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Do the one that is the most rigourous quantitatively. That isn't the MBA, which really is a generalist degree, though some schools try to fancy it up with some mathematics requirements. Your one and only choice will be econometrics, naturally.
It's the 10-gallon hats, me thinks.They do nothing but clash with classic eye-talian tailoring.
Next time post human remains. And live bees.
A ssssite for sssstutterers.
You need to train your neighbors with positive reinforcement. When they bang on their ceiling they're probably trying to goad you. Don't respond. Go to the drug store and buy earplugs. The good ones. Made of wax. So they can be formed to fit your ear. Or get noise cancelling headphones. Then wait. Until 3am. Or so. REM sleep time. Unleash the holy hell of racket for 60 seconds. Put in earplugs. Go to bed. Repeat the following night. And again. On the fourth...
Absolutely. Easy peasy there.You ought to be looking at international sex guide .info. For hong kong google up sex 141, 37 Dundas, and k-pressure, for starters. For bars check out Hari’s bar and Stickyfingers in Kowloon and Joe Bananas, Escape, Amazonia and Neptune in Wanchai.If you really must go karting then avoid HK because the only circuit closed..You have better golf back home.Could go to Disneyland, I suppose. Don't have one of those in Aussieland do you?
21?! You're supposed to be carefree and embrace life with reckless abandon. A backpack, your passport, and a sense of adventure is all you really need. Don't be afraid to "muddle" through it; you're not being scored. Figure out what two or three locations you want to see, such as Shanghai or Xian, hit some websites that appeal to backpackers to do a bit of research, and stay at cheap guest houses / pensions when you get there.Group tours appeal to the old. And the...
Since you're dusky I'd go w/ the tan; I think you'd look great, especially if you can pull off the same hair style too. You have a lot of shoe options that'll work, too. Problem w/ light colored suits is they soil easily; it's staggering how filthy the world is. Go w/ the dark brown suit, dark brown shoes, and your dark skin... that's way too much. I also don't like three-button suits. If you're looking for dark brown option for autumn I'd go w/ a jacket instead. The...
Since you're there for some time you ought to check out...For dogs and sausages: Hot Doug's on N. California in ChicagoFor ribs: Hecky's in EvanstonFor pan pizza: Bert's Place in Morton GroveFor thin pizza: Great Lake Pizza on W. Balmoral in ChicagoFor wings: Buffalo Joe's in EvanstonFor American fare: The Silver Palm on Milwaukee Ave in ChicagoFor Italian beef: Al's Beef on Taylor in ChicagoFor Swedish brunch: Tre Kronor on W. Foster in ChicagoAnd the legendary...
Picked up an 11-bottle case of this the other night. Though I never heard of it, $13 for eleven 500ml bottles is a good deal and worth a go. A decent pilsner that's refreshing on a hot, muggy night. Ought to pick up a few more cases before it sells out.
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