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Quote: Originally Posted by kuwisdelu Yeah, looks a bit short. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by mmkn I regret having to let go of clothing ... - M And me. But after a while my style is changing, too, and I have new ideas about clothing (thanks to
Life is changing and weight is, too. I started with 70kg to study. 15 years later it was 110kg. Now, I am back at 100kg. I don't give a sh*t on suits, shoes and anything else which lasts forever.
Obama can do this. He is rich. Me not.
Saphir and KIWI
Personally I prefer Edward Green.
Hello, there was an article about style and shoes in 2009 in They are telling (in german) that yellow and silver shoes will be 'in'. Here is the link: Have fun Golf_Nerd
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley $1100? wtf? +1 WTF ($1,099.95 exactly
IMO red tie (darker than the shirt). That's what I wear to the dentist (you can't see blood on it).
Quote: Originally Posted by N.N.O.P i'm a cufflink designer in the uk. what you put in your cuffs can say a lot about you. so if your only going for one pair, get em right!! Oh, I want to be a cufflink designer, too. Would you PM me your homepage, please?
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