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Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Avoid going to a cleaners for pressing. It is an internal issue and can be resolved by a competent tailor. Pressing at a drycleaners is a waste of time. Chan pressed the jacket when it was finished and it did not go away. A cleaners will do no better. +1 It is an internal issue and can be resolved by a competent tailor. Check it with Chan before trying anything else.
Quote: Originally Posted by Slim Portly I don't believe he said that it was. Come on. He is coming up with this style/rule-thing, again, implicating the tension (really???). Finally he is wearing a pocket square to be different???? But perhaps it is my fault. To get me clearly I should have written: Not giving a shit.
Quote: Originally Posted by BAB i recently bought three pairs of quality shoes on the web, so i didn't have a chance to try them on... at first sight/try, the shoes seemed to be the right size, but after 8-10 hours of wearing, my feet hurt a bit.. i assume it's cuz the shoes need to be broken in, but how many wearings would it usually take? It depends. Wearing a double (or triple) sole is different to a singel sole shoe. My new...
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk Over the next year I will have plenty of money on which do this, so I wanted to introduce around 1 suit every couple months and keep building. Right now I would like to spend around $1,000- 1,500 per suit. What is my best option? Maybe some of you wonderful folks can tell me what brands to look for, or if there is a great tailor I can go to or what? I was recently looking at Hickey Freeman, they seem to be...
Quote: Originally Posted by Experienced Gentlemen, Recently, I have gathered a strong interest in dressing and style. I'm looking for a fashion student (Lausanne, Switzerland) to give me advice on men's style. If you are a freelancer and you are willing to help me that would be great too. In the next few weeks, I'm attending my sister's marriage in India. I need a pair of dresses to wear for the evening and the next day morning. For any one...
Quote: Originally Posted by Roger Do any of you get dark (black) scuffs on your shoes where they make contact with the driveshaft hump in your car when you're driving? I seem to get this a lot. My right shoe--on the outside--gets this from rubbing against the carpet in the front seat floor at the hump, and it often goes a dark color. I've had trouble removing this when polishing my shoes. (On one pair, I just couldn't get rid of it and decided to...
Quote: Originally Posted by stickonatree how about let's shut down this thread. not only does he post in the wrong forum, he doesn't even try to help us help him by posting correct photographs +1
Quote: Originally Posted by rach2jlc ^Exactly. Retail for CK Collection is $1500+, but the regular line are about $400. They are worth less than $50, to be honest. They know that, which is why they wanted to get off the phone. Yes, 400$, which includes paying for the name of the brand. So this one is no high end! Forget about this one and buy next time another one.
Quote: Originally Posted by fashion_newbie Thanks, really do like the material myself. Mishon, could you explain further? Is the pant too tight? Too big meaning length? Or in the body overall? Is it something that can be fixed or not worth the effort? Thanks! http://styleforum.net/attachment.php...1&d=1207495089 I think he means the cut. It is not straight and looks bulky.
Quote: Originally Posted by WestIndianArchie I finally started wearing pocket squares. Vive le difference! That's not dramatic, is it?
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