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Nice looking ties, but whoever knotted most of them... dreadful. Spoilt the look.
Like much of what's sold in the Loro Piana boutique.
I think what you'll get depends much on who at A&B works with you. You may want to give this a read. You'll be dealing w/ aggressive salespeople who've received a 4-day training experience at "A&B University" - haberdashers they now be. For them selling clothes is no different from selling insurance or Amway or time-share condos. ABC. Always be closing.Who is their customer? They're keen on conventions and setting up booths at bar association and chamber of commerce...
CVB performs exceptional remakes... something about that psychedelic fiddle makes 'em memorable. Status Quo's '68 classic And Black Flag Sonic Youth And the Kinks
Have you thought of Alfred Sargent from A Fine Pair of Shoes? With the greatest size availability there's the Regent at approx. $300 and the Warwick at the same price. If you have a very large foot check out the Dartmouth, or if you wear a US 9 or 12 the Calcot is an attractive shoe. Assuming you're not in Europe, so drop the price 20% since you're not paying the VAT and A Fine Pair of Shoes is (was?) offering SF members an additional 25% off with this code,...
Whether sleek Norwegian or bulky Icelandic, I love 'em a Scandinavian sweater. Add tight, faded blue jeans and mid-height rugged boots, like Dr. Martens or motorcycle ones. Jodhpurs would work, too.Best look is when a bird goes braless under it. Her pert tits bouncing up and down, rubbing against that wool. NSFW - [[SPOILER]]
How many here are fans of the Monochrome Set? You reckon that first one could be the soundtrack to the lives of some here?
Gads! Do all those fellas have the palsy?
I'm reading all of yachtie's comments and am nodding my head in agreement. I surmise he hasn't shopped at Chess King or International Male. Good on ya.
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