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Depends. You been kicking someone? Or something? Repeatedly?If not, then your sole shouldn't be separating like that.
I received an email from LastCall@lastcallemail.com, subject: 3 Hours Only! Extra 40% Off Entire Site 11 a.m.-2 p.m. CT. I just happened to be in my email at the time; I usually see such notices days or weeks too late. Had I read it closely I would have seen free shipping was given to a purchase over $75 + code LCJAN75, too.
What's this claptrap? Colonized by the white man? You understand that when the concession was granted the place was practically uninhibited - never heard of the Great Clearance, have ya? Just a desolate, rocky spur of land. With a great, yet undeveloped port... that the Chinese cared little for.Don't feel bad for the Hongkies. Almost all of 'em migrated to HK to be colonized. And every day until 1 July 1997 they counted their blessings.
Maybe in the never never land of the UN there's "Hong Kong Chinese" & "Hong Kong British", but in the real world there's Hongkies and gweilos.
Good grief! Those aren't chinky eyes! They're gooky eyes.
Racial discrimination? Eh? "All pedestrians that used the sidewalk were subjected to the photo 'ban' set forth by Dolce & Gabbana, with the exception of tourists from mainland China being specially exempt without justification.This double standard caused immediate outrage amongst local citizens, sparking protests with international news coverage on 8 Jan 2012." Are the tourists from mainland China racially different from the Hongkies? If not, how then is this racial...
Cheer up m8, they're UGGs for crissakes. The fakes ones gotta be better than the real ones.
Give her a try, http://www.brionybuysuk.com. She's affordable. Keep in mind that by using a proxy you don't get the VAT refund. This is bigger operation, but much more expensive, http://www.ukbrandsworldwide.com
Cheer up, m8. The Chinese-made "number 1" quality fakes are practically indistinguishable. The common man in the street will never know; your secret's safe.
I feel your pain. Clothes cut for the Asian body often don't fit me. If I get one w/ a proper fitting neck then the arms are too short. Find one w/ the right length sleeve and the neck is too big. The shoes are too small, and many of them are elevator style having an overly high heel. Pants have a way too high rise. The "decoration" applied to just about everything... and excessive branding. I had better luck going to shops that sold clothes for the export market,...
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