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Now I'm re-evaluating why my parents insisted that I play hockey.
Thanks for taking my bird out for a bite. On a full belly and a few drinks she's insatiable. I kinda enjoy being dessert.
When you get older will you wear mom jeans?
Glad to have been a help. A 1000 quid from UK to Singapore on a quality airline... that's a bargain! Wait 'til to your dog grows and you have to return I hope for your wallet's sake you don't have a dog that grows to 40kg+.Didn't know you had a pup. I am surprised to hear that it was cheaper to have a wooden crate built. Airlines nail you on the weight; I wonder if it would have been cheaper to buy a plastic crate that weighs much less.I understand your apprehension...
Key words here being: fit and available.The load master will ultimately determine whether the pet fits or not. If he refuses, and you're flying now, what do you do?Had some friends who tried to ship a 120lb retriever to Texas. Squeezed the dog in the largest plastic kennel available, and the load master refused. Fortunately their shipper was able to coordinate the construction of a wooden one. Needed to pay for that. The crate's weight trebled. Needed to pay for...
I've done it three times. It's very expensive. Ideally your employer will pay for the relocation, but... And if your dog is too large to fit in a plastic or wire kennel from a pet shop/hardware store be prepared to pay a carpenter to build one - it'll be wood... and it'll be heavy.Try to locate an animal welfare group in the destination country - they are of great assistance and where English isn't the native tongue they can be invaluable. I recommend having someone at...
What then does one say when an entire nation - men and women both! - decides the sleeve label must remain? At what point does the weight of the unwashed masses outweigh that of propriety?
And here I am thinking that I nailed it when I pass both salt and pepper when asked to "pass the salt".
Partridge, goose, and pheasant too.
Gosh, you make it sound like KSA. In SE Asia the typical temp is between 28 and 33 C - the two seasons are wet and dry rather than hot and cold. Much of the subcontinent can get near-Saudi hot before the monsoon arrives, but at this time of the year it's upper 20s to low 30s C throughout India, and in Dec and Jan it will be cooler yet. Oct is often the best month to visit Nepal because the monsoon has broken, the skies have cleared, and the peaks are visible.And in...
New Posts  All Forums: