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There's a lot of opportunity overseas, mostly in the newly industrializing countries. And it doesn't need to be be w/ an NGO. Or in a shithole like Darfur. Over the years I've run across thousands of expat engineers, mostly from Europe, but there are plenty from China, Korea and of course Japan. Look to Bechtel, ABB, Halliburton, KBR, GE, Dyno Nobel, etc. Power systems are a huge growth area, as is infrastructure and transportation.Another course of action is join the...
Have done so, but mine just isn't as tasty as that coming from the dairy.
That's what I want to know. I've been waiting since January. I know it's always available before Thanksgiving, but does it hit the dairy shelves before Halloween? I hope so, cuz I'd like a big cup right now. And another thing: why is it only available 6 weeks a year? What other dairy products are so limited? None that I know of. Is there some law that restricts eggnog's availability? Or is it no one is thinking outside the box?
On the plus side water will now bead nicely on the leather.
The Clash's "London Calling" is one album I've listened to constantly since its release. One of the finest albums, ever. Two others that are always on my playlist are The Chameleon's "Strange Times" and "What Does Anything Mean? Basically". REM's "Murmur", "Reckoning" and "Fables of the Reconstruction" deserve frequent listens. Wire's "Pink Flag", "Chairs Missing" and XTC's "Black Sea", "English Settlement" and "Skylarking". Camper van Beethovens' "II & III" and "Our...
This place claims to be Hoi An's longest established tailor. [[SPOILER]] I found this interesting comment at "The first thing you'll notice when you arrive in Hoi An is the multitude of tailor shops. It's a bit out of control as most of the shops are not trained tailors."Seem many employ touts, which is a bad sign.
You may want to write Dr. Minasian,
Comes from having lived abroad for over 2 decades, I reckon. Gives one some perspective on how others view us. You just keep on making great shoes... and push those exports. Need someone to do something to whittle away at the trade imbalance and grow good jobs in the midwest - summered in Door County for years as a kid, and drank a lot of Point beer as a teen, so I have an affinity for Wisconsin. Best regards.
You've seriously failed to appreciate the beauty of the comb over. Most folks delude themselves; why should you be so different?
Sir, history buffs might also note that the Monroe Doctrine isn't very well regarded by America's southern neighbors, especially after the Roosevelt Corollary to it was added.Perhaps a less contentious example. Though I suspect US workers nowadays aren't too concerned about providing Marshall Plan-like assistance to anyone.Me, I'm all for FDI, especially close to home rather than in China or India.But if you're going to wrap yourself in the flag and claim 100% American...
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