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Happy to help, claghorn. Anyone looking for resoling may want to consider unipair for it; they have a couple Japanese-trained cobblers in house and I recall leather soles will run you about $150, which is more than AE's recrafting but doesn't have the shipping cost and wait. Forgot to mention there's a BB and Polo outlet at Paju Outlet too, but the BB is almost all the for-outlet diffusion line and Polo is mostly a miss with its items. Never saw RRL there. Just south...
^ STP stocks some decent UK-made ones made by J.G. Glover that are often enough approx. $75 on discount - sign up for the newletter, but prepare to be spammed emailed everyday.
I now hang my hat in Manila, but spent several years in Seoul. The Seoul threads here are a good source. For shoes I'd recommend http://www.unipair.com in Gangnam, but you will certainly (over)pay, e.g. Alden shell longwing at approx $1100. Allen Edmonds has an online Korean shop where you'll find the MacNeil at approx. $500. At the Shinsegae department stores you'll find Boon the Shop, which has a wide array of SF-favored brands in smallish quantities. Shinsegae also...
Only into Wellies.
Send an email to them and they'll take you through the process to place your order. They can address questions about sizing and returns. There's a large Meermin thread here at SF you can read about sizing; consensus is size down 1 from US size, which is what I did and it was correct, but my shoes are on a different last. Yes, made in Spain. No, not sold in the US.
I disagree. CF defaults to (or defaulted to) FedEx. Mainly because it picks up from the shop; I don't think Royal Mail does. Royal Mail also has a 2 kilo weight limit. If you're buying two or more pairs the FedEx shipping is much cheaper since it can be sent together. In my correspondence w/ Alastair I had to request Royal Mail because it wasn't an option on the website. FedEx doesn't deliver where my mailbox was located at the time, but I also knew I'd be less likely...
Indeed.Gorgeous color. Wish I had 'em. Post more photos if you would.
Had Dack's been able to produce the much sought after black & white co-respondent short wings in panda I'm certain the final chapter wouldn't have been written. Panda leather... so supple; acquires an unrivaled patina.
Bravo your boots!You ought to send this photo to C&J to inspire 'em.
Who buckles 'em? 'Bout as easy to slip on and off as a loafer.
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