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I would just hope for better in the future. Anyone who wants to could file an "Item Significantly Not as Described" claim and almost always win, regardless of what shipping method you use.
Ending in less than an hour
Brand new Allen Edmonds Winthrop driving mocs in Tan 8D
1. What is your age? [ ] Under 18 [X ] 18-35 [ ] 35-54 [ ] 55+ 2. How many pairs of Allen Edmonds do you own? [ ] 0 [X ] 1-3 [ ] 4-6 [ ] 7-9 [ ] 10+ 4. In your opinion, is the price of Allen Edmonds: [ ] Too high [X ] Acceptable [ ] Too low 4. Overall, have you been satisfied with your Allen Edmonds? [X ] Yes [ ] No 5. How did you first hear about Allen Edmonds? [ ] Word of mouth [ ] Advertisement [ X] Internet [ ] Other (please specify) 6a. What is your overall perception...
Expensive pocket squares, socks, or cufflinks
Quote: Originally Posted by hohneokc Check the 4 digit model number inside - it should end with a 7 on that shoe. According to, the Sanfords in that color family are: Bourbon is 5347 Oak is 5267 Chris 5267 it is, thanks Now to find an Oak belt
I just bought a used pair of AE Sanfords and I'm trying to figure out what color they are so I can buy a matching AE belt. Right now AE only sells the Sanford in black and walnut, but they're definitely not black and I thought Walnut was at least a little bit lighter. It could be a different color that AE used to sell the Sanford in. If anyone could help out I'd appreciate it:
Do you have an outsole measurement on the brown bucks in 8.5D?
Could you take an outsole measurement?
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