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Visit Fred Segal. Maybe Ian of ShopTheFinest will let you explore his warehouse. I've heard the legends of the place, so if you go pls take photos and post.
Given he's being cornered by three black folks who are obviously "wilding" in a wheelchair I'm amazed the weapon isn't already drawn and blasting away.Shows great restraint... a cool-headed reasoned approach to sticky situations.
That, and if this is a "BEFORE" picture why am I seeing an "AFTER" toothbrush?
Confucius sez: Difficulty is not in the actual finding. Difficulty is in actually choosing to do search.
Ain't that something. A customer shopping for a fight whilst shopping for a service. No wonder the business fired the customer.
I think this is one of the special cases where your pocket square ought not be placed in the pocket but rather worn on one's head as a skull cap.
Keep up the classy, lads!
Who will protect Japan from UNIFIED Korea?!?! Does Japan build a bomb to counter the ones Seoul inherits?
That's why the floodgates won't open. Under "re-unification" Seoul will keep the North under martial law for a long while. I won't be surprised to see a care-taker gov't under Seoul's control run the place for many years so that it can take advantage of preferential trade given to the undeveloped world; if the north is suddenly absorbed by the south then it's thrown into advanced-nation status requiring liberalization and compliance with the FTAs Seoul has signed. From...
The North uses few, if any, modern loan words (Japanese and English origin). Keep the language pure. South Korea is littered with 'em. The Norks speak with a breathless enthusiasm; like every sentence is followed by a dozen exclamation marks. The written language is also littered with excessive exclamation marks, too. Whilst the evil doers don't embrace loan words, they've certain gone all-in for loan punctuation.
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