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My one perfect song has two different versions. Coincidentally it's titled "One". Harry Nilsson Three Dog Night Wish I had Danny Hutton's pants.
Or you can follow the sage advice of one F. Castleberry and toss paint on 'em. Voila! You too can be an artiste.
The tarts have the edge on that one.
Call their bluff "Sir, I anticipated this lawsuit many months ago, and on the advice of my lawyer I have recorded your excessively noisy antics since date. For instance, on date your sound system was played at an excessive volume from time to time. All told, I've recorded 37 events. These events I shall happily produce in court in my counter suit. Regards, cheessus"
Whether on cashmere goats or regular ol' sheep dags be natural. [[SPOILER]]
@lefty #metoobro
Any way you can get this stenciled on the back of your jacket? Looking forward to the WAYRN Rocky Mountain submissions
WAYWT Rock your cock edition
Course it taste like that. Man always have p*ssy on his mind.
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