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A better shopper than I.I just checked BB and you're right, there's bugger all left. Howard Yount (HY) is depleting too, but still some better colors.Correct me if I'm wrong, but I recall lambswool (HY) > than merino (BB). Looks like HY is the better choice, though 30 dollars more.
Anyone know the measurements of those M & L sweaters at Howard Yount? I can't find them on their webpage, which is odd because it's a basic "must-do" thing and they have 'em for their pants.
I too found Cladmen "Incotex Ivory" pants, and since there were too few deets about the fit, measurements, etc I did a bit of research. Also, when I read "investment grade 100% wool twill" the first thing that crossed my mind was WTF? Who writes this bollocks? Anyway, see here. An excerpt: Industrie Confezioni Tessili, the Italian company that owns the Slowear global project and distributes the specialized brands Incotex, Zanone, Montedoro and Glanshirt, has signed a...
Sounds like the previous night's "Websex: What's the Harm?", also broadcast BBC 3. Report was basically stickam and grindr in pixelated form.Nothing groundbreaking whatsoever; young adults use social media to hook up. Dumdums don't realize that they're being recorded and their performances are posted on porn sites. Surprise!
Definitely BB merino wool v-neck. When offered at discount they are approx $65.
Since we don't know your mother's age, her lifestyle, or how she dresses this task you've given us is a bit tough.I'll make a few assumptions.1) She's between 40 - 50.2) She hasn't put much emphasis on how she dresses, until recently.3) She's started "dressing up" a bit, attending more social functions, and finds that her current purses are a bit shabby.She needs a versatile bag that can go with jeans and shirt, a suit, and a dress. She's not going to a ball.Perhaps...
^ and another 20% off for those outside the EU.
^ More like Qatari rich.
A very wry post. Well played.
Sharp. A very nice get. You've gone well for yourself.
New Posts  All Forums: