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This place claims to be Hoi An's longest established tailor. [[SPOILER]] I found this interesting comment at hoian.co.uk: "The first thing you'll notice when you arrive in Hoi An is the multitude of tailor shops. It's a bit out of control as most of the shops are not trained tailors."Seem many employ touts, which is a bad sign.
You may want to write Dr. Minasian, http://www.classicshoesformen.com/contact.
Comes from having lived abroad for over 2 decades, I reckon. Gives one some perspective on how others view us. You just keep on making great shoes... and push those exports. Need someone to do something to whittle away at the trade imbalance and grow good jobs in the midwest - summered in Door County for years as a kid, and drank a lot of Point beer as a teen, so I have an affinity for Wisconsin. Best regards.
You've seriously failed to appreciate the beauty of the comb over. Most folks delude themselves; why should you be so different?
Sir, history buffs might also note that the Monroe Doctrine isn't very well regarded by America's southern neighbors, especially after the Roosevelt Corollary to it was added.Perhaps a less contentious example. Though I suspect US workers nowadays aren't too concerned about providing Marshall Plan-like assistance to anyone.Me, I'm all for FDI, especially close to home rather than in China or India.But if you're going to wrap yourself in the flag and claim 100% American...
Of course here at SF B&S.For jeans look at Lands End Canvas. I picked up a few pair on sale for less than $12 each. Nice shirts and sweaters too. For shirts, and assuming you live at a place with autumn and winter, buy used Pendleton's woven wool ones on ebay for $10-20. Really well made. You can also find good deals on sweaters and jackets. I've picked up several BB cashmere sweaters for $25-40. Sometimes you even find new RRL jeans at your price.At your price point...
Cathy Davey.
Brozek, thanks for the report.Those look good except for the upper inner thigh. Appear to billow out a bit too much. Is it something that could be tailored to improve fit?
Now I'm re-evaluating why my parents insisted that I play hockey.
Thanks for taking my bird out for a bite. On a full belly and a few drinks she's insatiable. I kinda enjoy being dessert.
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