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Hello, IMO sleeves should be long. Nice coat. Yours GN
Quote: Originally Posted by dannyo27 Sorry Phat, we all wish we could be high end stylists like youself... LOL yes, he is cool. But why can't we be as stylish as him???
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac to echo the most recent posts - of course they should, sometimes they don't. sometimes even 2 pairs of the exact same shoe in the same store don't fit exactly the same +1
Quote: Originally Posted by greg_atlanta Will be in Germany 2nd week of Nov, looking for a sporty/casual watch 100 euro or less, prefer rubber/plastic band but nicer & more unique than a swatch. Will be in Frankfurt, Munich, Koln (Cologne), and Stuttgart (but arriving in Stuttgart mid-afternoon Saturday, stores may be closed by then?). Any advice on where to shop? Are major dept stores going to have the best selection, or are there reasonably priced...
Quote: Originally Posted by viator OK great, thanks very much. I will go talk to the shop, otherwise I will go for tongue pads. Also possible to use an insole, or thicker socks.
Quote: Originally Posted by speedster.8 pediwear, oldvic and others in Uk. Hello again, I bumped the thread, because I want to buy the next pair of Crockett & Jones and I am not sure which last it was. Any help and advice to get the next pair? Thanks in advance Golf_Nerd
Quote: Originally Posted by BoomDiggs I just passed the bar and I am looking to expand my suit collection fairly quickly. I don't have any double breasted suits, so I am thinking that one of my next two new suits will be a DB. However, I don't really know much about them so I was wondering if you could help me out. 1) DB is wholly appropriate for a lawyer, right? If it matters, I will be working on the transactional side of things. 2) I wear a...
Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy Oh ohhhh, this one is dangerous. What happens if you show up on friday with you panty of tuesday (by mistake)?!
Quote: Originally Posted by AJL It appears I have several dozen pairs in my rotation; oddly they do not all belong to me. I find this detail somewhat troubling. How many pairs does your doorman have in his? PS: Does your mom know you're still awake, doodling around on a grown mens' message board?
Quote: Originally Posted by oscarthewild Underwear are overrated. +1 And:
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