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The ones in your website don't look like shell cordovans. If you're selling calf shoes for €300, I think you might be facing stiff competition in this price range, especially based on the pictures, the shoes don't look like they surpass many shoemakers of known quality and heritage. Cheaney, Grensons, etc of UK are about the same range, Carminas of Spain are only a bit more and Markowski of France, has real Shell Cordovans for €300. Not trying to rain on your...
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar I thought you Americans invented teleporting 40 years ago... If we can't believe anything in Star Trek anymore... It's my personal problem, I simply have not mastered teleporting, others have. Keep the faith.
Yes, that would be great but I haven't mastered the art of teleporting. If time was not so limited and air-tickets cost £10.
Quote: Originally Posted by William Bruce No, it's not. There are a pair of shoes, common. You never play with that or I call Obama straight away without hesitating. Obama says fuck recrafting.
I think those are the Miller boots at Hangrade level but I could be wrong. Indeed the handgrade range could benefit from the addition of one or two boots. I'm quite sure they would be willing to adapt the patterns to up or down spec to your liking. AS is wonderful in this regard.
If that hasn't turned you off Trickers yet, I'd suggest you speak to the people at shoehealer. I'm actually not so sure that there will be an attractive enough proposition for a H width. The fact being that one in every two person who requires an EEE or H simply finds that the heel does not fit at all unless they have really fat legs. As much as I detest shoe stretching,most people are better off dropping a width and getting the shoes gently stretched at the toes, if...
You should get a taser gun and use it. Bitches, animals, and savages need to learn by negative reinforcements the moment they do something wrong. You cannot plan an elaborate hoax to be carried out later because these are low IQ animals and have to be taught a lesson on the spot so they associate urinating or defecating on shoes and clothing with pain. If you take them to a tub and piss on them later in the evening, while it's fun to you, it angers them but they...
The height of the toe-box is less relevant than the other areas, as long as they don't cramp the toes.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH Figures you would say this! I have actually never worn bluchers and probably never will. I don't care for the look of them. Damn you're really missing out. Budapesters, Split-toes derbys, Chukkas, Country shoes and Boots, sneakers, running shoes?????
Yes, those are Loake 1880 Camden. Great shoes for the money ~ GBP80. However, they are a G fitting.
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