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Nice!**This forum has some ugly fucking code...how to add spoiler tags??
I'm half considering growing my hair, whilst also being tempted to shave it, so, my retarded question for the day is about how do I manage the growth? I have thick hair so it normally grows out into a horrid bushy-fro thing, which is normally when I get rid of it, if I can get around this I might have decent hair with some length...I'm also getting tired of using products i.e. wax, would long hair be ok with the au natural look, even after showering?
They look like they fit well in the images, have you considered wearing the shirt tucked in with a nice casual belt? Looking at the profile picture though, the ankles look a little too narrow for those boots, maybe something more lightweight on the feet too?
A connection problem seems to have recurred. When the changes were first introduced the website would stutter when loading i.e. freeze for about 30-40 secs then load, it went and now it's back again. It's basically causing Firefox to crash. Grrr...
Nice jacket.
The grey blazer looks super nice, as do a few of their other coats...any ideas on what kinda prices these will be going for? I quite like the wool pants too....
A quick question. I really like some of the trousers available but they all seem to come in a 34", I'm a 30" at best so I'm just concerned as to how much chopping off 4 inches will affect the shape/proportion of the trousers? ...I guess this is more of a tailoring question but I don't like taking off 1 inch let alone 4... ...would they also need tapering then, too? =/
As the title says really. I'm looking for a nice winter coat. I'm thinking about getting a pea coat but could do with being pointed in the right direction as to where/how to find the right coat and/or some visual ideas. My only inclinations at the moment are of a slim fitted, mid-thigh/knee length coat in either a light grey, charcoal, navy blue, or a dark green...I say green because I once saw a beautiful green jacket with white fur around the collar...I digress, but if...
No...they're still the same for me...
Credit where credit's due. The speed has definitely picked up somewhat now, no more stuttering and crashing. Although I still believe the way in which the stickied threads work needs reviewing, there should definitely be a way to go straight to the last post rather than having to first enter the thread and to then switch to the last page.
New Posts  All Forums: