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Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing Perhaps you could change your face color. Yes, he is right. Best get a new head! But isn't it more simple to get the right clothes???
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim You have these Canalis? Apparently, they are a new style, so they won't be on sale for some time (according to the Nordstrom staff, not until August). Hello, here is a picture (sorry, on my indoor putting green). A friend of mine has a shop in Stuttgart. There will be a sale and I think the canalis will be on sale, too (otherwise there is a dust in the suede Canalis )?! The shoes need cream...
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim I never liked monkstraps either till I saw these Canalis. These are stylish and classy. Look at the last. They are mine (I posted some pics on the shoe damage porn thread, but can't find it, again). There will be a sale soon. Perhaps I will get them in suede (you can't even imagin!!!), too.
Quote: Originally Posted by xavier_06 Hi, I noticed a thread, posted earlier in the month, on here about the situation at Alfred Sargent's. I live in Northamptonshire and have friends involved in situation...so I thought I'd give you an update. I'm sorry it's a bit depressing for this time of year but spare a thought for the families involved. As I hear more I'll post it on here.... Hello Xavier, and welcome at SF. Bad news...
Hello and welcome, thanks for providing pictures. Do you work with shoes on a regular base? Yours GN
Quote: Originally Posted by bengal-stripe Once the official sale is finished, they usually have a sign in the window "some oddments still available" and offer a few styles, reduced further. The window sale sounds very interessting to me (I like the idea of wearing things noone else liked). Did you get an 'odd' pair ever?
None. There is only one time. So why do you need so many watches?
It is more personal preference. But it is given for events. For different collar use different knots (and ties).
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Trousers
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