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Here you go, stay at the Y. It's better than the W. And it's next door to Hong Kong's legendary Peninsula Hotel, a shell of its former self once the Daimlers were replaced by Rolls Royces - airport pickup has never been as grand. If you meet the requirement for free membership (or can fake it) stay at the HK Mariners' Club. For the genuine HK experience stay at the Chungking Mansions. They've fixed it up quite a bit since I've stayed there, so obviously it isn't as...
A day w/o kimchi is like a day w/o sunshine.Koreans really aren't the assimilators like the Filipinos are. Koreans in the States call the Americans "foreigners". They're like the Amish. But w/ technology. And clothing w/ buttons.
Oh to be young and sensible. You're in for a tough life. It's called protectionism. Koreans don't want inexpensive food imports and are willing pay through the nose to support (most of) their farmers. They had to sacrifice their banana growers a few years back, but Korea isn't tropical and they couldn't figure out how to sell domestically grown ones for less than $1.50. Each.You ought to see the price of rice. The most expensive rice in the world is grown there. And...
Ah yes... the supple tongue of Komodo dragon.
Obviously you have to work within your budget. That $4k may look like a lot, but you've got $33 a day. For everything. (If you do have $5k still budget your travel for $4k and you'll have money for a few extravagances, such as hiring a guide and auto-ricksaw for Angkor Wat rather than hiring a bicycle.) So, how much of that $33 will go to your bedding? In Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos cheap lodging of less than $10 is available in areas; of course you're roughing it and...
Baggy flowered pants, knock-off LV purse, a giant visor topped by a pink hand towel, and a scowl? All of this greatness now at Target?!Reports of 'Merca's demise are greatly exaggerated me thinks.
Many have recommended that you not buy a new car, and I echo that. This is what Consumer Reports of April 2011 says are the best used cars between $18 and 20k: Acura MDX '06; TL '06; TSX '07 Audi A4 (4-cyl.) '07 BMW X3 '06 Chevrolet Corvette '04 Chrysler Aspen '08 Ford Edge (FWD) '08; F-250 (2WD) '08; Fusion (V6, AWD) '10; Fusion Hybrid '10; Mustang (V8) '07 Honda Accord (4-cyl.) '09; Civic Hybrid '09; CR-V '08; Ridgeline '07; S2000 '07 Hyundai Santa Fe '09 Lexus GX...
Fixed it for ya! The chalk stripe and double-breasted suit are made for each other. Take a look at the first, third and fourth pictures posted by Master-Classter... the look is so much better than the others. The only single-breasted suit that rivals them is Spoo's w/ the peak lapel. Going forward I'd say make sure your suit isn't overly striped and get the peak lapel if you're going w/ single-breasted suit.
I don't like the penultimate one much; seems the stripes are too close together. Looks too busy. The first six are all very nice, especially the double-breasted ones. Don't like the seventh.The goldfish pin needs to go. Don't like any jewelry on a suit. Other than that both are nice but the blue is better than the grey one NOBD posted w/ it.
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