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Vibram is a brand with many ranges of product. Commando is a type of thread pattern not exclusive to Vibram, most British shoe makers use a brand called itshide. I fail to see how you can/ would want to compare a brand vs a product type.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE The fact that these have no waist concerns me especially at that price point. I agree that this might be better if the waist was cut narrower, seeing that it looks like a size 9. At the same time, it is also my opinion that anyone who takes a US12 or larger should not have shoes with a dainty waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley These look nice...but I don't see the point of going bespoke for a pair of shoes that look not unlike many RTW shoes you could buy from a high quality shoe maker for much less money. Unless you've got oddly sized/shaped feet or you're getting a super-good deal from your un-named source, I don't see the point. Just sayin'. This being Vietnam, I am quite sure the prices are much better than those RTW...
I normally avoid second hand nowadays unless I know the seller is the first and only owner and still alive. Some weird things have happened with the sportscoat I got off a thrift shop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer well, its certainly not prohibitive, but it would be the most expensive shoe in my stash. I may just have to run to the C&J store in midtown to have a look and make up my mind. thanks for your help. You might have to get past the medallion on the selbourne. The medallion on this Cheaney is alot more decent. If you are considering the Selbourne, perhaps take a look also at the C&J Brunswick, it...
In for the long haul.
Very nice posts, lear. I think I've mentioned it before, the shine on the RMW is awesome, your previous avatar is horrifyingly unforgettable.
To be quite honest, domanican republic has acquired quite a comparative advantage in producing moccasins and stitching and sewing of leathers. They are definitely not inferior quality, and in fact superior to what many of the aging American workforce can produce and in greater quantity. I don't know if it is coincidence that many USA shoes are exhibiting slight manufacturing flaws usually associated with degeneration of biomechanical coordination caused by aging. Aldens,...
If u want a 100% made in usa shoe, look for AE seconds.
I was looking at those and realized but for the material used, they are rather similar to the classic collection, the Strand in particular and there are almost no occasion where the Strand in walnut could not be used in their place and many occasions where the Strand or Mcallister would be a far superior choice.
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