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The North uses few, if any, modern loan words (Japanese and English origin). Keep the language pure. South Korea is littered with 'em. The Norks speak with a breathless enthusiasm; like every sentence is followed by a dozen exclamation marks. The written language is also littered with excessive exclamation marks, too. Whilst the evil doers don't embrace loan words, they've certain gone all-in for loan punctuation.
Didn't Obama carry the state in the 2008 caucus?
Dammit all! I only got 90% off. You always have da best codez. First at STP and now here. Anyway, bought three of those shearling coats just in case I gain or lose weight. Bunch of other stuff too, maybe too much for one geezer to own and wear. But it's the discount.
A wailing Korean is a fulfilled Korean.A fine opportunity to sever the beast's head was missed at Kim Il Sung's funeral. Here's hoping S. Korea won't let another opportunity slip away and this time will consume Pyongyang in a sea of fire.
[[SPOILER]] Out of curiosity I signed up, and then promptly wished I hadn't. Bunch of game playing wankers: "Earn rewards before getting in the door. We'll let you in as soon we can, but you can earn rewards now as friends sign up." WTF?! As soon as we can. I'll get right on signing up more suckers for ya, Mr. Ponzi. Sir, yes sir. Hey everybody clickee this - pls, don't. They think they're Louis Vuitton and a virtual velvet rope is needed to keep my...
Sorry m8. I have several friends in the food & bev industry, but they're at hotels. Much more a managerial job, but of course they started long ago schlepping cups and saucers and dishes and trays, and all completed uni degrees in the hospitality industry. Most of them are German and German-Swiss; one doesn't associate Germans w/ hospitality, but it seems the 4 & 5 star hotels are overrun w/ 'em. Of course several Brits and Aussies, too. Most of them were motivated by...
Not a journalist here, but I recall a well-established rule where the acronym has to be spelled in its entirety first followed by it in parenthesis, e.g., Grand Old Party (GOP). Exceptions to this exist when the acronym is very well known, such as UN and NATO, and when the acronym has become a word, such as scuba and radar. Anyway, it's an easy enough fix; slow news day?
Bingo.Service industry jobs, particularly those food & beverage franchises, teach many important lessons; the one I took from mine was don't make a career of it.
Ought the pocket square compliment the kippah? Me thinks the most attractive ones are the kippot srugot, which are lovely crocheted. I like geometric patterns.
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