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Firstly, my condolences to KB's family... and fans. There's been some criticism of a few posts in this thread re the future of his wardrobe. If he wasn't KitonBrioni and didn't daily post his outfits for years I think the criticism would be warranted, but that's not the case, is it? Clearly the guy loved "What are you wearing today?" Here. And at AAAC. And on his own blog. Who knows where else? He appreciated his clothing. He liked dressing well, posing, and...
After many weeks of fruitless searches I just ordered the C&J Islay from Christopher Forbes Shoes, http://www.christopherforbesshoes.com - I have no stake in the business. [[SPOILER]] They were exceedingly responsive to help identify and locate my size and were very flexible on my peculiar shipment requirements. They stock several British brands, and are quite well set up with C&J having several popular models in a wide array of sought-for sizes. Twenty per cent VAT is...
Doing my best to promote some K-Rock and undue to damage done by the saccharine tripe of K-Pop. Here's Midnight Smokin' Drive. Enjoy.
Eh? Lemme understand this. You walk the dog in the evening, say 8 or 9 PM, then retire for the night, sleep for 6 - 8 hours, rise, go the work, and return home in the early evening. That's some bowel and bladder control there.How bout rising 15 minutes earlier to take the dog out in the morning? Is that possible or out of the question?
Sorry kids, but if you think you'll find a job entertaining your Chinese overlords by spinning plates whilst riding a unicycle you're sadly mistaken. The Chinese Circus has a 5000-year head start on ya.
This is one where Google is of no help.Should I use Google's Nigerian or Kyrgyzstani search?
This one. Brew a pot of loose leaf - Twinnings works just fine - and add milk and sugar. Key to a proper cuppa is good quality tea (no tea bags w/ tea dust) and warming the pot and cup with boiling water before adding the tea and milk, respectively. Been drinking it my entire life. And if it's good enough for me it's good enough for anyone else.The only complaint I have w/ tea is that it's a diuretic.
^^ How about the Islay? It really wants to be discounted too.
If you're looking for an actress in her forties who's stood up well, and better than Ms. Aniston, look to Diane Lane. Ms. Catherine Zeta-Jones too.
Only if you're wearing antlers and a glowing red nose too.
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