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Had Dack's been able to produce the much sought after black & white co-respondent short wings in panda I'm certain the final chapter wouldn't have been written. Panda leather... so supple; acquires an unrivaled patina.
Bravo your boots!You ought to send this photo to C&J to inspire 'em.
Who buckles 'em? 'Bout as easy to slip on and off as a loafer.
Here they are. Meet all you requirements, though the sole is Dainite-like rather than Dainite.
Okie dokie.OP could go w/ these instead. Save himself mucho dosh and much worry. I always forget about the French makers.
The O'Connells recommendation from DieWorkWear is certainly worth your look. 8-ply lambswool... awesome. I like navy, but a pity it's only in navy. Edit: Crickey! Bunch of sweaters at Ben Silver's are reduced 50%.
This 4-ply cashmere cardigan is a very good value. It's very similar to Drake's ($1125) and Ben Silver's ($685) and is approx. $750. I own two camel hair sweaters from Berk, and the quality is excellent. I've been thinking of buying this one or this one from Esemplare. Both are chunky and each also has a down vest which is removable. Perhaps not for "deep freeze", but ought to be suitable for 'freeze".
He's the Korean Macarena fella.
Have you thought about looking on ebay?Or here if pre-owned is acceptable.You can always save a search in ebay and set up an email notification if what you want is listed. Ebay works particularly well for items that are are longer made.
You look at Tricker's Newbury? Must it have a Dianite sole? If not... C&J's Bangor may work if you like more aggressive punch broguing. Carmina's 815. And be calf? If not... These cordovan Marlows from RL are great.
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