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Because whilst I slept zombies arose and ate all the other women in the world?Before doing something rash you may want to take a look at why you're attracted to out-of-control women.
May want to look at here. I'm sure there are other places, too.
Have you considered adding a pocket square to your outfit? It adds panache to just about anything and is a surefire conversation starter with the womenfolk.
Several AE models in normal sizes reduced 25% + free shipping at Amazon. No code need, discount taken at checkout. Fifth Ave, McTavish, MacNeil, etc. Save yourself $70 or so.
I have the Ramsey from AS, and I think it's a beaut.Overall I'm very happy w/ the four pairs of AS I own; I think it's a fair yet affordable price for what's given.
As in pushing one? With a baby? Only with a pocket square, too.
Glad to have helped. I was going through a pretty tough time emotionally when you originally posted your request for info as my dog had just died, so it was kinda nice reminiscing about our moves and passing on what I learned. Enjoy Singapore and its neighbors.
Definitely the food is a deservedly praised attraction. I do very much enjoy the hawker centers, and they're all over. And introduce your kids to Nandos, my favorite fast food place in the world.Since I failed to dissuade you... have you considered Bugis St.? The gov't sanitized it 25 years ago, chased off all the ladyboys, and it's a popular tourist attraction. I recall it's near Arab St.Just a thought since you're definitely going to Singapore: Skip Thailand and go...
Firstly, do a bit a research to identify what you like, then set a budget, and stick to it. Avoid impulse buys - I can't You can pick up new Incotex trousers for $100 - $150 on ebay. Used ones will set you back less than $50, typically. Get one pair each beige and navy cotton and one pair of grey wool. If you can afford $500 on a good quality suit look at the Benjamin ones, which have been well reviewed here at SF, at eHaberdasher. Keep in mind that you'll have to...
20 years ago I used a 3x5 notecard. Comes w/ "pinstripes". Reversible too.
New Posts  All Forums: