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Lovely post orgasmic glow. Quite fetching.NSFW [[SPOILER]]
The male gaze is something that society, even beyond feminist circles, is finally beginning to acknowledge. It’s a term that a lot of people have at least heard by now, and some people have even learnt to mock and subvert it. The male gaze is the lens through which mostly white, heterosexual men are viewing the world. It is a lens of entitlement and privilege. Speaking truth to power, here is my story. It’s not that I don’t love my Jimmy. But his arrogant male...
In less rapey news Star Wars: The Force Awakens passes the Bechdel test. The space opera reboot passes the Bechdel test as early as the first 10 minutes. ". . . this extraterrestrial [character] does provide the movie’s first Bechdel-test moment: when two female characters talk to each other about something other than a man. Indeed, the test is passed umpteen times over the course of the movie. . . " "A little further into the movie, and we meet important figures on...
[[SPOILER]] A fellow art student with whom I had embarked on an unpromising affair, had said to me after the second time we ended up in bed together: “Sorry, it’s always quick the first time.” Which showed he had completely forgotten our more satisfactory coupling of the previous week. Did I feel special? No I did not.
Likening squirts to piss is reality-denying over talking, a form of silencing women's voices, ergo it's misogynistic hate speech.
No, my bedsheets are not made of waterproof vinyl. Yes, all I've ever wanted to do is turn my yoni into a pulse jet sprinkler. [[SPOILER]] Though you may presume I am a straight cis vagina person, actually I self identify as a squirter. Definitely I am not a gusher; that's someone entirely different who's life, experiences and oppression I wouldn't dare try to imagine. I thought people would judge me or see me differently if I told them I was a squirter and not just...
There are many ways a woman in this day and age can feel empowered. She can find community by participating in feminist workshops. She can send tweets to men threatening to rape their asses. She can tell herself to smile while she’s walking down the pavement. Here's a little secret: Women feel the most empowered when they fist themselves. You might be thinking: "What?! Isn’t that just for those exploited by the porn industry or incontinent grannies with loose cooters?"...
She hits the club with her ladies, she moves her body freely with the music dancing like nobody's watching, and she farts on every single dick that grinds into her backside. One juicy, malodorous rip at a time. She lives her truth! No, the bass did not drop. Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes. This bitch just farted. On yo’ dick!She will dance. She will fart on dicks. And she will overcome.
Do they offer GMTOs? Put it in the GMTO announcement thread.
Tired of presumptuous men mistakenly attributing your sour disposition to menstruation? Nothing says “No, I'm not queefing my uterine lining now” like literally tearing your underwear out from under your skirt and shooting ping pong balls from your cooter.
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