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Same same. They're both 尾國人.
I was able to purchase four sweaters at the normal two-for $499 price x 2 and using discount code 11FRIEND I obtained the 25% discount also - 09FRIEND didn't work for me. I recall reading on the BB site that one can't bundle the corporate and friends & family discounts, but you know it's always worth a go.
^ Oi, m8. Your signature says you're looking for brown MacNeils. If you can wait a few weeks for shipment LEC will sell 'em to you now for $243.75. You save $81 and change on the discount and another $22 on the free shipping.BTW all, thanks for the reports on the pants. Was looking to buy a few pair and had them in my cart, but have been dissuaded now.
You talkin' about the blue and white striped French butcher's apron that's common in restaurants? If so, when a butcher became a master he earned his stripes, so to say, and was allowed to wear an apron that was different from the apprentices. Why stripes rather than another color I don't know, but blue does conceal stains well - why US butchers wear white is kind of odd. How it migrated to the kitchen is unknown to me, too. I've been told it distinguishes chefs from...
You talking about the black one ? You may want to pull the trigger because it's reduced $38 to $90 - it's sharp, but I can't wrap my noggin' around a cricket sweater in black.Can anyone report on these pants, Straight Relaxed Chino and Vintage Chino University Pant ? Fit, rise, and vanity sized? The first doesn't look too relaxed, but someone here earlier mentioned "relaxed" are huge.Thanks and best regards.
Indeed.That being said, there are a handful of hotels in Asia that are so legendary that one should certainly take the opportunity to stay when offered. They are Hong Kong's Peninsula, Shanghai's Astor House, Penang's E&O, Bangkok's Oriental, Bombay's Taj Mahal Palace, Rangoon's Strand, Columbo's Galle Face, and the Raffles in Singapore.
New or used is fine by me.
It's rather tame. Some say the world's best Indian food is cooked there, btw. Pity HK's walled city isn't around anymore; there was a perilous place.
Everyone one of 'em would look so much better in equestrian boots, engineer boots or even Dr. Martens. Hell, put 'em in Le Chameau wellies as long as they aren't decorated with daisies or kittens or marshmallows.On a related note on Sat. I watched my wife and her sister model Hermes Kelly equestrian boots. Gawddam I love hardware on a boot. Too sexy. My sister-in-law pulled the trigger; my wife wouldn't since she has the RL Serana boot for fashion and Asprey for...
Here you go, stay at the Y. It's better than the W. And it's next door to Hong Kong's legendary Peninsula Hotel, a shell of its former self once the Daimlers were replaced by Rolls Royces - airport pickup has never been as grand. If you meet the requirement for free membership (or can fake it) stay at the HK Mariners' Club. For the genuine HK experience stay at the Chungking Mansions. They've fixed it up quite a bit since I've stayed there, so obviously it isn't as...
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