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Okay, so no bread crumbs for me to follow so I'll leave a trail. I had 5 free hours in Osaka and learnt about Shinsaibashi, a district of high-end retail shops. Having only the address of the Beams store I exited the subway at Shinsaibashi station and found an English speaking subway employee who provided me a neighbourhood map and pointed me in the right direction. On my walk to Shinsaibashi I visited the the shops of JM Weston, Berluti, and Regal (a well-known Japanese...
Thanks for the reply. All the places you've mentioned are in Tokyo, are they not? I'll be in Osaka and Kyoto. I appreciate you letting me know 4 hours won't be enough. You think 4 hours and 20 minutes might make it feasible? (I'm there from 4 October to 7 October, which is 4 days.)
I will be in Osaka and Kyoto 4-7 October. Will appreciate any shopping recommendations for either city. Thanks,
Brand new fella finds himself in the lingerie necro thread.
Today I visited Lost+Found and walked out with a pair of Carmina shoes, model 80250. SF member and blogger Kevinyapjoco is one of the owners of this most welcome and needed shop - there are almost no places in metro Manila where a guy can find great footwear. Well-known Japanese raw denim is also available. Though import tariffs in the Philippines are high the shoes are priced competitively; I spent p26,000, which is just north of U$600 (p43=$1). Now, here's the tricky...
For the yellow pit stains soak your shirts in oxyclean powder and water for several hours, like 8-10, and then launder. I've found it does a great job eliminating or nearly eliminating them, even from shirts that have been ironed previously with the stains. I've rescued several shirts, even white ones, and a pair of pants that had an an ironed-in coffee stain using it.
I recall Germany thrashed KSA 8-0 in 2010 WC. Could this be bettered?
5!!!!! Wunderbar!
Waz meanz?
A highly entertaining overtime. Pity the Yanks couldn't equalise. Dempsey... what happened there?
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