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Sh*t! Did you see that?! Hokus pokus!Where did the gut go? Has to so somewhere, doesn't it? Around his neck? Moved to his backside? Or pushed internally, smothering the heart?
+1 See if you can use the miles for hotel, car rental, etc.
Looking at some of the things I've purchased this year. Pants 3 x Incotex/PT01/GTA cotton pants (stone, tan, navy) @ $150 = $450 1 x grey flannel pants @ $150 = $150 1 x plaid or checked pants @ $150 = $150 Total pants = $750 Knitwear 3 x BB wool v-neck @ $75 = $225 2 x shawl cardigan @ $200 = $400 1 x vintage camel hair v-neck or cardigan @ $50 = $50 1 x handknit fairisle @ $300 = $300 1 x cashmere turtleneck @ $300 (sale) = $300 Total knitwear = $1275 Jeans 2 x APC...
I intend to have a few jumpers knit for next winter. Has anyone had any dealings with Anderson & Co? (I've searched through SF and all the results are Anderson & Sheppard and Anderson Cooper.) I like the lumbercoat. As each piece is handknit it'll take a while to be completed. Is delivery in 6 - 8 months a reasonable expectation? If you know of alternate knitters pls let me know. Thank you.
If you can up that by $75 - $100 you can have these. Or these. If you're outside UK/EU they're reduced 20 per cent + shipping ought to put them at £300.00 which is approx. $475.
There are some other deals. Trafalgar belts at $20, for instance. Hickey Freeman shirt at $50. Free shipping, too. I think select by category is buggered, for instance Pants only returns a few items. One's better off selecting by Brand. Biggest drawback is no detailed measurements anywhere. Just dumb. Deserve to get shut down.
Color is fine. At worst folks will think the coat is from a country with a brown-water navy. For a peacoat it looks rather short; I recall the typical length is mid-bum or a bit lower. Guess that makes it peacoat-like coat too.
Incotecx Ivory is not real Incotex. Slowear licensed a Canadian outfit the name. Guess Slowear had dreams of diminishing its brand like Armani, etc.
Sh*t! It does all that?I'm wearing two then.
Tie one of these 'round your rod. [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: