The long walks in inclement weather rules out calf and leather soles. I'm unfamiliar with "black trailrunning in goretex"; perhaps a photo would help. I'd go w/ a cordovan shoe or boot, blucher rather than balmoral. Either brogued or a captoe. Oxblood or medium brown. Something like this burgundy cordovan Meermin, replacing the double leather sole with a Dianite one. Or this Alden, in #8 (or cigar or ravello if possible) but with the crepe sole.
I really like cable-knit wool sweaters and shawl cardigans. It's a nice piece, and something I'd certainly buy, but not at $200. Hell, once you're at $250 - $300 you can get something really nice, like this or this. Berk's camelhair is amazing. Anyway, looking at other retailers and ebay I'm sure you could find something similar to the jcrew cardigan for half the price. Or less. Perhaps wait a bit; from time to time jcrew has 30% off, so then it'll be $140.
Carrion be delicious, yeah? Buon appetito.
Now ya tell me?!? After I purchased my Danners from you for $3.75 I decided to take up mountaineering. I even bought crampons and an ice axe... you ever priced either of those? I hope I can cancel the Mt. Everest assault I just booked for May 2013 - $60k it was. Thought the Danners would look particularly nice atop the summit. A dream. Shattered. I'm gutted.
I really like this one from Vanda. Bite the bullet and buy it.
After discount and rediscount Jack Purcells are $16.50. Same price for Sunspel t-shirts. Diemmes and Danners for less than $100. Thanks for the heads up.
I use JBidwatcher on my Mac - don't know if there's a PC version. Freeware. Pretty intuitive. I first set the bid time to 12 seconds before auctions end, and after monitoring it a few times I adjusted to 5 seconds prior to minimize snipe-countersnipe-resnipe - the speed of your Internet link will have an effect. You can monitor the bidding in the application itself; the refresh is much faster than the webpage. I've used it for a year of so and have found no evidence...
You 11.5? Bad luck there. Perhaps give the gunmetal shell at 11 a try, and if it doesn't work out you can unload 'em. I reckon it ought to be easy enough; how often does one see gunmetal shell?
Rider Boots on sale at Franco's (of Richmond, VA). Looks to be 30 - 40+% off. Common sizes available. Even have a navy shell chukka and a #6 shell bal boot. Don't know when it started or when it shall end. Speaking of Rider Boot there are a half dozen models on sale at the headquarters, including boots in walnut shell and gunmetal shell. Significant discounts here too.
Is it only the heel that rocks your world? Could you substitute some type of lift inside the shoe for the high heel? Are you a consultant at Bain, btw? I'll assume you can have a lift added to the inside of the shoe, so I'll focus on the other attributes: a burnished brogued brown derby w/ a chisel toe that's approx $800. Would you consider a Ralph Lauren shoe?...
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