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I hope the Yanks see a good match from Bradley today. Cameron has been benched.
That was Bradley's fault. All match long he misplayed the ball.
Bradley..... ARGH!!!!!
Cameron really made a hash of a simple clearance. Howard's save was miraculous. The US side is much more assertive than it was against Ghana.
I very much enjoy the result. Nice match Algeria.
Two weeks in Chungking Mansion in July. Beware of heat stroke as you ride the planet's slowest elevators.U$3000 for clothes, U$1000-1500 for airfare, hostel U$700, food U$350, misc. U$500. All in you're at U$5500+.For 1 W.W. Chan suit, a few shirts, and a pair of pants or two.
Unbelievable! It's in my hands... Gosh! Now it's in the net.
The US obviously thrilled with the result, but ought to be very concerned by the performance. Jones really played his heart out. Bradley ought to take note.
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