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One Day in September, an account of the 1972 Munich Olympic massacre. The lone surviving terrorist, Jamal Al Gashey, is interviewed at length. He confirms the deal that was done to secure his release from Germany.
Suze Orman. Spray-on tanning and radioactive teeth whitening. Minus points for collar popping. Pity she hasn't done any MILF film work.
I've purchased several items from Frans Boone; great items there. The prices posted online include VAT (recall 20%), so that will be reduced if sent to US. Their preferred shipper is UPS, but I asked they ship via national post (Post NL) which is delivered by USPS in the states, and they agreed. I think this reduces the chance of it being caught up in customs - no guarantee, of course. My experience w/ Europe's national postal carriers is that parcels can be no heavier...
Nifty! Can any song loaded on the iPod be played? You uploading to app store? I came across Gart Hustwit's design trilogy documentaries on eztv.it. Well worth a view, especially for those like myself who aren't designers. Perhaps a bit basic for those in the profession. Here's a clip from Helvetica - Objectified Urbanized
+1 on the Meermin. It's approx. $200. Another shoe to consider in your price range is Howard Yount's - I have this in suede. If you have another $80 look at Paul Stuart. $550 - $600 takes you to Carmina calf, C&J and Alfred Sargent. I presently have the AS Ramsey, but intend to replace it with the Carmina shell monk. BTW, you linked to the Grenson twice. Of these 3 you linked I'd go w/ AE. I don't like the medallion on the Grenson and I've never handled a To Boot...
One shoe to go everywhere? The long walks in inclement weather rules out calf and leather soles. I'm unfamiliar with "black trailrunning in goretex"; perhaps a photo would help. I'd go w/ a cordovan shoe or boot, blucher rather than balmoral. Either brogued or a captoe. Oxblood or medium brown. Something like this burgundy cordovan Meermin, replacing the double leather sole with a Dianite one. Or this Alden, in #8 (or cigar or ravello if possible) but with the crepe sole.
I really like cable-knit wool sweaters and shawl cardigans. It's a nice piece, and something I'd certainly buy, but not at $200. Hell, once you're at $250 - $300 you can get something really nice, like this or this. Berk's camelhair is amazing. Anyway, looking at other retailers and ebay I'm sure you could find something similar to the jcrew cardigan for half the price. Or less. Perhaps wait a bit; from time to time jcrew has 30% off, so then it'll be $140.
Carrion be delicious, yeah? Buon appetito.
Now ya tell me?!? After I purchased my Danners from you for $3.75 I decided to take up mountaineering. I even bought crampons and an ice axe... you ever priced either of those? I hope I can cancel the Mt. Everest assault I just booked for May 2013 - $60k it was. Thought the Danners would look particularly nice atop the summit. A dream. Shattered. I'm gutted.
I really like this one from Vanda. Bite the bullet and buy it.
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