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Answer: The same company that makes the good quality other-colored suits.This way you don't get the I'm-not-40-LOL reply.
blue chambray. And skip the black pants.
In the 70s and early 80s obermeyer, demetre and roffe were the bomb. Skyr made great turtlenecks.I think some of the nicest ski wear (and not the same kit everyone else is wearing) is by Schoffel (Germany), Peak Performance (Sweden), Kjus (Norway), and Colmar (Italy).If you don't like a base layer of man-made material look to Ullfrotte.
Dig into Ludwig von Mises, too.
Why pick on leather buttons? When not fake they're completely fine. Now... about horn toggle buttons... those are utterly prehistoric.
This is what I'm thinking: Are you an American?! Man up and tell the foreigners to sod off. Especially the Greeks. Other than the Ancients they have no business giving advice to anyone. Report the ones you detest to Homeland Security to have their student visas cancelled.And this is what I recommend: Play the game if you must... and if it's your preference.Lastly, what was the intent of your OP question? Sounds like your chums have already decided what you'll wear...
Simple and effective. Rope climbing is great too, but tough to set up. If you have plates grab w/ your fingers, raise your hands to shoulder level, and hold as long an possible. Caution: do this over thick padding in case you drop the plates.
Someone has been killing Iran's nuclear scientists. Wouldn't be surprised if the Iranians play tit-for-tat and assassinate a decadent-American-civ collaborator.Of course many Americans are murdered for senseless reasons. Why should her death be any different?
Obsessive Kegel exercises really tightened things up. Anyway, 10, 15, 20 years ago they were all dwarfs, but this generation has been better fed and is fitter.
When will the stores man up and offer 95% off?
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