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Since you're dusky I'd go w/ the tan; I think you'd look great, especially if you can pull off the same hair style too. You have a lot of shoe options that'll work, too. Problem w/ light colored suits is they soil easily; it's staggering how filthy the world is. Go w/ the dark brown suit, dark brown shoes, and your dark skin... that's way too much. I also don't like three-button suits. If you're looking for dark brown option for autumn I'd go w/ a jacket instead. The...
Since you're there for some time you ought to check out...For dogs and sausages: Hot Doug's on N. California in ChicagoFor ribs: Hecky's in EvanstonFor pan pizza: Bert's Place in Morton GroveFor thin pizza: Great Lake Pizza on W. Balmoral in ChicagoFor wings: Buffalo Joe's in EvanstonFor American fare: The Silver Palm on Milwaukee Ave in ChicagoFor Italian beef: Al's Beef on Taylor in ChicagoFor Swedish brunch: Tre Kronor on W. Foster in ChicagoAnd the legendary...
Picked up an 11-bottle case of this the other night. Though I never heard of it, $13 for eleven 500ml bottles is a good deal and worth a go. A decent pilsner that's refreshing on a hot, muggy night. Ought to pick up a few more cases before it sells out.
I might have a hard time leaving any tip since the service charge is already included. I like how you were billed so that you're paying a service charge on tax, too. What is the fair tip on tax, btw?
Under-rated bands from over-drinkin' lands. Hoodoo Gurus - I Want You Back Cosmic Psychos - Drinkin' w/ the SAS Lime Spiders - My Favourite Room And not from the southern hemisphere, the Pixies with their tune I like best -
I'm basing my recommendation on your explicit and implied wants. Firstly, you want AWD; secondly you're a 911 driver, so you enjoy a performance ride. Basically Audi revolutionalized the mass production AWD vehicle, and this AWD ride dominated the off-road rally circuit for many years. Audi is the performance AWD. BMW's X-drive is really just for driving in snow. Audi's technology, the Torsen differential, has many years on BMW's. At the end of the day buy the one...
I've seen this in Korean buffet & self-service places. Good way to moderate gluttony, me thinks. But, often w/ buffets there's something that repellent, so you shouldn't be docked for that.
Betcha many will find it offensive, too.
Absoflippinlutely. Oi, let's not forget the birds.Missing PersonsKim WildeB-52'sBlondie, which of course was not exactly under-ratedSame too for Siouxsie and the BansheesRomeo VoidVice SquadThe Sugarcubes
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