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I'm reading all of yachtie's comments and am nodding my head in agreement. I surmise he hasn't shopped at Chess King or International Male. Good on ya.
Or Iran. [[SPOILER]]Heed Nereis's advice.
As mentioned before there are cup sanitizers, but I often see that they're turned off and serve no purpose other than shelving. Keep in mind that at many places all the chopsticks and spoons are stored unwrapped in a container on the table, and the diners are touching them throughout the day. A lot of restaurants don't wash up w/ hot water, and it's rare for hot water to be in a public restroom. That being said, I eat at Korean places several times a week, and I haven't...
Be careful on the brick streets off of Sheridan. They're uneven in places and quite slick when wet.
Brezhnev-era Soviet party time. Songs about Russia and Russians. . http://www.metacafe.com/watch/6691583/boney_m_rasputin/
Certainly seems that way.Just a few suggestions. I play tennis and squash. I play a lot of bridge - used to think it was a game for grannies, but it's pretty awesome, and I can do 12-hour sessions. In the winter I ski a lot and that wipes me out and keeps me out of bars. But I also still drink and at certain times each year you'll find me obliterated, such as at the Hong Kong Sevens.
Thanks for the sale and for the heads up. Just bought the Dallas - I like the look of the double sole. Pity I didn't wait on purchasing the Ramsey, which I did a few weeks ago. Could've picked up the Regent too with what I would have saved between the two I bought. BTW, that's one impressive refinishing job you have going there, gdot. Let me ask you this: if your efforts didn't turn out as desired would you be able to return the shoe back to its original color?
Duck grilled on rebar over real charcoal in a oil drum. Doenjang and soy & wasabi dipping sauces. Kimchi, sliced green onion, and lettuce to wrap it all in. Makgeolli (rice wine). Baked sweet potatoes for dessert.
There you go m8, that's the spirit.I understand the attraction of someone doing it all for you (for a high price, of course), and if you were accompanying your elderly & infirm grandparents it would be prudent to avail yourself of those services. But on your own... embrace the challenge. Best thing about traveling isn't only the people, places and culture, but also learning about yourself, getting by on your wiles and developing your resiliency. And if all else fails......
New Posts  All Forums: