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Hopefully VASS will have no problem, as long a s they don't need new money to invest. They sell good shoes.
Sator (by the way: long time no see!)
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 5cm= looks good 2" = trying too hard.
patent leather shoes for daywear
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton Before you make any accusations that might piss them off, are you sure you are right about this? +1
Quote: Originally Posted by jasonmarshalljazz Does anyone know where i can find custom made collar stays? im having shirts made with a cutaway collar with 4.5 long points. One options is to take plastic film or card and cut some.
Quote: Originally Posted by stilmacher Go to Paris +1 ... or London and then Budapest.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast 4th week of June, typically. May vary this year, what with the recession. So start prepairing. It's in a little while.
Hello, here is my new DB: Sorry for the lack of professional pictures. Yours GN
IMO sleeves are too long and bulky. To much fabric in the back of the trouser, too.
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