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Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor just lengthen the sleeves and take in the sides. forget the quarters. +2
Quote: Originally Posted by allreds More than you'll ever want to read on the subject. Thanks for the link!
Nice shot.
Quote: Originally Posted by aleeboy want your opinions wear band-aid underwear, too
Quote: Originally Posted by joopie Bump, I'd be really interested in your anwers. Thanks! A tie with red in. Striped ones, too. A tie without red, but red in the Pocketsquare. From left to right: 2, (4), 5, 7, 9, 10, 13. Depends on the colour of the suit and the colour of the shoes, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by phytoRx ... I am in need of a bit of help. There was a unexpected death of an employee at the company I work for. He passed away at work, during business hours (employee worked in a different office location, I never got to meet/know the individual). I will be attending to pay my respect to him and his family. ... and a black suit. I also have a pair of black and a pair of cordovan shoes, as well as solid and...
Quote: Originally Posted by JibranKhan Whaaaazaaaa! That's a great way to learn to interact and to dress well the same time!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by william Six pair of shoes? Shoes were my favorites, too. And a fragrance: Bond No. 9: Chez Bond <-- amazing!!!
I have and wear four of them (with white collar and white french cuffs).
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