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I don't know if it's legitimately made in China, but the counterfeit shops in Shanghai were overrun with them this autumn. All had convincing looking labels, tags, holograms, documents and receipts.
No experience with them. I've seen Sifr, which has some attractive Indonesian-made chukkas w/ (I believe) a goodyear welt, though I thought they were a bit pricey.
Black Fleece Pebble Wingtip Boot -SUBTOTAL: $650.00DISCOUNT: -$97.50TOTAL: $552.50So, they're discounted, but not as much as one would like.
"Welcome to Exquisite Trimmings.Please pardon our appearance as we undergo maintenance.The site is still operational and accepting orders."Attaboy! Somewhat indeed.
Odd, I don't see them here. Already sold out?Sorry to derail - if anyone has seen a nice looking seude dm in taupe/oatmeal/sand I'd like to know of it.After many months searching with little to show for it I was (reluctantly) considering the purchase of this one, but think it's a fail for me for three reasons: 1) I don't who or what run of the mill shop is; 2) except on boots I don't like dainite sole; [[SPOILER]] and 3) the shape looks rather fat [[SPOILER]] .This Common...
Yes it does, because it's not busy. Try to find a solid sweater that matches a minor color of the trousers'. Stick w/ the white shirt. With the blackwatch trousers drop the patterned blazer. A solid colored roll neck sweater will work nicely. The black one you're wearing may make everything too dark. A light camel or cream will look nice, I think. Even the white shirt w/o a sweater or jacket will do fine. That royal blue v-neck may work if it compliments the...
Clearly you haven't recognized the gravity of this situation. There are three pairs of shoe tree involved.
Hallelujah! The egg nog's here! Now, to find me Christmas goose.
Those from Mandelli too?
It's my favorite tartan, and I'm not the only one. The only time I recall it looking bad is when the green is off. Anyway, it's been around for 2 1/2 centuries. Pendleton does a wool woven shirt that's nicely done.
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