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Kapok is a multi-brand shop. Kevin Seah's tailorshop has G&G, Vass, EG. Raoul - mostly women's but some decent men's items. If you like crocodile wallets, bags, and belts then check out Kwanpen. Denim at Tuckshop and the Denim Store. Malmaison has a selection of Corthay, Rubinacci, and a lot of watches.
You could list them on, place them in a consignment shop (there are a few in Apkujung-dong and elsewhere), place an ad in one of the marketplaces of the many expat forums, or create a "cafe" on Naver and post your shoes there - Koreans use Naver more than any other site, it's the national portal. An example of "cafes" is here. Since Korea is an expensive country that loves its import duties you may be able to fetch a higher price by selling locally, but I...
Update??? And photos, of course.
Can't speak for the site's watches and denim. Use your discretion. Decent price on the bag though as it's usually about $375 and 1000 mile boots usually run about $100 more than $245. Should the bag and boots be $125 on sale? Is that the normal sale price? Appears we have different understanding of "basically everything".
Whoops. Sorry.
A few things on sale at Denim Bar. If you're looking for a Filson computer bag you'll save $100. If you're a size 11 or 12 1000 Mile boots at $245 in shell.
Gosh, mixed emotions on that. The guy is obviously an enthusiast and he's trying. Take a look at his group photos with other men and he's Dhaka's dapperest. He owns a lot of clothes, but most are ill-fitting and dull. There are some shots of him meeting his cutter working on his next suit; we see the same problems repeated again and again, so he isn't being well served. Looking at some of his photos from 2012 his camera was working then, but in 3 more years of posting...
Indeed they do because there are several dozen if not hundreds of these tailor shops in Silom, Sukhumvit, and even the beaches of Phuket, Ko Samui and Hua Hin. (I would be unsurprised to learn that per capita Thailand has more tailor shops than any other country in the world.) That market is holiday makers who are in Thailand for 1 - 4 weeks. At the end of their holiday they still have a bit of money left so on a whim they "treat" themselves to a little "luxury" because...
Not the clearest picture. It looks too low to be a mandarin collar, which is 2 - 5cm (1"-2") high. Based on the height I see I think it's a band collar. A Nehru collar is between a band collar and a mandarin collar; I guess this is what the OP is looking for.
I think this is the most remarkable one I've ever seen. Coat length: 96cm/37.8in from back of collar to hem. This is based on a size 48.100% alligator skin, alligator mississippiensis, USALining: 55% cupro, 45% cottonMade in ItalyReversible too. [[SPOILER]]
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