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I wear the Clifton in black, always with suits. I like em.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hard2Fit +1. +2
Quote: Originally Posted by WesAnderson Hello all, Long time SF lurker ... So with all that said, here is what I am DEFINITELY wearing: a MTM medium to light gray 2 button suit ... THANKS pictures say more then words Quote: Originally Posted by WesAnderson Here's what I'd like some advice on: (i) I like skinny ties .... IMO it depend on: 1) the size of the lapel 2) being slim or...
I like them both that I couldn't vote.
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Here's another Scholte/Forster combo: the loose plus fours that Edward created and popularized in the 1920s: - B Wonderful, Thanks! This would be/ was a perfect outfit to play Golf/ make sports.
IMO, in this case no watch. I am living without watch for 15 years now and it works for me. There are watches everywhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by Charles55 If you wear a black suit on such a event like wedding you must wear black shoes as well. No exception! +1
Very nice!
Wow, that's a good review,thanks!
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