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This is what happens when busy bodies demand a timeline for withdrawal and the CinC accommodates. You withdraw after you win. Knowing that NATO shall withdraw before this likely happens Pakistan has to plan for a post-NATO region. Obviously it's concluded that the Afghan military and gov't shall collapse.
Don't know. How much you paying for counterfeit Hermes clothing, footwear and leather goods in Helsinki?
Excellent Indian canteens throughout the place. Nigerians will sell you smack, too. You may find a decent flying carpet. But don't use Indians and Nigerians for your tailored clothing.Avoid the pitfalls of shopping while white.
Perhaps this (SFW) may put some fellas off sex.Here's the money shot (SFW): [[SPOILER]]
Alice Glass Siouxsie Sioux Bree Sharp Jade 4 U And a hot song to go along with it.
Shirley MasonSinead O'ConnorAll the gals in the untalented BananaramaAmuro NamieSusanna HoffsJewel [[SPOILER]]
A bit dated - I was recently involved in the final of Esquire's Britain's Best Dressed Real Man 2010 and was fortunate to have been considered in the last twelve. I didn't make it into the final three but the event at Harrods, with lethal cocktails and an after party at Whisky Mist, was very enjoyable. [[SPOILER]] A glassy-eyed look of death sparkles up many of his photos.
Bowers & Wilkins P5. Reviewed here. Plenty of youtube reviews to watch, too.
Condolences on your loss.
Have you considered replacing the John Fluevog leather chukkas in medium brown color with a pair of capezios?
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