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If you're a quant doing modeling work for pe or hedge funds, they honestly won't care what kind of suit you're wearing unless it's over the top & looks like a costume from a period movie. My only tip is not to wear strong cologne! My friend was part of a team hiring for a strategic management consultancy and he said one candidate reeked of musky "manly" perfume. It reminded him of his college roomie and it became a butt of jokes the rest of the week.
what's the best way to wash/clean high-end Japanese selvedge? I've got a pair of KMW and Samurai's that are just starting to get some sick fades & creases after literally months of light wear (since I do slacks during the weekdays). Has anyone tried dry cleaning? How about the new eco CO2 method? or the "wet-cleaning" method? I've even thought about buying a Whirlpool Fabric Freshener steamer bag. Anyone tried it out?
how big is that flieger? traditionally, pilot watches were worn over the cuff of flight jackets so they can get stupid big. You need a pretty hefty wrist to pull off Stowa's or Laco's.
Does it look awkwardly formal to wear a pocket square in a blazer when one isn't donning a tie? I normally only wear pocket squares with my suits but I've seen pics here of ppl wearing them even when dressed casually in jeans.
if you're 16 get a Nixon. Seriously. Seiko, Hamilton, Mido, Tissot are great conservative timepieces for ppl in their 20's and beyond, but are a bit understated for youth. I still rock my Rotolog on occasion and always get compliments from the ladies
My favorite type of trench is the Duster. I've got a stylish Countryroad Australian duster that I take out in the winter months.
Unless your wallet is falling apart, I doubt it. But my gf has commented on other guys' shoes & briefcases/messenger bags.
need some recs for some quality denim in a dark rinse. This is for office business casual days, so I'm not planning to wear in selvedge to get any sick fades.
I need to seriously step-up my Shades game. Can any of you recommend some steezy sunglasses for this summer/fall?
'08 Bojo's are much more reticent & traditional than the highly touted '09. For my taste, I've found the latter to be too fruit-forward & plump. and in reference to Kermit Lynch's italian offerings, try to find a Langhe or Barolo from Guido Porro if you like more traditional Piedmontese bottles. They're moderately priced compared to other more well-known producers from that zona.
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