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It's my favorite tartan, and I'm not the only one. The only time I recall it looking bad is when the green is off. Anyway, it's been around for 2 1/2 centuries. Pendleton does a wool woven shirt that's nicely done.
And 50% off, too. Thanks.
Nice, but the Mandelli looks nicer... or photos better.
Everyone has issues. Recognizing them before they become problems may help you lead a happier and more fulfilling life.
^ Given the number of rogerings by the number of blokes it seems they are (or were) well within reach.
Because whilst I slept zombies arose and ate all the other women in the world?Before doing something rash you may want to take a look at why you're attracted to out-of-control women.
May want to look at here. I'm sure there are other places, too.
Have you considered adding a pocket square to your outfit? It adds panache to just about anything and is a surefire conversation starter with the womenfolk.
Several AE models in normal sizes reduced 25% + free shipping at Amazon. No code need, discount taken at checkout. Fifth Ave, McTavish, MacNeil, etc. Save yourself $70 or so.
I have the Ramsey from AS, and I think it's a beaut.Overall I'm very happy w/ the four pairs of AS I own; I think it's a fair yet affordable price for what's given.
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