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Lemme think about this. Okay, got it. You're looking to save money... so you came here?! A site devoted to spending it.Anyway, having goals and saving and investing in property are commendable...You're an IT PM. In my experience there are two types: legit techs who grew into the managerial job, and non-techs who started as managers and who know some, but not much, about IT. Which one are you? I suspect you're the later since you make no mention of specific tech...
Did you purchase from US or UK? The UK site has 'em in 58.
To handle the brutal cold they often have ear flaps (felt, I recall) that fold down.
Sorry to split hairs here but I think that's sable, which is the marten indigenous to Russia. The movie is about sable smuggling organized by Marvin's character. Sable is considered the most beautiful and richly tinted pelt among martens, which include mink.Putting aside concerns of looking too Politburo, I think the lamb is the better choice. It's an attractive yet unique "fur" option, but isn't as feminine or associated w/ pimp/NBA as the more commonly seen...
VAT is deducted, duties added, and shipping is £30 (for trousers, shirts, sweaters; could be more for heavier items). The end result? You're paying two or three per cent less than UK price and then almost $50 to get it home.
Arrrgh! Why not the cardigans too?! The shawls are sharp, especially the one of camel hair.
If colored includes Asians then indeed there are amazing things to be found in South and SE Asia. Thing about Asian FOBs (and probably all FOBs) is they often don't emigrate w/ their household goods, thus few items to interest antiques roadshow producers and viewers in the States or UK. Asians also tend to favor new things.
I picked up a navy canvas gio dressy and gio skinny cut. Found the dressy to be much larger in the ass and thigh. The gio skinny cut fit very well.
Here's a new spin on the Stooges' classic, "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by Swanky Tunes & Hard Rock SofaI too really like Arabic music, particularly that coming from the Gulf, as well as the Indian stuff from the subcontinent. Dig the percussion.AhlamHussein Al Jasmi
If the Taliban were honorable soldiers (or even soldiers) I'd agree that pissing on them isn't proper. But they're not. Deny them a proper burial. Feed the corpses to pigs. No heavenly pleasures for them. Then find their families.
New Posts  All Forums: