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50% off sale started a short while ago. Sadly my $2k alligator gloves are not reduced. I was so looking forward to building a snowman w/ 'em. Thwarted yet again.
FWIW NM Last Call has an "extra" 40% off from 11 CT to 1400 CT. I didn't see much, but if you're looking for a Hickey Freeman suit they're $300 after discount. Online SA didn't know if they're fused or (half/whole) canvassed.
Genuine demand for it too, me thinks. My size sold out rather quickly, so I hoped to find someone selling/flipping here or on ebay. Just you and 1 or 2 others here. Haven't seen 'em surface on ebay. Did RL put a purchase limit on 'em?
Will add you to the me-no-likey column. Truth be told I'm not a fan of most of Tricker's line, especially the shoes. I own a pair of STP's not-Stow Stows. I find it a more esthetically pleasing boot than the Burford - see here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/222454/trickers-at-sierra-trading-post/330#post_5043687 (scroll down to post #336). The Burford certainly has its fans, but due to its mass I find it's too much pebbly. I think a large, scotch grain boot needs a...
Have you seen these?Ignore the price listed because no pays that. Sign up for STP's email. Everyday you'll be spammed w/ 25% off offers, once a week you'll get 35% off, and once a month or so the offer is 40% discount. This will put the Burfords at approx. $295 + shipping. Good value there.
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Defilada - Amongst N. Korea watchers this is legendary. Filmed by a Polish film maker in 1988 (when Poland was still a Communist regime), it's unique in that it's entirely North Koreans in their own words. No dialogue or explanation at all by outsiders. Just utterly bizarre Nork "New Speak" about the intensity of the Kim Il Sung personality cult. It's a memorable bit of film making; I saw it about 20 years ago. I can't find a freebie in its entirety w/ English...
Mighty charitable of you taking those defective boots off his hands - the Christmas spirit thrives even after Christmas. The OP is lucky you have his back.
Post a photo w/ the boots. How would you have designed the boutonnière to conceal the lack buttonhole? Shorter stem?
I think these sellers perform a very valuable service, especially for someone such as myself who has little access fairly-priced high-quality goods not sold online. The seller has taken on a few risks such as tying up his capital in illiquid assets, holding items that may not sell, etc. Moreover the seller has invested time and resources (fuel, parking, fares, tolls, etc.) acquiring his inventory. I'd wager that these sellers often come up empty when visiting shops, so...
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