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Thanks for sharing those. Less than $100 + shipping looks to be a good deal for what they're offering.
Bleeder Group, "Knucklehead" - Wipers, "Better off Dead" - The Kills, "Getting Down" - (Don't know why the third is an embed whilst the first two aren't.)
"Know what I'm sayin'," especially when used as every second or third sentence - know what I'm sayin'? "Old school," though the unintended irony of being uttered by the unschooled is quite humorous.
Really? Though I don't think the cardigan is a no-no, I think v-neck and turtleneck sweaters do look nicer under a jacket.
Thanks, m8.
^ Penny is better I think. I don't "get" the tassel. Why not add some bells to jingle along as the tassel bounces up and down? For some reason it reminds me of a fishing lure. I've seen too many tasseled loafers + double-breasted suit combos (blech) that I've grown to detest that shoe. Too be fair, it does have its place. A tasseled loafer, pleated chino, and denim shirt w/ the name of your company is a good way to class up an IT convention.
I'm not a fan of the Polo pony, and that flippin' enormous one is really dreadful. RL's limited-run special collections, such as the Wimbledon one, are often gauche. I object to the RL Rugby labels, too. But much of the less conspicuous RL line is very nice. I don't like the Barker Black velvet slippers w/ the Jolly Roger, but BB loafers w/ the crossed metal bones is clever take on the traditional horse bit.
I just received these jeans today, and I'm quite pleased. They're the nicest, best fitting jeans I've ever owned. I purchased them w/o ever having tried on a pair of RRL jeans, so thank heavens for sellers who go beyond just providing the tag's measurement. I'm not a fan a conspicuous branding. I'll be able to hide the leather RRL tag behind a belt. The pocket stitching kind of bugs me... it's too flamboyant. Feels like I have the monkey temple on my...
Lemme see... allowed the order to be cancelled and returned the full deposit to the OP; Leffot has been a true gent here. I can't find fault w/ Leffot protecting its contractural rights and designs. This IP is how it differentiates itself from its competitors. Moreover, EG's correspondence w/ the OP is particularly repellent. EG should have not disclosed Leffot's objections; I would expect EG to treat correspondence w/ the confidentiality it deserves. (Of course we...
A sad albeit interesting situation.Having lived in several countries where contracts are not honored I think you should count your lucky stars that there are legal systems that afford protection to a contract whether one-thousand dollars or one-thousand-million dollars.For reasons known to Leffot and EG a contract between the parties exists. Appears this provides Leffot the exclusive right to the particular shoe. Appears EG breached this contract by making the shoe...
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