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Brazilians have the deepest vaginas. Just sayin'.
Read?! You're kidding me. Just wear this alpha male shirt.
Though I'm not a Malthusian I recognize that resources are finite. And they shouldn't be wasted. I suspect the irony of fall-apart, resource-depleting shoes is lost on its tree-hugging maker. Anyway, I've traveled and lived in many third-world countries and flip flops suffice. For me, too. You can pick up new ones for a buck or two.
Two weeks? There?! It's known as SingaBore for a reason, ya know. Two and 1/2 days at the most.There have been many comments in favour of SE Asia, and I concur. Southeast Asia is a good value for money, and the same can be said for much of South Asia - Bhutan and the Maldives are expensive.A week in Cambodia (Phnom Penh & Siem Reap) and then a week either in southern Thailand, or Burma, or Vietnam - or 4 days in northern Thailand and the remaining days in Laos. Two...
Memories Of Murder Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance I Saw the Devil You can watch all of 'em on youtube.
You ought to check out the Pusher trilogy.
I have three bidets in my flat. This one. Replace the regular seat w/ it, attach to the water line, plug it in, and squirt away. Not too expensive if you already have the electrical outlet. It has changed my life, mostly for the better. But nowadays i can't holiday in any country that doesn't have some type of sphincter washer. In SE Asia and the ME you can often find a bum gun (a hose & spray nozzle) that works pretty well... provided you have decent aim. If you...
Highly recommend seller flyguy7 from whom I purchased a pair of boots. Very accurate description, prompt replies to messages, and immediate shipment. Thanks.
The aubergine is unrivaled in its ability to absorb oil. So, depending on the flavor of the oil/fat used in frying I wouldn't be surprised to find it having a very different taste from that when grilled. And if one is using a bitter-tasting one (such as from being stored too long) I believe this bitterness would be more noticeable when it's grilled than fried.
A half size too small.
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