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I wouldn't have taken my good health for granted. All those additional years of smoking wasn't too smart. Should have kept on swimming instead. I'm fortunate there's no lung cancer or anything too bad (knock wood), but I can feel damage was done certainly. And it's irreparable.
^ Well... your avatar sums it up. Perfectly.
^ Not too pink, not too bright, not too faded. Perfect color. I wear mine w/ a milkshake suede shoe (double monk & chukka) and a ravello longwing. Blue or white linen shirt.
You get the noisy, over-sized muffler too?Never really understood that niche. $4000 rimz. $1500 exhaust. $1200 Civic.
I recall I saved approx. $140 buying the Islay from a UK-based shop rather than Barneys.
I own both the Stow and the Islay. The Islay's leather and build quality are superior to the Stow's. Also, I think, the Islay's last is more attractive. If I were forced to surrender one I'd hand over the Stow w/o any hesitation. Were it between the Islay and Alden brogue boot in Ravello shell it would be a dilemma for me.
Leapin' lizards! What a reaction. Appears I hit a nerve. Poseur caught posin'. Are the other members of the fashion battalion as uncool and uncollected as yourself? You know, bomber pilots need nerves of steel; you can't be wearing that jacket whilst having a tantrum.Real badges and rank insignia have real meaning... disrespectful to what they represent to be viewed as entertainment. Why not attach some genuine Ralph Lauren pseudo-military emblems instead of real...
Best skiing in the GCC, too. Booze and pork, also. Certainly better than KSA or Kuwait.
Case by case. In my experience most acupuncturists (Asian and Western) can't find the meridians. They know the spot, but they don't get it into the channel, so the benefit is minimal. Moreover, Oriental doctors earn much more from herbal tonics and pills than from needles, so their emphasis is on the former. The best acupuncturist I ever found was an Aussie who trained for many years in Japan, China and Korea. Probably the most effective treatment I received was the...
New Posts  All Forums: