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I think these sellers perform a very valuable service, especially for someone such as myself who has little access fairly-priced high-quality goods not sold online. The seller has taken on a few risks such as tying up his capital in illiquid assets, holding items that may not sell, etc. Moreover the seller has invested time and resources (fuel, parking, fares, tolls, etc.) acquiring his inventory. I'd wager that these sellers often come up empty when visiting shops, so...
If you want a prestigious school you send him to Rosey. Don't be such a cheap Charlie.
The good folks at the US State Dept, too. Been to many dip balls where they'd remove their dinner jackets and ... wow!!! ... whacky Hawaiian patterned shirt sleeves and backs. I reckon when one's a Mormon one can only go so far to be outrageous.Pity the absence of tobacco and liquor...
I've had two live-in maids. Each was paid approx. $500 per month plus room and board for 6 days a week labor. One was a proselytizing Christian. Dismissed. The other was a thief. Fired. The last maid lived w/ her boyfriend and didn't require room and board. I paid her $400 per month and a $100 bonus was given provided a) she didn't annoy me and b) I had not one complaint of the quality of her work. The $100 tip proved a strong enticement and I had no problems.
Try here for the Sydney in UK7.5. If you require assistance ask for Alastair. They'll be discounted 20% for the VAT. Shipping will be £12 - 25.
Exactly. Given how Knesset seats are divvied up a minority group's power is greatly disproportionate to its size. As the state subsidizes their prayers rather than their work, exempts them from military service, and encourages procreation, these groups are only growing in size and influence.
Next time I'm ordering on the phone.
Haven't found many knockouts in the Boxing Day sales that excited me, so I revisited unis, her great gio chinos are still on sale, so I kopt a few pair. And with that comes a close to my Christmas.
Agreed. I wouldn't spend $150 - 200 on white jeans because I know they'll get trashed, but I picked up a couple of 'em from LEC for like $12 each, and they're outstanding. They fit really well and I love wearing 'em. I also use LEC for things like Henleys, socks, and plaid shirts. And I order things in styles and colors I normally wouldn't choose; sometimes they even work out. I wait 'til things are heavily discounted, order 8 - 10 items, and 2 - 3 are keepers. The...
Thanks for the info. That Mr. Porter UK sale... yikes!... thank goodness I bought from the US site. Exact same jumpers I purchased for $67.5 and $286.5 are £113.94 (approx. $178) and £442.82 (approx. $693), respectively. My order for the same items that was $441 in the US is $948 in the UK after VAT is removed.Gads.
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