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Agreed. The Yanks are having a tough time passing the ball to each other.; 61% - 39% ball possession in favour of Ghana. This game is shaping up like Japan-Cote d'ivoire. Much of the first half was played in front of the US goal and if this continues eventually that should allow the Black Stars to find the net.
Lovely goal by Dempsey.
If by dominant in the first half you mean the Japanese defenders did an admirable job denying the back of the net to the Elephants numerous times... then yes, the Japanese were dominant. Honda's strike was a stunning one, and he had another good chance that deflected off of Bamba, and Uchida shot the ball straight to the keeper, but those were pretty much the only sparks from the Japanese for the first half.These are the first half's statsCĂ´te d'Ivoire - Japan59% Ball...
Pity all those corners couldn't create an equalizer. Hell, they didn't even create a chance of an equalizer. And Rooney's last one... humiliating.
Sterling to Rooney to Sturridge. Brilliant!
I don't own anything made by Zara, but have been in the store often enough with women who can't get enough of the brand. Compared to MD I found the quality of Zara's textiles to be lower, the construction inferior, and the style to be a bit more forward. You may know that both brands are owned by Inditex, so the sizing may be similar. MD's slim fit is quite good on me, and if I purchase a regular-fit shirt I get it darted. HE Mango has an "Asian fit" (I live in Asia) that...
Massimo Dutti. But hold your horses for a bit; given what you've budgeted you could certainly buy something better (both OTR and MTM) from any of the many fine sellers (and forum sponsors) here at SF. You ought to check them out.
Brilliant match! Pity those last few opportunities weren't converted. Could have ended 8-2.
It's in anticipation of all the photos of Thai birds you'll be posting in the Asian girls appreciation thread. Don't let us down, m8.
The baht is approx. 32 to the U$, so 25000 baht is approx. U$770 today. For bespoke suits I would urge extreme caution. Most of the tailors target gullible tourists, people who know little if anything about the process, who are in town for a very short time. Their selling point is rapid completion. You're going to be there a year so take your time and talk to people who live there who've had suits made. Unless you have a job that requires you wear a suit in Bangkok...
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