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If you googled the place I provided, or even more simply just clicked the link I provided above, you would have found this, https://www.facebook.com/lostfoundmnl .What brought me here today was just to provide a PSA. Trilogy, on ground floor of Glorietta 3, is having a 50% off sale on Unbranded brand jeans, which puts them at approx. p3000 ($75).
For the yellow pit stains soak your shirts in oxyclean powder and water for several hours, like 8-10, and then launder. I've found it does a great job eliminating or nearly eliminating them, even from shirts that have been ironed previously with the stains. I've rescued several shirts, even white ones, and a pair of pants that had an an ironed-in coffee stain using it.
I recall Germany thrashed KSA 8-0 in 2010 WC. Could this be bettered?
5!!!!! Wunderbar!
Waz meanz?
A highly entertaining overtime. Pity the Yanks couldn't equalise. Dempsey... what happened there?
Yes, the gingers have no soul.
The Yanks are really toying with the Belgians. Heartbreaking chance after heartbreaking chance. Quite cruel.
Finally! It's been so difficult for France that I expected divine intervention (again) to thwart that shot.
I'm so happy with this result.
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